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  1. Hi selena I’m a huge fan nd I have always wated 2 meet u but I live in nigeria so over here dats kind of impossible ur my role model when it cms 2 singing nd acting because u’ve alwys stayed true 2 ur self my ques is do u think it’s possible 2 meet any how oneday.

    • Thank you for the support, sweetheart. I love you so much. XO

      • ChloeLynnBall said:

        hi Selena I’m Chloe I’m a huge fan i would love to meet u but if you could come to Indiana Norton 1202 u could meet me im not sure if ur far from here but it has been my life’s dream to meet u. one of my fav songs by u is tell me something i don’t know. also always believe in yourself and never give up and you can follow ur dreams but it looks like u already have just remember never give up.

      • HI selena I emailed u I am a huge fan please read my name is kayleigh emma dawn just so u will know that email was from me :)

      • opps my last name is sewell

      • TaylenaLover! said:

        SELENA! When is Taylena (Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner) coming back?! I love them so much! ^.^ <3

      • OMG SELENA I LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!!! <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 you're my everything!!

      • cleo patra said:

        you are the best singer ever

      • hello

      • your really selena gomez??

      • please please send me your number phone

      • please,send me your number phone

      • I love you selena and Farjanna you keep singing

      • Hi Selena, I am a huge fan and I wanted to know if your considering making a christmas album ever.

      • You have such a beautiful name!

      • Hi slena are u okay?

      • I slena u are cool

      • selena do u have skype id if u do can u plss add me it is selenasfrnd

      • Carleigh said:

        Selena your my role model and I think your a amazing person and when I grownup I want to act just like you and your song who says is so inspiring to me and thank you for writing amazing songs.

      • Hi Selena I really want to meet you so please contact me back if you get the chance
        You are my idle you are the best

        Also I was wondering if you can come for my birthday

      • i really like ur new song and i love u selena gomez fr
        om james

      • Hi selena I’m a huge fan nd I have always wated 2 meet u but I live in Maharashtra so over here dats kind of impossible ur my role model when it cms 2 singing nd acting because u’ve alwys stayed true 2 ur self my ques is do u think it’s possible 2 meet any how one day. nd pls whats chat with me mob. no. 8055154915.

      • Phone Number please?

      • Dougie Back said:

        Hi Selena I always tought that you were very sexy

      • Caitlin Beckham said:

        Can you email me at and can you please email me Selena Gomez.

      • kuldeepmulodiakuldeep kumar mulodia said:

        i am your fan so meet u my contact no. 9982603800
        i LISTEN your all song your song very good so i meet you plese plese my name is kuldeep

      • JulianTyrell Lester said:

        hello selena this is Julian, I want you to know that you are a gifted person and a sweetheart, i’m a talented person like you so I decided to impress you with my heart, one day i’ll meet you my goal is to do voice overs, singing,drawing,saxophone,making history like you,thank you I hope we can get to know each other one day,good job doing mavis, bless your heart,AMEN

      • chantal niehas said:

        salena may i talk to you please i need your help

      • Branden Lee Vargas said:

        Hey this is BLeeV no be(lie)ve, do u see the word lie in believe? How r we supposed to believe with the word lie in the middle, I reinvented the word believe to BLeeV, BLeeV is the initials to my name Branden Lee Vargas, I connected my initials when I was 19 after I got baptized in Jesus name nd got a sign from him to BLeeV no be(lie)ve in him, I’m anointed, just stoppin by to show love nd tell u bLeeV no lie in the Lord nd in living forever In peace with no pain, my God is alive nd shows me he’s real, the one who created the Sun moon stars nd earth told me to BLeeV no lie, he called me by my name, I just want u to know your 7 days younger than me I was born July 15 1992, I’m 23 to, 7 is a divine number I’m writing u bcuz of this I know u will c this, BLeeV no be(lie)ve in Jehovah 2nd Jesus Selena, there real BLeeV no believe contact me on fb if u ever need me under Branden Lee, from Vineland NJ

      • Caitlin Beckham said:

        Hi Selena Gomez and I love your songs so much and you are awesome and can you email me at and I want to meet you in person in one day

      • Hi selena Gomez I love u so much I am a huge fan of urs I always want to meet u and I want to be just like u. Love selena Gomez. Halley

      • how hard is it for a normal guy like me skyler (21) living in beaumont tx to talk to a girl like you??

      • 832-836-9647 skyler … text me.

      • fan of salena said:

        oh salena u are awesome i just love you very much and i also love your songs very much i just keep on humming your songs all day long

      • fan of salena said:

        salena u replied for her but what about i m also a girl like her so pls reply to me pls pls pls pls i just love you so much i have also given my e mail id(

      • fan of salena said:

        i know you have a busy schedule but just reply a hi thats all pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

      • George silverstein said:

        I am fan too. If you could help me raise money to start a business. I have tbi so it is hard for me to work. I started a go fund me page but not doing well. My mom has never given me good moral support. I could use your help please

      • pakistan123 said:

        hye selena i,m realy very missing u when u will come in pakistan

      • doreen obaje said:

        hey selena can i please interview you for my blog. while not check it out. thankyou

      • Hunter Bline said:

        Hi selena It has been my dream to meet you in person and tell you how I love with all my heart I will take a gunshot for ya.

      • OMg Selena is actually here!!!

      • Joseph Magno said:

        Hi Selena would love to work for you in your upcoming Sydney Tour – Assisting your personal security

      • Hi Selena im Kerry i am one of your biggest fans im from Scotland and cant wait till the Revival tour in Glasgow in November im so excited i love you x

      • will clifton said:

        hey Selena Gomez I am will Clifton. I have always wanted to meet you and I love your songs and appreciate you! I love you!

      • Caitlin Beckham said:

        Hi Selena Gomez I was wondering if you can email me at and if you have time please because I love you and your songs so much and you are so amazing and awasome.

      • omg im a big fan i love im 8

      • Hi Selena I’m Michael huge fan since back a day anyways I love your songs but as I know your a kind loving person I was wondering if we could maybe talk one day soon I’m from uk by Nottingham I hope to hear of you soon 😉❤️😉 Hopefully you can write to me via email

      • hi selena my name is haley and I think your the most awesome person that ever romed the planet but I need to ask you somethingdid your parents ever split up when you were little I really need you to answer because I think my parents are dating some else and I cant stand not having my dad in my life but you know what I’m probably just stupid for hoping I could get them back together rhigt I guess hopes for suckers I guess god only gives hope to people who aren’t a disappointment

      • Hello Selena.
        I hope you will b fine. I’m Umar Hafeez from Pakistan. I’m your biggest fan. I’m operator and Admin of a page named ”Selena Gomes’s Fan” i have so many followers on this page. i have your albums audio + video 2009 to 2016. I would like to say a small wish. I want your autograph.. if God bless i meet you. i have 6500+ pictures in my laptop and 2375 pictures printed. i’m waiting for your reply.

      • Hello Selena. I hope you are doing well. I wanted to help you with what you have. I have an illness too and I am going to go there.
        There is now a doctor in my country wery well known that drastically changed his methods of curing people , he realised that extrange illnesses such as cancer were developed because of the emotions. We subconsciously have a problem and until we realise and solve it we always have the illness. He is curing many people .
        It is similar to this
        (translate it in google)
        this is the cause of your illness.
        This is the future Selena. Please listen to me or you will go back again and again to the illness. It needs to be solved.
        If you want I can send you the adress it is in europe.. But i am sure you can find some in the us.
        Hope you read this.
        Take care. You are an incredible person

      • Is this the real Selena Gomaz?

      • emily baile said:

        hey selena my names emily i was wondering is being a singer andactress alot of hard work and dedication oh and oh and i dont know what ur adress is so i couldnt send this letter.this is what it said, Hi my name is Emily Baile I go to canyon view preparatory academy in prescott valley, I am 16 years old, I am one of your biggest fans i love your music , your acting and most of all i love that you care about your fans and how you think of everybody else before you think of yourself actually to me you’re a leader, you are actually one of the reasons that i keep trying to improve my voice so that one day I can be as famous as you, you are my role model for sure. I hope one day i can meet you in person, i hope that someday when you’re not too busy that you could write me back. Srry i probably sound really dumb right now. Anyway i believe your are both a great role model and leader for people all around the world, you should never change you are amazing and awesome just the way you are.

        Sincerely your biggest fan,
        Emily Baile

      • janessa merrill said:

        hey selena is this actually you? i just wanted to tell you you are so pretty i wish i could come to one of your concerts i have been begging my dad but he said we cant afford it but atleast i get to talk to you right? :)

      • Sel biggest fan said:

        Hi Selena Gomez I love you and support you in every thing you do

      • Temitoro Bailey said:

        hey selena gomez. this is temitoro bailey. i am ten years old. you are my role model. i want to be just like you. the problem if you can help me with is that i am a nigerian. and i live in huntsville alabama so i will love for you to email me back, and for us to meet somewhere in huntsville to talk so you can help me be just like you. i will love for you to help me. i luv you bye i am your biggest fan. i am ten years old so i only watch some of the movie that you are in as far as i can. bye alex russo. that is your wizard of waverly place name right.

