Frequently Asked Questions

  • I love you so much, Selena!! You’re my rolemodel, etc. etc.
    • I appreciate each and every one of these messages. Even if I don’t always respond, I do read some of them and I can’t thank my fans enough. You are all beautiful, you are all the reason I get to do what I love when I wake up every morning. Thank you a million times. Please know how much I appreciate you all from the very bottom of my heart.
  • How did you become famous?
    • When I was about seven years old, my mom took me to a bunch of auditions and I auditioned for “Barney & Friends,” and was a regular on the show. When I was about 12, Disney had a worldwide casting call and I auditioned for that as well. I was put on “Wizards of Waverly Place” and from there, I started singing and the rest is history. I’m forever blessed to have all the opportunities I have.
  • My dream is to be a singer/actor. Do you have any advice or something you can suggest so that my dreams can come true?
    • Yes, absolutely. Never give up on your dream. There will be people that will tell you that you can’t do it and you might fail a few times before you achieve what you really want to (because trust me, I was so shy during auditions when I was little and I was turned away so many times lol). But don’t lose faith! If you want to be an actor, my first suggestion would be to start out small. You don’t have to be start out big. Audition for a school play, go to small commercial auditions. There are tons of resources online with very good acting tips, don’t be afraid to use them! As for singing, I’m not great at giving advice on it because I didn’t start out as a singer. I would suggest asking actual singers only about that one. But I wish you all the best in whatever you’d like to pursue!
  • When will you release a new song/a new album? Will you have a tour? Will you come visit my country?
    • All I can say for now is SOON. Have patience, I’m excited. I’m working on new music right now, but that’s really all I can say at this point. I would love to have another tour and hopefully if things go as planned, there will be another one! And I would love to visit your country, we’ll just have to see if it fits into the tour’s plan.

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  1. Victoria Lavoie said:

    Hey selena i am your biggest fan and i was wondering IF you go on tour this year can you come to minneapolis or sioux falls because i love you and your music so much.

  2. Vanessa Bach said:

    Hi I’m Vanessa Bach stream from southern germany with some photos of Selena gomez VS trin that’s certainly Vanessa I’m Selena gomez body and photos in reality

  3. florence eric said:

    Love u selena please can I have your phone number and bbm pin

  4. Hola intento obtener un autografo para mi hija q esta por cumplir 15 años y no puedo hacerle su fiesta como puedo hacer ?? Xfavor contesten

    • Hello my name is jesica livin in argentina l know selena is an important singer must receive thousands of letter i lave a daugheter who is about turn 15 i want give her an authograph from her since i can not make briithday party as i do to get it is fan of selena and good while now like my jaja not want to lake more time and l be aternally grateful greetings whith at least receive a reply like…

  5. Hamid Reza said:

    Hi selena
    My name is Hamid Reza and I’m biggest fan of you !
    I wanna invite you to visit my country Iran , I promise show the best place of Iran !
    I love you
    Your biggest fan
    Hamid Reza

    • hi selena i am a big fan for real and i was thinks if you could help me be an actress like you not a singer but actress

  6. Fatime Cisse said:

    Hello, Selena

    my name is Fatime Cessay.
    I am 15 years old
    I live in Paris.
    And i wanted a label in America for make the clips video because the songs is my passion since children. Can you help me please?

    I want show you a demo of me singing a song in video or facebook
    My facebook is : Ceesay Fatïme

    I have already make one comedie musical in Houdrement
    And i make a duo in my school with my friends, we singing on a scene one song french ” changer of maître gims ”

    My timbre of voice it is a meduim. Like ” Amel Bent ”

    My style of music :
    I like a song with rapper because is cool and i like a song hip hop.

    my star favories is Jay z, You , Tyga, Ariana Grande, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Big Sean, Trevor Jackson, Chris Brown, Willow Smith, Trey Songz, Kanye West.
    There is very good !

    Can you answer me if you agree or not please :)
    Thanck you very much ! ! Goodbye

  7. olivia carr said:

    How did you know that you wanted to become an actress/singer

  8. Omg I am your biggest fan I went to your stars dance concert I also saw your girl meets episodes on YouTube and I have a bunch of posters in my room and you are the best person in the world selena.