      • Tate Watson said:

        Hi Selena its Tate Watson who has red Hair and freckles I Think he has a Big crush on you and he is a big and Little Fan and a True friend to you I think he wants to Date you sometime if he moves to Los Angeles someday I think he needs a tour Guide like you if it’s okay with you but I understand you don’t like to be seen by me and he his dying to meet you gives you a flowers and chocolates just wondering if you could help me where I could record at a studio where you at hoping for a duet it might sounded good if you respond to me a email or you can text me on my phone number is 901 674 674 9 my email is not working sorry about that

      • eric that old guy said:

        selena. i know you will not really read this. but i am also a broken person :( i am SO happy that you got help. but some of us… we can’t find the doctor, or get the help (insurance, etc). you know what? i don’t really matter. i can admit that. you can help MANY, as your speech on that award show, helped me. keep it up. i hope you can truly be happy. i know i never will be. but.. knowing you are and are helping many people… i am good with that. i know i will never meet you in real life. but i think you know… the broken people among us.. support you a lot. i know you will not ever likely see this. but thank you selena gomez, from another broken person. just keep being you. and i hope you are happy now. thank you.

      • Mohamad bast said:

        Hi selena i am a huge and always dreaming to meet you in person
        My mohammed

      • hey can you send me you’re cellphone number

      • Hey girl it’s Justin. B how you been

      • Selena, I was wondering if it is possible to ask in advance to take you to the Marine Corps ball?

        Been a fan of yours for a while and wasn’t sure the best way to contact you or how to ask. Is there a chance you would be available in November?

        I ask now because I am sure you have a lot planned out well in advanced for yourself.

      • OMG selena i love you so very much and it has been my dream to meet you since i have heard your 1st song! My name is Diana and me and my sister are such HUGE fans! By the way, i went to the Revival concert in Dallas and i was crying when you came out! I relly hope to meet you someday! you are my idol and you have been foryears! by the way i loved your AMA speech this year! you rock! you deserve everything in this world, including me, andall your other fans, i really hope to meet you someday selena! love you so much!!!!!!!!!!

      • Selena i wrote you a letter on google docs which i sent over. I hoped you enjoyed it and write back

      • Omg selena gomez please talk to me

      • hey sel really wish to talk to you,i cant say i’m a big fan cause you got a lot but seriously i’m a fan too and i love you so much

      • Hi selena your music videos drive me crazy i get hard every time love you xo

      • I love a big fat bitch said:

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    • i love you so much you are my role model i always wanted to meet you again cause that’s
      how much i love you my name is sierra skylar gurniak and love you

    • I want to gave bussines advice for selena gomez

    • your so beautiful and talented would love to meet you and talk to you you should come to washington state soon

    • AbbyJack13 said:

      Hi Selena. I hope you got my email yesterday. I am a huge fan and you are a role model to me. I am super proud of you for all that you are and what you have done for the world. Always remember to keep reading the bible and keep praying to keep yourself strong in your faith. I am praying for you everyday to help you. I hope you got this Selena!! Love you!
      -Abby J.

    • Hi selena im having a birthday Bash i need you help please help mee contact information us Facebook Torquil Coleman. Instagram king_theking_king23
      Ph#4077816406 please please help party will be Saturday October 15th 2016. I need the help please please

    • I love a big fat bitch said:

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    • Katy Perry said:

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  2. I am in love with a girl.How to propose her.please help.

  3. cant tell you my name!!:) said:

    sup selena I really badly want to meet u!! some people I know do not like you and think ur a snob… but you are pretty cool, that’s what I try to tell them and u are my role modle and that will never change, my b-day is coming up and im totally exited its next month the 13th!

  4. hi selena i am a huge fan i love all your songs and i have watched all your movies and you are awesome and you are so pretty and do u watch family guy !!!! if u didn’t u should watch it its so funny :) i love family guy <3 <3 and i love you <3 <3

  5. Hello selena gomez. At first I never really wanted to be an actress but now that I’m learning about you I kinda want to. Your my first ever idol. I’m 11. Can you please personally email me tips on how to be famous. I hope this is the real selena. Most people say this is fake.

  6. Are you really Selena

  7. hi seli im glad you are coming up with a new album you are a really nice person keep up the work .im 8 years old but i im glad you made a wonderful job .happy valentines day. are proud of your new song and new movie cause i am proud of you bye
    are you gonna awswer my quetion today please

  8. Hi Selena, it’s Maddie again. Can you please reply?

  9. i luv u selena u r sooo awesome i started singing ur songs cos of u

  10. ur soo awesome

  11. i see maddie you dont respond

  12. hi YOU ARE MY IDOL :)

  13. Selena u can be alone as long u want I’m sorry I put to mush pressure on u please forgive me when u called a creep it hurts to mush I couldn’t sleep without it cause u kill it do u really truly want me to become like Miley did to have a heart attack that did it happened to my family when they died Because of it please don’t let me do that besides I have your birthday gift is at my home u can come anytime u want do u know that before I was born my heart had a hole to it I hope it’s not to yours that’s why u and I are meant to be together for forever I can give u An A Birthstone to be a wedding ring and since u like green so mush lets use that for the wedding dress all for u and I will wear that for a tux please let me make u happy by making your night of the miracle to remember of that and I will do anything to have sex with u it’s all I’ve always to dream of

    • Dude… That’s just not right…. You need to calm it down a little, that will creep her out! It creeped me out reading it and it isn’t even to me, just saying:)

    • Hey… yo, calm down! and besides you’re talking about me! and my selena! y’hear? If u want to say that, I suggest that u stay of it! I want to marry her! I want to have sex with her also! But, guess what… man, you don’t get your own stinkin’ way!

  14. farjana said:

    hi selena is this ur email:

  15. farjana said:

    hi can u end me ur email cos i need to tell u somthing urgent

  16. selena, everyone is saying your pregnent,or you died in a car accident. is any of that junk true???? I would love to know. you re my idle<3

  17. farjana said:

    selena hi my bday is on the 21st of june i am sooooooooo happy

  18. Selena’s birthday is on the 22nd of july

  19. farjana said:

    my friends say i am rubbish at singing but i dont think i am :(

  20. I love you so much Selena, your just amazing. I have always wanted to see or talk to you in real, I’m such a huge fan! <3 I love that song who says because it has gave me so much confidence thank you!

  21. I love and care for you the most my name is shivani and I am your true biggest fan.I am only 8 but I love you.You are my role model can you send your real phone number insted of the fan number to my moms email you be my friend? I luv you

  22. Selena I’m your biggest fan i love you you are my role model I support you one hundred percent and btw love your songs best ever and thank you for everything listening to who says changed my life because I was bullied and it helped me through a tough time so thank you

  23. mancebo12thenumberoneselener said:

    I forgot to mention earlier that I took up singing because of you and I recieved an award. You truly are my role model when I go through a tough time I listen to your music or watch your show or films and I fell better so THANK YOU

  24. Jamey starnes said:

    Hay Selena I love you sooooooo much

  25. hi selena ilove you so much please skype me at niya/nia313

  26. hi selena again i want your number please give it to me i promise i won’t tell anyone


  28. farjana said:

    selena please email me at

  29. Anamaria Oprishan said:

    Selena, i sent you an email, could you please reply to it my email is

  30. Hey Selena, my name is Ryan Kenney and i am from the UK. I just want to say you are the best singer/ actress I have ever seen, you are so talented. Everything about you is perfect and I would love to meet you some day. I love your music, my favourite songs out of all your albums are ‘Slow Down’ , ‘Save The Day’ , ‘I Like It That Way’ , ‘A Year Without Rain’ and ‘Hit The Lights’. I love you so much your beautiful!
    If you have the time, can I have a personal reply please?
    Ryan xxx

    • You forgot, ‘Do It’, ‘Tell Me I Don’t Know, ‘Bidi Bidi Bom Bom’, ‘Mas’, ‘Come & Get It’, ‘Birthday’, ‘Undercover’, ‘Stars Dance’, ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants’, ‘Fly to your heart’, ‘everything is not what it seems’, ‘like a champion, ‘magic’, ‘shake it up’, ‘cruella de vil, ‘save the day’, ‘write your name’, ‘nobody does it like you’, ‘forget forever’, ‘my dilemma 2.0’, ‘bang a drum’, ‘send it on’, ‘new classic’, ‘b.e.a.t.’, ‘music feels better’, ‘lover in me’, ‘disappear’, ‘shake it up theme song’, ‘everything is not as it seems’, ‘ I like it that way’, ‘magical’ and ‘trust in ‘me’.

  31. Hi selena gomez

  32. hay selena i have been calling

  33. audrey chayoon yang said:

    HI SELENA MARIE GOMEZ!!!!!!!!!!!
    I AM A HUGE FAN OF U!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU ARE PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
    I ALWAYS WANTED TO MEET U!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Hey Selena, I have been calling your Say Now number and I really just want to talk to you but I think the phone is turned off. I know you turned your phone on like back in 2009 for the say now callers and I was wondering WHEN or IF you are going to turn it on again? Please reply thanks, Ryan xxx

  35. Hello Selena, First of all I love you very much. You are a big inspiration in my life. The last couple weeks now I have been listening to and singing your music. I have to admit there is not one song you have ever made that I don’t like. Things have been very rough for me and I have been using your music and interviews to help me get through it and I have to say it has helped tremendously. I hope you are doing well and I hope to hear from you soon and hope someday we can meet face to face. Is it bad to be 29 yrs old and be a fan??

  36. Selena you are my inspiration 😃😃😃and I’m your #1 fan! I’ve always wanted to meet you but I can’t because I live in Pennsylvania and you don’t tour there and I can’t find any concert tickets. Also I can’t try to meet you in the summer but I visit my family the whole time😰 I want to be a famous singer like you but I don’t know how can you please help me? Thanks, I really love your songs, movies and shows. Bye

  37. Hey Jess it’s fine to love sel at 29 years old. I will probably love her for my whole life

  38. Selena can you email me at Please? I would be really happy if you did!

  39. Hey Selena I don’t know if you ever look on this page but if you do ever see this page I really want you to know that you’re a really special person and I love you so much please comment me back when you get the chance

  40. Nathalia teves said:

    hey! Selena i just left this text to let you know that i love you you’re the best i always watch your show.Love nathalia:pls comment back if you get this

  41. Vassilis Roussos said:

    Hallo Selena i am Vassilis from Athens,Greece and i like your songs.I am 14 years old and i am a big fan of you.I wish you the best. I want to ask you 3 things: Are you answer the emails or someone else,will you come to Greece and can you give me your skype? (if you have)!!!!

    P.S:you are very beautiful and i love you.!

  42. Hi Selena, I’m your BIGGEST fan, my baby sister is born July 22 just like u, I love u and your songs. You are the best singer ever. Me and my sister always jump on the bed and sing one of your songs.If u have skype or Instagram can u follow me ,it would mean a lot to me and my sister.

  43. Selena I have a quick question about my best friend’s birthday.
    My cousin is getting married the same day as Mackenzie’s birthday. She is turning 13 this Saturday and I promised her that I would see her on her birthday. But now she is going to ALONE on her birthday! I can’t think of how sad she could be! AND I feel horrible! So now my question is what thing should I get her to make her forgive me. Do you think you could send her a letter, please?
    If you could write a special letter to Mackenzie or Kenzie and a signed picture of you. If you could send the letter to Birthday Girl 150 Washington Ave Rosholt WI 54473
    That would be the best present EVER!!

  44. selena I have always really wanted to meet u i dont even know if its possible u are the prettiest person i ever saw <3 I LOVE U <3

  45. Its me again Just saying i live in missiauga canada LUV U

  46. Hello selena my name is alexis coral pence and im 14. I just wanted to say how fortunate to be able to text u! Well any way I live in texas too! In Pflugerville, tx and u know, in this world of hatred u shine out like a candle in the darkness and light the way to also a fan of classic movies including the wizard of oz with judy garland, oh I love the old days, I watch Tcm all the time. Wish I could see u in person, but this is the next best thing lol anyways I absolutely love ALL of ur songs bc they relate to me alot and there the best songs ever! And I also want to add how beutiful and safisticated and a trooper u are. And with all the stuff going on I know ul make all the right decisions bc u are very intelegent, bc hey ur a texan! Lol any way all the words in the world cant desgribe how much I appreciate your songs and well just plan u! Be ur self always . Ps u have a even more special place in evry ones hearts including god! We love u texas loves u the world loves u and I love u thank u for everything! Love alexis pence♥♡♥★☆■□●○

    • Ps. My phone number is 512 5667744 its texnow phone number and its the only one I have , textnow is an app if I dont anwser plaese leave a message or phone number if its ok?

  47. Ola Sel! :) huge fan here. I’m Angelie Rivera 19 from Philippines, I have this friend who’ll celebrate his 22nd birthday on august 25th, his name is Neil Patrick Clauna and i want to surprise him but I don’t have any idea what gift should I give to him. Yesterday I saw on his wish list that he want and hoping to have a fan sign of him from you because like me he is also a big fan of yours. I know you’re pretty busy and it’s kinda bit rush to request for it but I’m still hoping. I would really appreciate and be thankful for your response. Pretty please, I hope you’ll read my message. Thank you so much. Lots of love from Philippines especially us. You’re so amazing Selena :D xoxo

  48. Hi i really love you i just wish to meet you

  49. Selena I know all your songs all your shows and acting stuff and am your biggest fan because you inspire me I hope this is the real selena and I was wondering if you have ever been to calgary cause I want meet you but I live in calgary and can I email you my email is what is your personal email and number so can text call and even email you I love you lots oh and one question what is your favorite song that you ever made mine are tell me something I don’t know, come and get it, and round and round

  50. It’s me again and I was wondering if you can come to calgary on my birthday July 8
    And celebrate with me
    I would love that thx

  51. Hi Selena Gomez Im your biggest fan , you are my favorite singer and you know how much I was looking for you ,all my life . you are my hero in music.I dont tihnk you answer me but I love you so much………………………and you are not human ……you are angel !!!

  52. Hi Selena,
    Just wanted to say that my daughter and I are HUGE fans, and saw you in concert at the Target Center in Minneapolis last year. You were fantastic! Personally, I think you are the most beautiful woman on earth, and equally talented! I’m not holding my breath to hear from you because I know how busy you are, but if it happened it would be a dream come true!
    Love Vlad

  53. hello


  55. Hi Selena,
    You are my role model I look up to you and when I wake up in the morning I think about you. I also sing your songs in the shower. LOL just wanted to ler you know I am always going to be your fan whatever happens.

  56. ashley vital ramos said:

    Hey selena im your biggest biggest fan,im 11 and i love your songs and movies and i wanted to ask you if you could come to eden NC please because ive really really wanted to meet you in person for years and if you came 2eden i would be so so happy and if you can’t come than don’t worry well remember im your biggest fan ever bye 😆i really want to meet you so bad bye

  57. Hi Selena , I love you.. There is my best friend’s called Sandra Birthday on December 7 this is one of your biggest fan I would like you to do a video where you wish her “Happy Aniverssaire Sandra” Please Make The Video For Her .. Contact Me On :

  58. hay selena ireally love can i call you sometime i knew you before any other celeb you inspire me

  59. You are my bae

  60. Christine piilmann said:

    Hi Selena, I hope you are the Real one. I just want you to know Selena that I love you and I always will. You inspire me so much and you are the most beautiful Singer and actress I have ever seen. I love your new single “the heart wants what it wants” its so beautiful. My life would be amazing if you maked a World Tour again and come to Europe bc I live in Denmark and my biggest wish is to meet you. I love you sel and I hope I can meet you someday xo

  61. Jacquelyn L. Sanchez said:

    Hey Selena I love your music and I’m drawing a portrait of you so soon you’ll see it on the news I’m a huge fan and I support everything you do and I’m rooting for you!!! I’m gonna write to you. You inspire me so much and I started singing cuz of you!!! You mean so much to me and I love your music and everything about you. God Bless and take care, I’ll be supporting you in everything that you do.

  62. Selena please reply to my comment, your the best and merry Christmas

  63. Love you so much Selena god bless

  64. Selena i love you so much and just want to say hi and i wish you a merry Christmas and that even though i already said this I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND YOUR SONG “THE HEART WANTS WHAT IT WANTS” IS A GOOD SONG I LOVE IT SOOOOOO MUCH !!!!!!! :)

  65. selena your the best person ever I realy liked you in monte carlo and ramona and beezas

  66. i love u selena your the best

  67. your amazing i realy love all of your songs and movies aspecaily monte carlo

  68. i sent you a letter yesterday i hope you like it

  69. i realy want to come to your house or meet you some day

  70. you are my most favorite star

  71. you are the best ever and i realy want your atograph and meet you and take a picture with you

  72. if i could meet you it would be the best day of my life

  73. Dear Selena,
    I know you you will problem never see this, but there is a slight chance so it’s worth a try. My name is Lauren C. I am 11 years old. I live in Minnesota. I am an only child. I have two dogs and one cat. I am a huge fan, I know everyone says that but I think I mean it. I have never been to one of your concerts, I really want to though.