  9. Hola solo intento conseguir un autografo y nadie contesta

  10. Selenas fane said:

    Hello Selena!
    You are my favourite celebrity

  11. Tiffany Christen said:

    Hi Selena. My name is Tiffany, and I am a big fan of you and your music. I think that you are very pretty, a great singer, and I love your outfits. I wish that I could have went to one of your concerts, but we don’t have enough money, to get into one, plus I’ve never been to a concert before, but enough about me, I want to talk about you. How are you doing? Please get back to me when you can. Have a wonderful day Selena.

    • I am doing well too. Your welcome. I hope so too. If you could, when you get a chance, can you send me a picture of you that you autographed, please? If you do, would you like me to tell you my address, so that you could send it in the mail? If you do, it would make me really happy, and you would be the very first person that gave me an autographed photo. 😀 Have a nice day. 😀 Hope to hear from you soon. 😀

  12. Phong Phan said:

    Hello Selena,

    My name’s Phong and I’m from Australia. I am a big fan of you and your music. I was wondering if I could get a hello from you, it would really make my day much better. I haven’t been feeling okay lately so I’ve been listening to your songs and what I have to say is that, your voice is really beautiful and talented. It enlightens me that your music can cheer ones heart. I hope to hear more from you. Have a lovely day Selena.

    Phong Phan

  13. Ok. Thank you. I love and cherish each and every one of you replies. Your the first singer I’ve actually talked to. Could you maybe snapchat me sometime? If you can’t that’s ok. My snapchat is ZentangleGirl. I hope you have an amazing day too. I love you and your music a lot. Talk to you soon. 😀

  14. OK. I understand. Goodbye.

  15. Dear Selena Gomez I live in Tucson Arizona and its really hat hear its 110 °F I’m serious I swear I’m not lying I’m your fan and I really look up to you so if ever come here on tour or just if you want to make sure that you pack cool clothes even in winter its hot ! Please respond back xoxox ♥♥♥♥♥♥ -Niaya

  16. Selena, i want you to know that your strong heart and love for everything you do is recognized by me. Your strong faith in the Lord and your passion in life is well seen. You might not see me or read this but i wish you knew that i see past the media and see you as a strong hearted christian that loves what you do and never gives up. Stay you. Don’t change Selena your doing great as who you are. I love you.

  17. Hi all! I just wanted to personally thank you for each and every one of your sweet comments. I just got finished reading all of them and I cannot thank God for such a blessing that you all have been to me. You are all beautiful, remember you’re awesome and thank you thank you for your continued support.

    • Brian smith said:

      I just hope you reply back :( I have so many ideas that I would love to hear your options on. Plans that could change a lot of lives but I just don’t know how to set theses plans in motion. Please and thank you!

    • I love you selena! u posted that comment on my bday!!
      U are amazing! You are my angel, my hero, my life, my everything. I am so proud to be considered a Selector! I am so proud of you Sel. Can u please come to the country I live in I will send u an email saying what that city is and probably a lot of other things lol. It would mean more than the universe to me if u replied to this, but I understand if u don’t since u are super busy doing what u love and making people happy! Never change Sel (unless u want to change to become a better person – is that even possible??!!-)You are flawless! I support u more then all the way, always have and i always will no matter what. I promise Sel I will always love u no matter what happens! if u ever need anything just tell me I will alway be here for u!

      x Kinza

    • Can I have ur phone number please?

    • I am wondering what is your fan mail address or your address because I bought you something and I probably live far away from you yea so can I have it.

    • Divya lakshmi said:

      Hi selena I am divya from Malaysia. Thanks you for visiting my country on the 25th of July. I went. You were amazing. If posibble could u reply me personally at divya16523@gmail.com. I love you with my heart. I sent u a lot of mail to your fan mail
      Reply me and add mee on snapchat divya lakshmi. Thanks do reading. I am a big fan. Pls check my mail to u it’s very long.

  18. #1selenator said:

    Hi Selena I just wanted to say I love you and I love your song good for you. Please reply to my comment. If you can’t reply I understand you probably get thousands of comments.
    Love you
    #1 Selenator

  19. I love you selena

  20. vaishali said:

    hi selena I am vaishali from india . I just love your songs . I am writing you the mails from last two months and just waiting for your reply as soon as possible if you cant so that’s fine . I just want to ask that will you ever visit my country india . if there is a tour then please don’t forget to tell me . I love you and just want to be like you .