    Ok enough about me. You are so beautiful, nice, and loving. ( At least I think so, I have never met you, but I bet you are.) My crush’s ( I don’t tell ANYONE I have a crush so you are very special.) sister once went to one of your concerts and met you. And I was and still am SO JEALOUS!!! Oh yeah I didn’t even say HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! I know it’s kinda late but, I don’t know but. Anyway I hope you had lots of fun with your friends and family.

    Also, I know that you might be going through a tough time and me and ALL of your millions of fans respect you very much and are always here for you. You were so good on the AMA’s, I saw you got a little tears eyed. :( I really like your new album. I would have to say my favorite song is Like A Champion and Who Says. I say that baca use they are so inspirational amd sweat. I feel like you track me and all your fans so much through your music.

    I know I have more to say. I always have more to say ( I am very talkative and a social butterfly) We’ll since I can’t think of anything…bye! Love you! Xoxo

  74. dear selena i just wanted to say that im a huge fan of yours and your movies and songs are great i love them aspecaily monte carlo i loved it

  75. Hi Selena this is Alena and I just want to say you are my inspiration and role model. I love your singing, style, and kindness. To me I just think you are the definition of beauty and sweet. I hope I made your day, because you never fail to make mine.😄😃☺️😜😋

  76. hi selena ! i’m crazy for u .i love u soo much.i can do everything for u.i love u vry much.i always think about u.can u call me or contact me.i wanna talk to u please don’t say no please…… mobile no. is +918802737645 .i’m from india .ankit singh….will u call me ….i love u selena marie gomez………..

  77. Jacquelyn L Sanchez said:

    im a selenator selena you inspire me so much thx 4 everything btw i sent u an email oh and plz respond to my comment thanks god bless

  78. hi selena i wanna talk to you please call me on my no.+918802737645 please.

  79. surojit sen said:

    selena you are really amazing…….i wanted to meet you……you are beuty queen for me….
    also i love your song……

  80. Anushka Saran #1 Selenator said:

    Hi Selena, I just want to say that I’m a huge fan!!!!!meeting you would be a dream come true. You are so talented and inspiring. I know it’s weird but in the shower I always pretend I know you personally, On the 21th I turned twelve and parents gave me 2 of your albums. It was so exciting because the only thing own related to you is a pair of sunglasses with your picture on them…….so it was amazing. I just want to let you know that I love you…and I will always be a selenator

  81. Genavi Vicario said:

    Hello my name is genavi and I am a big fan. I would love to meet you if that is possible. If you have the time please write me back personally. And if I am really lucky I would love to meet you.Hope you write back soon.

    Genavi Vicario

  82. Anushka Saran #1 Selenator said:

    Hope you had a happy Valentines Day! So psyched for I Want You To Know

  83. "I love you" said:

    I love you I luv you

  84. marcelo villegas said:

    mistress selena soy una persona de chile que desea servirla y adorarla de rodillas a sus pies y ser su fiel y sumiso esclavo

  85. marcelo villegas said: Mrs. selena i am a person of chile you want to serve and worship kneeling at his feet and be your faithful and submissive slave (in case some people dont know spanish)

  86. Emma Deschuytter said:

    Selena hello! I’m your biggest fan! 💙 I love you so much! You are great! I would like your email. Thank you, Emma. 💞

  87. Selena, I follow you really everything! Instagram, Twitter, Facebook! 💖 But my greatest wish is that I actually met! 💝 I would really have anything to really meet you! So please come to Belgium! 💗 Greetings from your biggest fan, Emma! 💙💙💙💙

  88. olivier28923 said:

    Hi Selena, please, can you look at your message on atrailofhope I have left you a message beginning of March, and I’ll explain something important, I let the same message on atrailofwhispers because I do not know what is the right address, thank you very much, love, Oli

  89. hi Selena Gomez were in a real private jet in Monte Carlo, and was that women they got wrong in Monte Carlo you or someone ells

  90. Hi Selena! I’m Molly, 13 years old from Virginia. I’m a really huge fan of you! I love your albums, your songs are awesome! (So are your movies) You are really pretty, kind, and talented and you are an inspiration to me. I follow you on a lot of things like facebook. I liked the Girl meets the world you posted on your youtube channel a couple years ago. Love you Selena, you are awesome!

    • Thank you for all of your songs and everything. Thank you. c: I would be like so happy if you could reply, but if you can’t I can understand :D One of my biggest wishes is to meet you >w<
      Molly <3

  91. Dear sel,
    I sent u an email . I just wanted to tell u dat i really am very shy but d only way I Cn express my feelings to everyone is by singing and I wanted to thank u as listening to u gave me the courage to do so !👍👍👍👍👍😘😘😘😊😊😊❤️💚💜💙💛💛

  92. Hey Selena
    My name is Jessica and I’m 18 years old. I live in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.
    I like all your music videos and you really inspire me a lot with your music.
    I love all the shows and movies you act in.
    I have been a fan ever since you were on Barney and friends and other shows you are on.
    You are a very good musician and actress and i love all the outfits you wear.
    I would really appreciate it if you could find the time to reply. I’ll understand if you don’t.

    Best wishes

    Your biggest fan


  93. I love you so much and i wish i could meet you.

  94. Oli28923 said:

    Hi Selena,

    I wish you a happy celebration for Holy Week, I sent you a message this Friday, April 3, 2015 on “atrailofhope” and even “atrailofwhispers” because I do not know what email you use now, could you read it, because I want to explain something and especially understand and hope you’ll read it, I’ll still want a good celebration for holy Week.

    Love, Oli.

  95. Hey Selena
    My name is Jessica and I’m 18 years old. I live in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.
    I like all your music videos and you really inspire me a lot with your music.
    I love all the shows and movies you act in.
    I have been a fan ever since you were on Barney and friends and other shows you are on.
    You are a very good musician and actress and i love all the outfits you wear.
    I would really appreciate it if you could find the time to reply. I’ll understand if you don’t.

    I love you so much and i wish i could meet you.

    Best wishes
    Your biggest fan

  96. Pradeep Mali said:

    Hi Selena, How are you and also thanks for give inspiration for what is the mean of love. You are looking so cute everegreen and always fore ever.

  97. Pradeep Mali said:


  98. Hi Selena
    #1SELENATOR!!!! Me again, Gabe. I was checking in if my card was made from you already and is on its way.
    Thanks again
    P.S. Can you reply back to me?

  99. heyy i love your characte in wizards of waverly place + your songs + wardrobe.. you are pretty..<3
    can we please have a personal chat..?? :)

  100. Hi Selena! I’m a big fan of yours and I need your help. I am being abused by my mom ever since my dad died and I was wondering if you could adopt me. I’m from London

  101. Belinda Ceballos said:

    Dear selena

    Im from south padre Island and my husband loves u so much were actually getting married in june 20th of this year . Like in two months anf I wanted to ask u for a big faver so badly I want it to be a wedding present for him from me plez if u can call me at 19562996210 te lo agrreseria muchismo Belinda soon to be Mrs Alfaro

  102. Belinda Ceballos said:

    Selena one more thing porfavor call me my present for me to him is to see if u can sing our first song as bride and groom pleeeeeezzzz

  103. Would like to meet you IN PERSON! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I luv u sooooooooooooooooooooo muuuuuuuuch, man! #1 Selenator. WOO! Where, When, should we meet? I’ll bring some of your favorite stuff! Peace!

  104. I luv you more than the whole planet all the way to the universe! I also have a crush on you that big also!

  105. Hi selena ben from sydney you are amazing and beautiful such a nice person

  106. Hi Selena I am your biggest fan and I wanted to say I love you so much and I really want to meet u some day and I’m always supporting you even through the worst times
    Love Savannah

    • KNOW WHAT!? JUST STOP! Everybody just stop! Listen to me! Savannah, listen to me okay, honey? Now, I just wrote that reply (above Ben who is being a brat right now) just so I contact with Selena Gomez PERSONALLLLY! Don’t you guys get it? Now, think about that before you post anything! Except for Selena Gomez, she’s free to post TO ME ONLY before you do anything else! ANYTHING ELSE! She may not post to you until you are done thinking. I will let anyone know on further notice not to post anything to Selena Gomez until you’re done thinking! Selena on the other hand may post to me. So, Selena! Anything you want to tell me is fine with me!

  107. Yuliya Shcherbina said:

    Dear Selena, I am a huge fan of yours, and im a 14 year old girl, my name is Yuliya, and I was wanting to ask you if you are able in any way, to donate $4,500 for me… I have a problem with my teeth and I really want braces, so I could smile on camera with my teeth. Thank you so much I LOVE YOU!!!