  21. Selena gomez rules said:

    Hi selena , i am a huge fan , how are you. I wish i had your phone number. You are my number 1 actress/singer ever . Nobody could have you heard of dove cameron? If so do you like her singing.hope i get to talkmto you on the phone someday

  22. Carleigh said:


  23. Selena gomez rules said:

    Hi selena i am ahuge fan ,number 1 selenator .how are you?are you and demimoovato still friends if not why?💌😀😊anyway how are you ? You are beautiful
    I love your music and your voice,
    You are sweet smart and amzing.😀😊😺👩🏽✌🏽😇👍🏽you are truly amazing and
    Talented you are cool.

  24. Selena gomez rules said:

    Can you send me an autographed picture aswell i can give you my address.pleassssseeeee you would be the first celeb to have an auto graph from
    I would truly be grateful.my family would be suprised.
    😊😇✌🏽️😒👌🏽👍💕👪 thank you

  25. Selena gomez number1 fan said:

    Hi im a huge fan

  26. how long did it take you to achieve our dream of being a singer?

  27. Selena gomez number1 fan said:

    We love you you inspire us all

  28. My daughter Kaiyenna (Turning 9):

    Dear Selena Gomez,
    I have always been a big fan. I love your music. Can you come to my birthday on August 28th? It is a singing party. 5397 W. Venetia St. Herriman, UT 84096. I love you.

  29. Hi Melanie do u go to Stratford because u might me someone I know my name is samira

  30. Selena gomez is my role model said:

    Hi you inspire me i hope one day i could b like you and get the chance to help change the world a little to make it better.so that it wont be a dump place.
    😇😊☺️😎👍✌🏽️👌🏽😊💕💗😆😀👍🏽😄😄😃😌👩🏽👧🏽👦🏽👶🏽👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👥👤👣😺👭💌😺 .

    Peace out✌🏽️

  31. Nicoline & Mathilde said:

    Hey Selena, we are two girls from Denmark. We are working on a project in school about “how to stalk a celebrity”, and we have chosen you. Can we ask you some few question? Something about your life general, family, where you live and something like that. We will only used it in our school project. If you can’t reply we would understand you, probably get thousands of comments. But i would means so much if you replay.

    Hug from Mathilde & Nicoline :D

  32. hi. selena I’m a good and diehard your fans.but I can’t contact with you .how I can talk with you ?
    Please please please show me how????

  33. hey selena
    i’m 21 years old and have a two years old daughter.
    i’ve been through a lot of trouble with my ex boyfriend ( her father )
    your music is really helping me gettin’ over it..
    keep going with your fantastic music =)
    all the best

    Stefania <3

  34. Hi sel! Im beray . İs this your real e mail? Please you are say the true. Because ı love you! And ım your fan and ım selenatör. I love you!! Please give me a answer selena :)

  35. Selenator For Life said:

    On your next tour, can you come to Oklahoma City??

  36. Georgia Angelica said:

    Hello Selena!! This is Georgia, and I am 12 years old. I am one of your biggest fan Selena. Ive been watching since I was small and since u were in the Barney cast. I know you won’t read this but if you do I want you to read this message till finished. I am actually really sad to hear that you are sick. But then, never let your sickness bring you down because I know you will be healed by the blood of Jesus. You are very special in HIS eyes. God has given you lots of potential and lots of talents. Be who GOD wants you to be and inspire many people from your incoming healing because nothing is imposible through Christ who strengtens you. I pray that you will be healed. I believe it. I know God chooses you for a purpose and especially He who fearfully and wonderfully made you. Selena I pray that May God bless you and protect you everywhere you go😊😊 I love you Selena… I also want to say something else… can I call u sister? ok👌 yay…. GBU sister… Selena remember I pray for you everyday👍🏻👍🏻🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 I promise, I won’t lie.. that’s all Im gonna say to you .. Just be close to your father in heaven and pray and you will be healed😊😊love you 💋💋stay strong my big sister😀😀

  37. Ondrej Sobotka said:


    my name is Andrew Sobotka and i’m from Czech republic. I’m your big fan. I’m just trying happiness to write you. I think that this email will be read random person. I don’t want to write you things which you heard every day from other people i want to be different. It is very strange that i can established contact with you. If you can aswer me. Have a nice day Selena
    Sorry for my english

    Your fan Andrew

  38. Hi Selena,
    I love you and just wanted you to know. I don’t expect you to read mine cause you are so busy. Please if you ever have the chance to come to Jackson Mississippi please do