  108. Swati rani said:

    hi selina , i m a big but not so fan of u , i wanted to meet u and wanted to add u in my friend list, but i live in india and its not possible to meet , i study in class IX , if u be my friend then it will be a great pleasure for me…

  109. Swati rani said:

    Hi selena , i m a huge fan of u and i want to be your friend, i live in india and its my dream to meet u. Ur my idol . And my dream girl. …

  110. Kaiulani said:

    Hi this is kaiulani i am such a big fan I love singing but I don’t think I’m very good at it. And I’m very nervous and shy. And to afraid to just sing in front of a crowd. How do you do it? Do you think you could give me some tips

  111. By the way I have no friends so I was wondering if you could be my friend

  112. And by the way I am10

  113. Hey my name is Chloe and I love your music. Do you know Demi lavato?

  114. Emma hair said:

    Hi i think you are so much more of a better singer and actor than any one else you are my role model and I wish that I was as pretty as you I wish I could meet you in person but I know that will never happen it would be the best day of my life your probably really busy but please reply. I wish that I could hear you sing and watch you on tv more. I wish I was as talented as you. You are my hero and I would do anything to meet you even if it was just for a second. I sometimes feel like crying because I know that I will never be as good as a singer, dancer, or actor as you but I wish that I can be like you when I grow up. I live in Utah and you hardly ever go there at least what I have herd of and I have a huge family so I know that I would never be able to meet you but you have inspired me to do the things I do like singing and if I had the money then I would come and see one of you concerts I love you and I would do anything to meet you your the reason why I sing and act. I feel like you have such a good life a life I would love to have. You probably sometimes have a bad day or an embarrassing moment but you have some awesome fans that will alway be on your side trying there hardest to help you get though them and I will try helping you to I love you and I really wish I could meet you sooooooooo much but I know I can’t but I will do anything for you or to help you get through anything in life I AM ALWAYS GOING TO BE ON YOUR SIDE I love you for you and That will never change

    • Hey Selena I love you a lot let’s talk OK

    • Hi Emma, sweetie.
      Thank you for all the hard work you’re doing for me.
      Please tell Selena that I wrote a love card to her and once she gets her new love card, make sure she reads it please. Once she reads it tell her to send me a card also. and also 4 more, One for my peer counselor, One for my best friend, one for my father and one for my mother please. Thanks. I know that she has two thousand fans out there but, 2 of 2,000 fans are me and Litzy Figueroa.

  115. farjana said:

    it’s my 13th birthday to me i am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. Mare Kay said:

    My name is Mare and I am a huge fan. I know that you probably will never see this, but there is a slight chance, so it is worth the shot. You are the best rolemodel ever, and ILYSM! I am trying to get in touch with you via letter, but I don’t know which address to use.

    I really want to meet you, and will do whatever it takes. My room is full of Selena Gomez posters. You are beautiful, kind, funny, and an amazing singer. My birthday was in May, and I turned 12. I have been singing since I was 6 months old, and love to act. I have been in shows including Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, The Child Caregiver in Hansel and Gretel, and many more.

    One day, I dream of becoming a musician like you, and try and model my life after you. I have already come up with hundreds of tunes, and lyrics, and I am currently looking for an agent.

    Hope to meet you soon!
    Love, Mare

  117. Hey Selena!! I love your new song good for you!! Its awesome!! Keep up the great work. And just maybe some day will get to say hi to you in person!!! <3 <3

  118. i’m mr Rashid from Tanzania i’m in need of $10000 please help me! my email is

  119. Selena, Im Kate Davison, and i want you to know that your strong heart and love for everything you do is recognized by me. Your strong faith in the Lord and your passion in life is well seen. You might not see me or read this but i wish you knew that i see past the media and see you as a strong hearted christian that loves what you do and never gives up. Stay you. Don’t change Selena your doing great as who you are. I love you.

  120. odekie neita said:

    I love u so much it is so unexplainable

  121. fahyien said:

    waiting the time when we meet each other.lots of love selena Gomez.

  122. Selena, Im Kate Davison, and i want you to know that your strong heart and love for everything you do is recognized by me. Your strong faith in the Lord and your passion in life is well seen. You might not see me or read this but i wish you knew that i see past the media and see you as a strong hearted christian that loves what you do and never gives up. Stay you. Don’t change Selena your doing great as who you are. I love you. Please see this. If this is actually you, i want you to never forget these characteristics that you have. Xoxo

  123. Hi Selena, my name is Lucy and I live in Australia.
    I love you so much and will support you no matter what!
    You are beautiful, so don’t let anyone tear you down. Keep on doing what your doing, because you have an amazing voice and you are a truly lovely person! I am obsessed with our new song ‘good for you’ I hope you do a tour some time soon because i would defiantly come! I have had reams about meeting you. You inspire me so much because you’re songs are so true and easy to relate to. I want to be a singer when I’m older, so you really encourage me to that. When i am sad I listen en to you’re music and i feel 40,000 billion times better!!!!! What Is you favourite show on T.V? personally mine is pretty little liars.
    You are:
    .Outgoing and Fun.
    I love you Selena and just enjoy Life.

    • Hi sweetheart! You’re wonderful and this message definitely made me smile. My favorite show is probably Friends haha. And I love you more, hope you have a wonderful day. X

  124. Kumar Mantha said:

    Hi selena….i m one of your big fans…i recently became a fan of yours….I saw many of your movies…i saw all 4 seasons of wizards of waverly place in a week…you are really awesome…i really wish i could see you…i ll try to come over there some time…well i have to study hard for that…cause i live in India and only chance of comming over there is with exvuse of studies….cant wait for that you

  125. Oli28923 said:

    Hi Selena,

    I left you a message on your email “atrailofhope” and even on “atrailofwhispers” because I do not know which one is right, and as you wrote, I did not want to leave contact information I hope you will want to read it, it would really make me happy.

    Much much much love, Oli

      • Oli28923 said:

        So my message arrived at the right place because I sent the two emails I had, I hope you can read it, thank you.

        Love, Oli

      • wynta pipkin said:

        hi slena hope you get this :)
        i wanted to ask you a huge favour please please can u maybe call my girlfreind and talk to her???? she really likes you and it would make me so super happy to see her when u called. it would make her feel so amazing! please reply if you can help

      • tallulah said:

        Hi, um your the first celebrity I have ever wrote to, ever! I’ll literally have a heart attack if you reply,oh my please do! I’m 18 and I live in England,. . I just wanted to try and reach you because it’s worth trying,I just wanted to try because I know I’ll never meet you I just want you to know how much I admire you,I’ve had quite a difficult life and I see you on TV and it just makes me wish I was you sometimes, my dad killed himself when I was 7 years old,and I have a disabled mum, my life’s quite lonely, I dunno I would just love a reply as I’m stuck right now in life should I end all of this,ugh,it would just be great to speak to you PLEASE REPLY ,Tallulah

  126. hi selena!!! i love u sooo much!! And i would love to meet u someday!!! i cant wait!!! <3

  127. Lilliana said:

    Hey Selena <3 You're my idol. I use to watch disney channel just to see Wizards of Waverly place! Your music is amazing, my mom even listens to it(weird..). Your a really strong girl, when things get rough, you stay strong no matter how hard, which is amazing :D You're very beautiful too by the way, and also I went to your concert when you sang 'Heart Wants what it Wants' and you did amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're a talented singer, performer and you're an amazing person. ILY SELENA <3

  128. I really love selena gomez I’m a big fan and I never could reach her but I’m still her biggest fan

  129. Hi miss selena gomez I want u 2 help me full my dream u the only 1 that can help me and am from South-africa I talk afrikaans and english and thanks how can I get help and keep ur head up even when the raods hard never give xox love u

  130. Hello! Im such a big fan! My name is Miranda. Im 20. And I’m selling jamberry nails as a side business to make extra money after having my first child. I haven’t really had any good luck selling much but I’d love to invite you to go to my website! These are adhesive nails. When you buy a sheet you get enough to do your nails twice, your toe nails twice and extra for accent nails. Each sheet is only $15! If you have questions, please ask. I can send videos or meet to show how to put these on. You can order online! Email me if you have questions! Thanks for taking your time to read this!

  131. Lilliana said:

    Whats the websites name>

  132. My website is I guess that would of been helpful to include 😝

  133. Hi selena!!! i love u!! and i would love to meet you on day too!!! cant wait !! :)

  134. hi Selena, my name is Angus my sister Maggie is turning 11 on July 13th. she is a massive fan of your movies and music. could you please send her a happy birthday email. thank you from Angus.

  135. Mare Kay said:

    Hi again, Selena–
    My name is MaryGrace Kennedy and I am a huge fan of yourrs..
    I tried mailing you a letter and it failed… What is your correct fan mail address? Ilysm!!!

  136. Hii Selena! I think you’re absolutely amazing! Wish I could meet you and get too know you, you’re very funny and a great singer, I hope you see my message! :$

  137. Sarai Gonzalez said:

    Hi Selena I’m your biggest fan I just wanted to say that I know your birthday is coming up and your going to be 23 I really want to send you this paragraph for your special day but I’m afraid you won’t even read it 😞 i just wanted to know if this is your real email address please answer I’m begging you. I love you.

  138. Hey Selena I am not a a fan I am a belieber,but stil u are so amazing u go on with your life and if I will
    Ever meet you I will always support you u have things in you that even JB not even have I ❤️ You go on selena keep going 👌👌👌

  139. Selena! Hi. Can I upload something to you on Youtube? Also, can you Skype me? I would like to talk to you about something. Thanks!

  140. Nicole Malone said:

    Hi selena I am Nicole Malone and my email adress is I sent you an email. Is you email or is it because I sent it to both! PLEASE read it and respond when u get the chance! Wove you!! 😘😘😘😒😘😘😘

  141. Hello Selena i was wondering how do you deal with bad comments about you and your ex ?

  142. je veut avoir une discution avec selena gomez

  143. Alexis Womack said:

    I need to talk to you.. somehow

  144. marycielo said:

    hi selena
    how are you ??
    i’m huge fan and I wanted to say that if you read my messege I just want to know if you have and Skype or kik and that if you can follow me on twitter for my birthday that I is on 28 and ilyyyy

  145. marycielo gomez said:

    hey selena I started singing when I was 8 because of you but my parents pull me off im really sad ,what can I do?? plzz reply that would make me feel better if you do byee ilyy god bless u

  146. Hardaman said:

    What up Selena, I’m a huge fan just wanted to be the first one in Toronto to say happy birthday 😃

  147. Please contect me sister selena

  148. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SELENA !!!!!! Hope u have the best ever birthday with your friends and family !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. Hi selena hope you had a great birthday, my brother jeremiahs birthday was on the 21st of july. Selena is now 23, CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!! Hope ypu reply.

  150. hey selena i just wanted to wish you a happy birthday

  151. Hi i am a huge fan , how did you meet taylor. And how are you are you doing well

  152. Selena gomez rules said:

    What is your phone number or fan mail please i want to know i am a huge fan !!!!!!!!!!! You are so awesome .

  153. Hi dear sister selena i am santosh kumar verma from india .my age 20 year. my femely is very poor i want business advice sister of you . dear sister i want to study but i have no money . i want to help of poor student but i have no money .i want help of poor people but i have no money . sister i have some very old luky indian coins and note which i want to do sell prize 41000$. dear sister selena i request you pleas buyy my lucky collection .sister if you sell my old collection after some days ago you can meet large money . sister i have little time pleas help me send me 41000$ and her personal home addres .dear sister plea contect me my gmail
    plea sister help me one indian boy plea please

  154. Dear sister my bank account
    name santosh kumar verma
    account 30512864207
    ifsc code 221002030
    micr code
    state bank of india

  155. Hey :)
    I heard you are ill..
    I am also ill but not the same like u..
    I’m heart ill and have an peacemaker..
    I like u and hope I can see u one time :)

    So all I want so say is:
    I wish u all the best! :)

    Have a nice day :)

  156. Selena gomez rules said:

    Hi selena im a huge fan what is your phone number and how are any thing new lately

  157. swati rani said:

    hiiii selena , i m a huge fan of yours , you r my idel. i wanted to talk to yo but not possible yet. i leave in india . and today i got a chance to send msg. please reply meeeeeee

  158. (•_•)
    <) )╯ When you're ready
    / \
    ( •_•)
    Come and get it
    / \
    ~( )~ NA NA NA NA
    / \

  159. Hi Selena I really want to meet you so please contact me back if you get the chance
    You are my idle you are the best

  160. Selena gomez rules said:

    I’m going to write to you. I can’t wait for you to answer my questions.😄💕✌🏽️👍🏽😎📬😊😺😊😄😃👌🏽 your amazing!!!!!!!!!

  161. Selena gomez number1 fan said:

    Please reply i would love to talk to you
    Im going to write to you

  162. Hi! My name is Kendall, I’m a huge fan and it would really make my day if you replied I don’t have a question, but it would be amazing if you answered☺️

  163. Hi Selena ,
    My sister admire you so dearly .. She’s having a debut party can you surprise her with a birthday msg or video as a surprise gift ?
    On behalf of my sister she loves you very much ☺️

  164. Selena gomez number1 fan said:

    Hi selena

  165. Selena Gomez and is really amazing and I love her music I love her acting she’s my hero she inspires me to do what I do now and I really want to thank her for that.

  166. I love you Selena Gomez I am your biggest fan and the chance of meeting you would be a dream come true for me.

    • Selena Gomez my birthday is March 9 I was wondering if next year you could come to 237 E. College St., Oberlin, OH and sing to me and is my birthday to my special one because I’m entering double digits next year

  167. Edward Rodriguez said:

    Dear Selena Gomez,

    I know that this might not seem right to you, or that you don’t believe this, but I have met your grandparents, Ricardo and Maria Gomez! I have even taken them to lunch at Saltgrass! This is hard to believe, but when I was a baby, being 13 now, you would hold me and take care of me and play with me. Your grandparents, my mom, and my grandparents told me. They don’t lie. When I was little, I would always have a crush on you never knowing that I had met you before. When I had finally found out, my crush turned into a unbreakable love for you, and your music. I want to be able to meet you, now that I’m old enough to remember things, and become friends, even though you are a grown adult and I am a teenager. I want to know if this is truly the REAL Selena Gomez, because i have worked to hard to try to even reach you. I will leave my email, and please respond if you do get this. I am not lying, but we are a little related.

    Yours Truly,
    Edward Rodriguez( Garcia)

  168. Edward Rodriguez said:

    P.S. I live in Fort Worth, TX.

  169. Anita kler said:

    Selena.. I am a huge fan of yours and.. I am waiting for your.. revival… Album.. Just love your performances.. Hope someday if I get to meet you… Please Come to India… Sometime.. We’ll love to see you performing here.. And all the best… And good luck for your future… Love you..

  170. Tristain James Gordon mccarthur said:

    Hey how are u can u email me back or text me at 15872220563 u are amazing selena gomez hope the best for u and all my love to u ! I live in spruce grove ab Canada
    Tristain mccarthur
    Ps big fan

  171. Hey selena… I jus love u n your songs… I know it’s obvious because one jus can’t be without loving you… Ur super cute… Super star… And one of my dreams is to sing with you and that too in sanskrit… Heeee.. Love u…
    Always… Archive… what you wanna in whole life…
    AnItA kLeR…

  172. Hey Selena, I sent you an e-mail and i would LOVE for you to answer it. Thank you <3 <3 <3

  173. hi selena… how r u?
    i just wanted to tell u that i am always with u..
    u can fool others but not me… i can see pain in ur eyes.. u still searching for real love…
    plz be my princess i promise u i will take away all ur pain from ur heart…
    when i listen ur songs i feel like u sung those songs for me.. there is a message in your every single song… i can come to u if u want.. i cant see u crying.. love ya.. its my personal id (

  174. I Love You Baby And guessed what?

  175. Selena!!!! 😍😘😻❤️💓💞💝💙💚💛💜💕

  176. Idk if you would get this or not but, I Am a United States Marine located at Camp Lejeune North Carolina. And it would be an honor if you could join me at the marine Corps ball December 11

  177. I was wondering will you FaceTime Me

  178. Hi selena I’m very happy first time to see u.I like mean I attracted to your every talk …every moment of your speak ….I want to meet you. …….

  179. I’m amateur singer but i want to be à professionnal like you. Please selena answer me. In addition you look so good and you have a perfect voice.
    Thank you.

  180. Dougie Back said:

    I wanted to meet you.

  181. hey,,,i just wan a ask u a did u overcome from ur personal problem .actually I m going through the same phase ,so just wan a need ur suggestions.