  39. Jacqueline van Houten said:

    Hi Selena!
    I’m Jacqueline from the Netherlands!
    I love you so much! You make me smile everyday! And you’re so amazing! And you’re THE reason why i’m still alive. I had a difficult time. I cut myself. I have many scars on my arm. Once a day my brother and mother notice THE scars. They’re very shokked. My mother was helping me. I was working to myself. I’m very strong now . Stronger than i’ve ever been. You’re my inspiration! It’s almost Christmas and my wish is: Will you notice me one day? And Will you follow me on instagram? @jac.bel it Will be amazing! Selena i love you and i Will always support you! You mean so much to me! I’m gonna Say thank you selena! You made me believe in myself. Your Revival album is so much inpiration to me! And you’re my biggest idol! I love you baby! Have a Nice day! Sorry my english is not very well. xoxox

  40. Hi Selena!

    I just want to say that I love your new album Revival! It’s so inspiring to me and I love every single song of the album! What do you think your new song will be?

  41. Is this really Selena Gomez?

  42. Is there a fan number I can call you on?

  43. Would you ever spend the time and meet a massive fan, I love you so much.

  44. Would you ever spend the time to
    Meet massive fan, I love you

  45. Well you probs think I’m just another fan who wants an auto right ✋🏻😅 Well your quite right XD tho I am sure that the way I love you as an idol and an legend and a 2nd mother… is impeccable 🙈 That’s cause your the person I wanna be and go crazy upon 👀❤️ There is nobody in this world who beats you in anything and your beauty Carries the world away… Your smile 😊 Your fashion 💅🏻 your spirit 🙈 You ❤️ I couldn’t ever explain how me and my family could not get a better celeb than you… Since I was 6 years I was the first to watch all of the wizard of waverly place till this day and get upset when it’s over 😅 I’ve loved you from day one on stage and that you were never a stranger to me but a far friend 😌👀🔥 It kills me that I dnt live in America which is my dream… Stuck here in England with no selena gives the rain 💦🌚 if you reply in any way I would have the happy days of my dreamless life 😌❤️ Im an ordinary 13 yrs old girl that has the most love on selena ✊🏻 tho I never give up from you 👀💯 I wanna say that I love you lots!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  46. Are you ever planning on having a kid

    • Hey Selena Gomez ur my role model and I have always wanted to meet you in person and if I can I’d like to

  47. Hi Selena! Have u ever given your number out to fans?

  48. Hey Selena, i love you soo much, your song are top ! I’ m not good at English but I will try, i hope so that your?understend me . Im Nataša Babić, live in Croatia, in small viliage with husbant,doughter Nina who had 3 years old, i alsso live with husbants 2 brother, mother and father, and we are angry about that because we dont have time for family because of them. They are so meen and i dont have a choise. We dont have money to buy house. Im 22 years old, i dont have a job,my housbant works but that is to small money. Please give me some advice or something, my life is complicated, i really love my husbant but his parents angry me and I really dont like leave my husbant because of them. Please some advice :( it meens to me a lot, LOVE YOU SELENA -<3

  49. Hey Selena, i love you soo much, your song are top ! I’ m not good at English but I will try, i hope so that your?understend me . Im Nataša , live in Croatia, in small viliage with husbant,doughter who had 3 years old, i alsso live with husbants 2 brother, mother and father, and we are angry about that because we dont have time for family because of them. They are so meen and i dont have a choise. We dont have money to buy house. Im 22 years old, i dont have a job,my housbant works but that is to small money. Please give me some advice or something, my life is complicated, i really love my husbant but his parents angry me and I really dont like leave my husbant because of them. Please some advice :( it meens to me a lot, LOVE YOU SELENA -<3

  50. Ur amazing Selena I am 11 years old and u are a great person/rolemodle I live in Sioux Falls S.D and I really want u to come and preform at the Denny Sanford primer

  51. Hej Selena, volim te soo mnogo, tvoja pjesma su vrh! Nisam dobar u engleskom, ali pokušat ću, nadam se, tako da je vaš? Me understend. Im Nataša Babić, žive u Hrvatskoj, u maloj viliage s husbant, doughter Nina koja je imala 3 godine, ja alsso uživo s husbants 2 brat, majka i otac, a mi smo ljuti zbog toga jer nemamo vremena za obitelj zbog njih , Oni su tako meen i ja dont imati želji. Nemamo novca da kupi kuću. Im 22 godina, ja dont imati posao, moji housbant radi, ali to je mali novac. Molim Vas, dajte mi neki savjet ili nešto, moj život je komplicirano, ja stvarno volim svoj husbant ali njegovi roditelji ljuti me, a ja stvarno ne sviđa ostaviti husbant zbog njih. Molim neki savjet :( to znači riječ mi puno, Love You Selena – <3

  52. William said:

    Selena can u pls talk to me on Instagram
    My username is williamjohn972
    And by the way my name is William too

  53. read somewhere that u were making a series on netflix based of the book 13 reasons why, i think that that is really cool of you to do

  54. Selena I’m a big fan and would like to go to one of your concerts but my family can’t afford them yea so someday I will. I also you have been inspiring me to never give up when I sing and I would love if you gave me some advice how you became a famous singer because I want to be just like you.
    Mariah Barrett

  55. April parkes said:

    Will you be coming to England anytime this year?

  56. Ana oliveira said:

    Selena,I,really want to become a singer and actor I have a YouTube channel called ana Oliveira my new music video is called waiting for you 😃 could you try to come and visit boston in England I would like to see you in person would u try to help me thanks 😃😃

  57. Kevin Simoes said:

    Hi Selena, I’m a really big fan and I LOVE YOU, you’re my Queen and i am so proud of where you are now. Selena I love you I will always always be a fan and that’s a promise!

    Kevin Simoes💙💕

  58. Kevin Simoes said:

    Selena I love you a lot, I want to be a actor but I’m always having people dragging me down. it hurts. And every time I talk to people saying I wanna be an actor they always say “Kevin, its not possible” and I get so upset that I listen to your songs and they help me to keep positive. I really love you and I want you to know I will be a fan forever and ever and that is a promise💙💕 I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to be a actor? I love you, your songs, your albums, your posters everything to do with SELENA GOMEZ!💙💙💙💙💙💙💕💕💕💕💕💕 my mum always helps me saying if I have faith and fight it’ll happen now can you help me a little bit. I hope I meet you one day and have the chance to have you in my arms and experience taking pictures with you and everything. I LOVE YOU💙💕💙💕💙💕💙💕 what is your fan mail so I send you some?

    I love you more than infinity!

    Kevin Simoes x💙

  59. Hi my name is emily I live in Lyon and i was wondering if you can do a consert there.

  60. Sayahon Ahunova said:

    Please Selena Gomez I am you pr number one fan can you please answer my name is Syahon and I luuuuuuuuv you I think you revival album is the best album ever please luuuuv you

  61. Sayahon Ahunova said:

    Love you so much and luuuuv your kill me with kindness I understand if you can’t reply but still with always give support no matter what

  62. Hi Selena

  63. Hi Selena how are you

  64. Sayahon Ahunova said:

    Love you Selena and will always support you forever🙏🏽🙌🏼

  65. Sayahon Ahunova said:

    Hi Selena I am sayahon I know very complicated but I am from Sweden and I luuuuv you so much I have so many question here is one question who is your role model? Like I mean who keeps you going every time

    Love sayahon

  66. Hii I love your song naturally more good for old love I like your singing your song more or you I love always

  67. Selena I am your big fan,first thing I,don’t you but after leasing your song in,your fan my question why you nude my request please you no nude your song more tell me something are don’t no,or I think you new song me attractive love you Gomez fan dev miss,you

  68. Please call me

  69. Morgan McGrath said:

    Hi Selena I’m a big fan of your and like you good for you and would like to meet you someday

  70. 💗 Dear Selena,
    OK so heres the deal, I LOVE U SOOOOOOO MUCH SEL AND you know what!!! My dad suprised me for the Revival concert at Chicago , (where I live) and i started crying because you are the bestest of them all and you know… just imagine when you were a little kid you must obviously have a favorite star so thats how I feel about you😇:) I love you a lot sel, you know, your personality, the way you treat us selenators:)) I wish you can notice me, just once *Starts sobbing* *turns on the radio* *hears cant keep my hands to myself* *Screams and then starts jamming to all of sels songs* love you to the moon and back and much more*💗💗💗
    ~Love, 1 out of a gazillion selenators
    Rahael :)) (Im 13 years old by the way)
    1 more thing

    This was a really cool edit I found so hope you like it!