  182. Candy girl said:

    Hi selena.. I know you will never read it but im giving it a try
    I had to share something with you..because i trust you even though we dont know each other
    I am 17 years old and
    Since 7th grade i was bullied and became an outsider
    When i joined high school i was alone until now i dont have friends at all..
    I dont like how i look and the biggest problem is that im bisexual and nobody knows.. In fact i know for sure that my family will never accept me, they hate gay people so much.
    School starts tomorrow.. I cant believe that i actually made it to senior year i thought i’d die and never made it but i guess im around here for another year
    Another year when im going to sit all by myself and cry because i dont like my looks and cry because i wish my life was a little like yours but its just a daydream that im dreaming every single day, its just a fantasy
    2 weeks ago i took a lot of pills and swallowed them, i tried to commit suicide because i feel worthless nobody gives me that feeling that he cares about me or that i mean something to someone.. Selena i just dont know what to do anymore

  183. Greetings.

    My name is LCPL Chica and I’m a United States Marines. The reason why I’m sending you this email, is to ask for some help. I posted a video a few days ago asking Selena Gomez to go with me to this year Marine Corp birthday ball. I’m 21 years old and I am an 1833 (amphibious assault vehicles). I’m station in Camp Pendleton California in 3rd AABN, but I’m currently deploy with the 31st MEU.  If you are interested in helping me reach my message out to her or if you have any questions you can email me at

  184. hi Selena,its Katelyn. I love ur music so much especially year without rain..ur so beautiful and talented #i love u

  185. YoungMasterHoe said:

    You really have blossomed from that young innocent girl, never had such a crush on anyone until you appeared, one day I hope to meet you as you are beautiful and just down right amazing, coming from East Yorkshire UK I think you should come do a concert in HULL I’d pay thousands to see you!! Much love <3

  186. I’d love like to finish our phone conversation my phone numbers 443-676-4040

  187. Will you be my girlfriend ?

  188. Hi Selena.
    I am from Minnesota and you are my dance role model. your role in another cinderella story was amazing you are such an amazing dancer and i just wanted you to know you are admired by me.

  189. Selena Gomez 😍 can you please come to OKLAHOMA CITY for you 2015 tour please I really want to see you , your babe

  190. Myself and my record label would like to possibly consider adding ms. Gomez to one of our album release tracks.. Plz contact if this could at least be a potential possibility.
    Thx for ur time,
    Jeff Rouse
    Ghostmode Entertainment, Inc.

  191. Hi selena how are you
    You were my first ever role model
    Seriously i am not kiding.
    Hope you see my blog/ website

  192. Hi Selena i’am a hudge fan. I think your an amazing person. I’am very happy to see Your new album revival. I love the cover. I know that some people hate the cover and say Bad things. But i love the cover and Your very pretty. Keep doing wath your doing. Sei una persona molto brava. Ti voglio bene. Continue your beautiful work ! Listen to Your heart.

  193. Selena, what a joy it is knowing that you try care about your fans. I admire that. I am here simply trying to reach you just as they are. I do admire your work as well as your philanthropy. If you ever have down time from your tours and everything, I’d love to meet up with you. I’ve always wanted to meet you and just hangout as a normal person. I think it would be pretty cool. If you’re ever in Atlanta and have free time let me know.


  194. Hi selena, i know you get thousands of emails and comments daily, so i just want you to know you are beautiful and strong, the mesage you send out to women is powerful and i admire you for it. I have a 1year old daughter that loves dancing to your music. Thank you for what you do, puts a big smile on our face.

  195. Derek James Zary / Derek Zary said:

    Well, when I’m dead, I told what I needed, to save everyone,
    You as my Bride, but I suppose I’m not good enough? 😢😢😢
    I have just a few days left till I’m homeless, so I’ll just lay down and die, and I’m taking All that I gave with me.
    Thus, it’s the end of the world 🌍 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢

    Bye 👋 lovely

    . P. S.


  196. Hi Selena i’am a hudge fan. I think your an amazing person. I’am very happy to see Your new album revival. I love the cover. I know that some people hate the cover and say Bad things. But i love the cover and Your very pretty. Keep doing wath your doing. Sei una persona molto brava. Ti voglio bene. Continue your beautiful work ! Listen to Your heart.

  197. Ever coming to Little Rock?

  198. hai selena , i am ranjith from india . i am your big fan. i listen your songs when i feel lonely and sad. then it will cure my feelings. i want to meet youuu … but i dont know whether i meet you or not . anyway ,my best wishes for your upcoming albums . i am supporting you forever :)

  199. Hi Selena I love you! You are my inspiration, my everything. I love everything about you, from who you truly are to your amazing talent! I think your flawless! You always make me smile! I’ve seen you in concert before and I REALLY want to see you again! Actually I don’t only want to see you again I NEED to see you again! The day I saw you was the best day of my life! If you reply I swear I would be soon happy! I just wanted to say that you are amazing and that I love you so much and i always will!

  200. Hey Selena! I am a huge fan of yours. I have been a fan since you started your first album.I admire you and you have inspired me so much.Your one of my biggest role models and when I was younger and insecure about myself you helped me be confident about myself.

  201. Hey im KEENAN im a huge fan of yours abd I would really like to meet you one day. luv you.(my no. 0790519403)

  202. luckylonewolf said:

    I was wondering selena if u would go on a date or think of going on a date with a guy that u never met or knew.. a guy that was rich and not yet poor would u give the type of guy like that the time to take u on a date and show u a good time around his town..

  203. Hi selena I hope you see this I really do I wish you will do a concert in tunisia you have a lot of selenators over here I love you sooo much I am half English half tunisie my mother is English and father is Tunisian my father won’t let me leave the contry I have wanted to see you live and meet you but I miss every tour I would pay anything to see you and if I could come to the uk I would but sadly I can’t I hope you see this and I just want you to know keep doing what you do you are my inspiration I love you a lot xxxxx
    Aiyeesha <3

  204. Hi Selena!
    i’m a huge fan of you and i Always wanna to meet you but i live in Belgium so that’s far away. If you are in Belgium, you can Always let me now! Soon it is my birthday and if you want to send me an email or something, it would be amazing. Love you! M

  205. luckylonewolf said:

    I was wondering selena if u would go on a date or think of going on a date with a guy that u never met or knew.. a guy that was rich and not yet poor would u give the type of guy like that the time to take u on a date and show u a good time around his town..please contact with ur answer

  206. Hi there

    I’m Sajjad contacting you from Iran.

    I sent a lot of emails for you because I wanted to send a letter for Dear Selena and for that need a phone number.of course you didn’t answer so by searching a lot I found another address to contact with her.

    I sent my letter for Dear Selena by DHL express to That address I’ve found:
    William Morris endeavor ………………… ……..
    I sent complete information by email ( 10/5/2015) for you . you can check it.

    I hope my letter useful for Selena and wish Good Luck. I hope meet you.

    wish love,

  207. Hi, Selena gomez, I just want to be your friend and want only 1 reply on my email id to ensure our friendship. please if you can. I will be waiting for you and i trust you that only you can take me their.
    wish if we can meet only once. Waiting for reply.
    your friend
    Shubham Jain

  208. Omg Selena I love you! You are so awesome I don’t know what to say about u are are pretty,a great singer and ur sweet and I really what u to call me

  209. Kemil casey said:

    Hello , please contact me in anyway or have your publasict contact me or management team? Or anyone . I am a singer I I am vary serious about singing and my music career :) check me out on YouTube! Kemil casey! I would love to sing or make or be on an album of yours! Thx :)

  210. Patrick Huynh said:

    Hi there.

    Okay. I just read the news that you went through lupus treatment. My full support that you’re well. I also admit that i have following you since you break up with Justin. Good for you,

    Now, I have to admit since i have falling in love with you. I see you struggle, your challenge, your silence, and of course success, but I can only relate to you. My problem, not yours, is that after follow you stories, like million ọter fan, i’m falling in love with you. So if you ever recieve this message than i’m truely happy. Love unofficial admirer.

  211. Kim Diamond said:

    I don’t know if this is going to work, but here goes. Selena, I watch Wizards of Waverly Place every chance I get, and get this, I will be turning 50 on October 14th. I did this thing on Facebook that would give me the person, (actress, movie star) that I looked the most like, and if gave me you! I was so happy. I love your songs, especially slow down and come and get it. You are a phenomenon that I am so happy to know you exist is this f*cked up world. You are tremendous. You give me so mush hope, and I shudder to think that you are ever sad. Big hugs mi amigo. So much love I send out to you. If I ever wanted a daughter, it would be you. My sons would do well to meet someone like you. You are so totally amazing, and I love you soooo much. Never give up, and may your angels always keep special watch over you. I am one of your biggest fans. Love always, Kimmy Diamond. Ypu can find me on Facebook at Diamond Kim. <3 <3 <3 :(

  212. Selena are you single? I know stupid question and but I’m giving it a try. I’m 18 ready to turn 19 and you are my celebrity crush and I would if i could have the honor to take you out on a date.

  213. Richard Moorehead said:

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    Zabhyanga less than 4oz
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    Boswellia 2 or 3 small pieces.
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    Eplibolium for the stuff exposed to in Louisiana. Less than ¼ oz.
    Chervile for your mom also there is black tea from south america which shall help also with her headaches. Helps with monkey disease. Unknown
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    Some people wear poisionus as perfume. Crazy scary agreed. They just poisioned Utah college with oleander. If she takes some herbs for lypoma itwill help. I believe she is a healer and just needs a nudge in the propper direction properly speaking of healing truth.