    <) )╯ When you're ready
    / \
    ( •_•)
    Come and get it
    / \
    ~( )~ NA NA NA NA
    / \
    I didnt create this BUT I LOVE U SO MUCH BBY :)))
    Bye ~ Rahael

    Phone #630-696-5537

    oh and by the way it would sincerely be an honor if you can dm me and just say hi or something! I would still freak out!

    Selena fan acc (mine) : selena.queen.13 exactly like my gmail 💖
    Love you angel ~ Rahael

  71. Titiksha Bhawsar said:

    Hey Selena! I am your great Fan since Barley and Wizards of the Waverly Place. From so much years I am trying to contact you. And I didn’t got a single response. I have started losing my hope now. Please reply me if you see this message. I also tried to contact you through Facebook. I sent you one of my self-written and sung composition. I also contacted Taylor Swift if she could tell you about me. She replied me once but I was unable to tell her much as she was busy. I also tried to contact you by other means and websites. I am a Selenator in India and can’t afford to come to other countries for your concert as I am small enough and also due to some financial problems. I would wait for the moment when you’ll visit India for your show. I tried to buy some things from your website but I was unable to book from India. I am working hard on my future dreaming that someday I’ll meet you. I want to meet you and this is my only life goal. Sometimes I really do cry when I just think that when will I be able to meet you. Also I want to hear some suggestions and points to improve on my compositions by you. Please do reply as your reply is very precious to me. I would love if you visit India latest. There are many Selenators waiting for you here!

    Titiksha Bhawsar (Selenator Forever)

  72. A.M.P Sing said:

    Hi Selena. I love you so much, you are so inspirational. I have watched you since barney and everything since then. You have inspired me to become a singer and try reach the dream of one day becoming famous like you. I have done a cover on your song Sober but re-wrote it and added parts of a rap I wrote. If you find a moment when you aren’t busy on your tour you could possibly watch it. https://youtu.be/YjrRqM5ljQ4. Thank you so much you make my life a lot happier.
    ,From a fan

  73. Ninsun Aziz said:

    Hi Selena. I just wanted to thank you for making people like us happy. There isn’t ONE SONG from you that isn’t inspiring and perfect. Thank you for EXISITNG. You truly are the only reason I live happily. Much love.

  74. Yes hi Selena I was wondering if I can get a autograph so I can have you for ever I think you are a very good singer that will get far there and far there down the road I seen you are going to Amway center that must of had been real fun for something new first time the fans must loved you to death the good dancing and that I was going bad thing no transportation but all ways next time thow .So I see you like alot different things that’s cool um I was wondering will you be doing some movies coming up hear down the road and when or more shows with your friends like mylie or granda or Tyler and others my mom just loves you very much she watches magic of Waverley place and others was alsome good I did wounder throw what happen to your actors do thay keep in touch with you steel or you keep in touch with thome please till you have a chance.How is it in Texas is very hot or rainy now sence I think of weather we got?.So I heard you doing clothing for Kmart that right are you going to keep with thome and make more for every one that’s very smart thing I think to do make so more money on side line or will you be going to do something else .I was wondering you have any sisters or brothers I have but thay gone now I lived with thome young age now gone because parents broke up my one sister died of something I think was hard of breathing ill miss her nodout others thay safe with dad thay huge fans too that watch you I work for Tyrone mall its a good job there alote of people any ways I tried out acting it was for stand in thay never called back I waited so thay got some one else its when your in movie in back ground not actor like the people you see like talking or doing something no all ready what I’m talking about I think well this was alsome to get a hold of you I hope you get back some day I no your a very bizzey person if in boots hell ya like you will I hope you like my litter and my wish comes true when if do I’m going to put in frame so no then happens to it your the boom much wishes I can’t Waite for question you ask me or what ever happens so I say by now and good luck thanks your fan Lawrence

  75. Hi it is Maija Shaw here I just wanted to ask you how do I order a picture of you and signed exactly by you.

  76. Nancy beagle said:

    What is name of ginger juice Selena drinks ?

  77. Trisha Lau said:

    Hi Selena, I’m Trisha and I love all your music so much. Your albums are beautiful. Who Says, is an inspirational.

  78. Selena Gomez u are my idol😍😍 I love u so much selena😘😘😘 I wish I could see on my birthday😔

  79. Hi! I was writing on your e-mail about my dream. I want to sing with you my own song. I wrote a lot of songs so you will choose if you will agree. I will be grateful if you will say yes. I am waiting for a response. We can record it when you will have a free time😊

  80. rahul pawar said:

    Happy birthday Selena Gomez……MY am the biggest FAN of you from India…one day i will meet you its my promise LOTs of love for you wish you a very happy birthday Love you selena <3. Will you coming to India ??? and When?? India WAit For you Selena ;)

  81. Hi Selena! I really love you, and I love Wizards Of Waverly Place, and I would love to watch it again. Is there any chance that the show could be on Netflix again? I love you bye!

  82. Selena if it takes years to see you, i do everything to see your beautiful face.It is so difficult only what i can do is see your movies. When i see you, i want to get lost in your eyes. I cannot express in words how much i love you. I have dream that i am a succesful actor and to meet you. If i had grown with you, i could maybe conquer your heart. But now it is hard to find and meet you and to conquer your heart. Probably you don’t see what i’ve written. It’s not a problem. Hope to see you reaction.

  83. Hi dear Selena I’m your biggest fan my name in maria I’m 14 years old and from sudia Arabia, Jeddah I’m love you so much you are life for me you inspire me every day I swear I don’t think that you are a human I think that you are an angel sending from God to spread love you are really sweet,kind,cute,nice,lovely,pretty,beautiful,inspiring, I swear I never ever in my whole life saw I person with all of these qualities you are not only an idol to me you are a mom,sister and friend you helped me a lot in this life with out you I’m nothing I can’t describe my love and how much I’m thankful for you for being in my life you are life you bring us happiness and joy you are everything in earth I just love you love you love you love you love you 246786432246899874321467889 times God bless you and please take care of your self don’t let any one hurts you I swear no one deserve any tear from you angel eye please be strong we love you and remember selenators are always here for you we love you more than you ever imagine we love you please remember that God bless you and your family 💙💜💚❤️😭😍😊😇💋

  84. Divya lakshmi said:

    Hi Selena I M your biggest fan
    My name is Divya and I am 13
    I live in Malaysia
    You are my idol and I want to be like u
    Sorry my message isn’t Long because I just finish typing to you in email
    I love u so much
    Pls pl ps,reply me

  85. What is you number Selena

  86. Hi it’s serenity I am your biggest fan
    What are your favorites??

    What are most of your songs about?

  87. Chris Kilpatrick said:

    Selena, I have a instagram two, my fan account : specialena_selenator_4_life and my main chris41110 I really want you to look at my fan page it eould mean a lot to me my dream is to become a house remodeled and remodel celebrities houses including yours. I graduate next year.

  88. I hope and pray you get my email! It had taken me awhile to right it out, and it is very meaningful. I hope you like it! If you do not read it or reply to it, do not worry! I love you much Selena. You are my hero, I adore you. I hope you get the rest you need and break from everything, you deserve it. You do YOU, do not focus on others happiness until you truly find yours. Your feelings matter, and you matter. 8 have severe depression and anxiety due to watching my bestfriend die before my eyes. She was such a good person inside and out, just like you❤️ I pray for you every single night, I love you.

  89. When are you coming to Manchester which is in the UK?

  90. dear,selena gomez hi my name is cid jr im a huge fan of you and im 11years old my birthday is june 4th can you come to my school its middle school its called vikings come to my house its 3226 wisconsin ave unit A lynwood ca 90262 wanna come to my party you are a pretty singer and a actress your fan cid jr,P.S. i want a artagraph when is your birthday

  91. Hi selena how are you? Well you probably here this everyday but im your biggest fan. An this my sound crazy but you you’re my first celebrity crush. And your verey pretty to. But i was wondering if you are ever coming to Georgia? It would be nice to meet you. Is that possible?

  92. Hey I’m mab

  93. Kate Rekiyan said:

    Selena! I can say thanks very much, and it will be long enough, but it’s not the right time for me. I have a difficult situation, and I need your help. I need your advice, and as quickly as possible. I need you. please answer me. I fell in love. and it is stronger than it should be a teenager. I fell in love with is not very suitable person. he is very good, and I do not want to lose his chance, in spite of all the circumstances, I still want to admit it. but I still doubt. do you think it should do? how to say it? I have no idea. Yes, the problem is not the most important, and I understand it. but you always saved me. I do not have anybody else to turn. I can only trust you. Please, I need your support. My Instagram- @rekiyan; my Skype- rekiyan.katya1

  94. Kate Rekiyan said:

    Selena! I can say thanks very much, and it will be long enough, but it’s not the right time for me. I have a difficult situation, and I need your help. I need your advice, and as quickly as possible. I need you. please answer me. I fell in love. and it is stronger than it should be a teenager. I fell in love with is not very suitable person. he is very good, and I do not want to lose his chance, in spite of all the circumstances, I still want to admit it. but I still doubt. do you think it should do? how to say it? I have no idea. Yes, the problem is not the most important, and I understand it. but you always saved me. I do not have anybody else to turn. I can only trust you. Please, I need your support. My Instagram- @rekiyan; my Skype- rekiyan.katya1 💜

  95. Heyon Choi said:

    Hey Selena!
    I emailed you and you haven’t replyed for months.
    I understand you are busy but I just want a reply and my heart will feel better than ever!

  96. Hallo Selena Gomez!
    Can you tell me how did you learn about me (georgekra2017) in Musically.ly and decide to do a duet?

    Please answer soon,

  97. What would you wish to do if you were not famous?

  98. Dear Selena Gomez. I love you. You are the best. When have you your perfom in Berlin? How are you?

  99. Hi selena
    My name is Vicky Kleinert and I’m biggest fan of you !
    I wanna invite you to visit my country Germany , I promise show the best place of Berlin !
    I love you
    Your biggest fan
    Vicky Kleinert

  100. Afriliyan said:

    I expect a helping hand from you

    Hello Ms Selena Gomez’s

    My name is Afriliyan and I need money to pay medical brother who lay helpless, I really do not have anything else because my brother I had lost my parents in a fire Critical congratulations and my brother,

    I’m here expect a helping hand from benefactors to help the cost of my brother who require special attention to medical action.
    please help me, maybe money does not mean anything to you may be the amount of $ 65,987.00 thousand dollars for a kidney transplant surgery and hospital fees, if my brother will not last and will not increase. I can only hope at this point, so I immediately get the help of a humble and generous. You can help me with this bank account.

    Bank Central Asia (BCA)
    Bank Swift Code: (CENAIDJA)
    my Account number (5780552401)
    on behalf of: D.C Afriliyan

    I’m here really need financial help from you
    I’m waiting for a helping hand from you.

    thank you very much want to spend reading a message from me.


  101. mary nallaseth said:

    Hi Selena!
    I am from India.My name is Mary.I am big fan of you and your singing.I love your style too…Honestly,you look beautiful in your natural look,without makeup.You are the first singer i have ever emailed and commenting on.Your personality is charming.Looking forward to your new album.Cant Wait!I heard It aint me song.Its awesome..Hope someday i can come to U.S to see your live concert.Please reply if you can.God bless you for your future.Take care.

  102. Alexis Morris said:

    Hi, my name is Alexis Morris. I’m 18 years of age from a small town in Texas. I’m messaging about 13 Reasons Why.
    I love how you are a huge advocate for mental illnesses. I believe this show was produced for entertainment as well as awareness but watching this show as someone who has suffered severe depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts, it caused more triggers. It was so hard for me to watch certain scenes, I had to either skip it or just turn my TV completely off. I’d love to speak more about this with you.
    I hope to be hearing from you soon. Thank you so much and have a blessed day.

    Sincerely, Alexis Joy Morris

  103. well Selena you are right about dreams and you really rock, NEVER SAY NEVER#you rock#

  104. Shara Cranford said:

    Do you think it’s healthy to take breaks in between doing music Selena? I am a singer and song writer I’ve been going through some things. So I am taking a small break away from music to do other things. My name is Shara.

  105. Hi Selena 💞 I love you so much, I look up to you and when I’m feeling low I always think scut you and you lighten up my mood again 💞 Love you Selena

  106. Hi Selena 💞 I love you so much, I look up to you and when I’m feeling low I always think about you and you lighten up my mood again 💞 Love you Selena💞 I already posted this comment but I made a mistake 💞 Love you 💞

  107. Alethea Barrett said:

    Will you come to Jamaica again for your birthday? I really want to meet you…if you can’t come pls call me for my birthday 20/9/17 to get the number email me please come to Jamaica


  108. Hey baby girl. I just want to know , are you happy at the moment?I love you.

  109. Love you so much.❤️

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