  214. sekobabies said:

    Hey Selena, this is actually really weird for me but I thought it is worth a try, I am a military mom married to a military husband and we have 4 wonderful children who enjoy watching your shows. Anyway we have been in the service for 15 years now and since we don’t make enough we have decided to do a little side business. If at all possible, email me and I will send you my business website so you can check it and help support our family business. Sometimes children wish for things that you can’t give them and then you take desperate measures to make it possible.

  215. Jaz Dhaliwal said:

    Dear Selena

    Hope your well cliche as that sounds. Lupus is a painful journey at all levels being a medical doctor and getting diagnosed with this disease I truly appreciate your agony.

    I’m current a post graduate at Cambridge University and in the process of setting up a private clinics which optimise well being.

    I think to have you as our patron would be instrumental in getting the message out to the public.

    If this is of interest please let me know or happy to discuss and I can arrange my investor relations partner to arrange.

    It dose get better in time.

    Do take care



  216. Dear Selena,I found out that you had lupus,I had lupus too till now. And I am amazed of how good you still look and how strong you are in facing this. I really should learn a lot from you. May I know how to still stay positive when all around you speaks down of you and stressed you out?Thank you so much. And I hope you will always stay strong . Love your new song Revival. Keep up the good work.

  217. Hi Selena i’am a hudge fan. I think your an amazing person. I’am very happy to see Your new album revival. I love the cover. I know that some people hate the cover and say Bad things. But i love the cover and Your very pretty. Keep doing wath your doing. Sei una persona molto brava. Ti voglio bene. Continue your beautiful work ! Listen to Your heart.

    Your m’y favorite singer and i love your songs. I also like your look. You know fashion.

    From your fan Angelina. Xoxo

  218. Hi selena,
    My name is Daniel and I’m from Australia, next time you are over here in Australia I would love to take you out for a drink :)

  219. Ruchini peiris said:

    I really love you so much you are the best singer ever and my only dream was to talk with you so now it is becoming true anyway I love you so much you are my favorite singer in the world

  220. Daniela Deleon said:

    Hi Selena I really want to meet you in person I want to be a famous actor/singer just like you and you inspire me to do stuff so I hope you can make my wish come true love you

    PS love your new album Revival

  221. Evan parker said:

    Hi I’m wondering if there is any way my girlfriend could meet you, she is in love with you and your music and would do anything to meet you. She would be so happy?

  222. Hello! I hear you’ve been diagnosed with Lupus. I was wondering if you would be willing to share this blog on your social media sites, to let kids and teens with chronic painful illnesses know they’re not alone. Thank you!

  223. Gabby Sams said:

    Hi, you are coming to the Tulsa BOK and when my girlfriend found out she actually started crying. now i understand ya you habe a lot of fans but Hope is seriously one of your biggest she even converted me i dont have the money rifht now to gst meet and greets but we are getting general admission. if there is anything you ca do please I am begging you. i tried to get her to let me buy her a meet and greet ticket but she wont go without me. this means everything to her. she seriously lives and breathes yiu and always mentions you on Twitter. please. just one chance for her to meet you would make her so happy.

  224. Hi Selena I am the biggest fan of you i really ❤️ You Selena Gomez please help me I really tried you to call when I was 6 years old but still I couldn’t I have your number but when I try it get declined and tells forwarding of conditional would you help me please I promise you one day in my life I would call you anyway now can you help me l ❤️ Selena

    • Selena my mother use to speak me called Ruchini Peiris but my real name is Sanjana I have left a reply so please help me I want to talk to you so please help me ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Love you so much Selena Gomez

  225. Joshua Zilberman said:

    I know I probably don’t mean anything to you but I just lost everything in my life and I’d really like to meet you I just lost the love of my life and my two kids but I’d like to at least meet you and talk I know I’m a nobody but I’d like to know what it would be like to be a somebody

  226. his “Same Old Love” remix has been blowing up in my city, and everybody has been saying we need to get Selena Gomez to hear it because it sounds like a radio hit, and there is a rap feature that is clearly something Selena Gomez fans and rap fans will enjoy.

    Here is the … the rap feature comes in around 2:30.

  227. his “Same Old Love” remix has been blowing up in my city, and everybody has been saying we need to get Selena Gomez to hear it because it sounds like a radio hit, and there is a rap feature that is clearly something Selena Gomez fans and rap fans will enjoy.

    Here is the link: … the rap feature comes in around 2:30.

  228. constance said:

    Hi selena I’m a huge fan your so fantastic I’ve got some important message for you really urgent please email me so I can tell it to you love you so much

  229. Akash gupta said:

    Selena I am your big fan and u are my dream girl.i am from India bangalore city
    I love all your song.I am in college 1 semester Bcom my dream is to sing a song with u and I write songs for u just because I want to meet u one time in my life it’s my dream.

  230. Victoria Ann moore said:

    Would you like be my friend?

  231. My dream is to meet u Selena . I live in India so thats impossible . I like u so much. We fans like u bcz you are very talented woman, excellent in singing , excellent in acting and of your open-hearted nature. so never change from good to bad and be the future face of hollywood …. I hope you like my advice ..if yes , plz relpy….. I would be very happy ..

  232. hi im a big fan of you ur like a big sister to me because you inspire me so much im truly your biggest fan I love you inside and out im glad you have always been the person you are thank you so much for being you without you I wouldent be were I am today all the best wishes from Hailey PS that’s my real name Sabrina is only my farm town name

  233. please respond BTW because I completely understand how busy you are but I poured my heart out and told you everything I think of you so please respond I love you !

  234. Do any of you have Twitter? Selena is dealing with a death right now. She’s really hurting. She could use some support. Thanks!

  235. hey any one else really wish Selena would respond I mean think about It were wasting our time emailing her when she never even responds don’t you guys wish she would ? I cant count how many times I messaged a fake selena and I thought the real selena would acually respond

  236. hey selena please reply

  237. BTW ur awsome

  238. Hi, Selena. Like many others I write you this message to show my appreciation and support of your hard work and efforts to give us-your fans a part of your soul. I truly love you for your character and personality. I obviously don’t know you personally, but I believe that you are the person, that hundreds of millions of people around the world love. I realize that you probably won’t even see or answer my message, but I just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU for being yourself-a truly great person and role model for teenagers around the world!!
    Love you! <3 Stilyan from Bulgaria.

  239. shes not going to respond to us shes to busy so im not even going to bother waisting my time emailing someone who doesent even care why should anyone else

  240. hey just curious anyone one here want to chat about how much we love Selena Gomez whats somebody’s favorite song of hers if no ones interested that’s fine Ill just keep messaging Selena

  241. Hi selena, I just wanted to say that your Selenators love you more than you can imagine! We are inspired to go on with life because of you. You’re such and amazing, loving, caring, and talented woman!! Don’t let ANYONE tell you different, love! You’re like my older sister (even though I don’t know you) I feel like I’ve grown up with you.. I watched you on Barney, WOWP, PPP, and I’ve seen you evolve and grow up into this amazing woman!! I know you’ve been through a lot to get to where you are now and I wanna say I’m proud of you! Keep doing what you’re doing.. Love you lots beautiful!! – Kimberly

  242. I love your show selena

  243. Hi Selena,
    I can’t say that I’ve always been a fan, but recently I’ve been bingeing on your songs and watching your videos intently. I’ve noticed something… In the past while, have you found yourself in a new kind of relationship? I’m just dying to find out if you have a Dom in your life.
    I’ve seen the change in the look in your eyes and it’s unmistakable. Not to mention a change in lyrics.
    Hope you can respond, thank you.
    Keep being amazing :)

  244. Georgia Angelica said:

    Hello Selena!! This is Georgia, and I am 12 years old. I am one of your biggest fan Selena. Ive been watching since I was small and since u were in the Barney cast. I know you won’t read this but if you do I want you to read this message till finished. I am actually really sad to hear that you are sick. But then, never let your sickness bring you down because I know you will be healed by the blood of Jesus. You are very special in HIS eyes. God has given you lots of potential and lots of talents. Be who GOD wants you to be and inspire many people from your incoming healing because nothing is imposible through Christ who strengtens you. I pray that you will be healed. I believe it. I know God chooses you for a purpose and especially He who fearfully and wonderfully made you. Selena I pray that May God bless you and protect you everywhere you go😊😊 I love you Selena… I also want to say something else… can I call u sister? ok👌 yay…. GBU sister… Selena remember I pray for you everyday👍🏻👍🏻🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 I promise, I won’t lie.. that’s all Im gonna say to you .. Just be close to your father in heaven and pray and you will be healed😊😊love you 💋💋stay strong my big sister😀😀

  245. Hi Georgia, I am Jess, I will be sure that Selena sees this and responds to you!

  246. Georgia this is Jess again, Selena said this: Aw tell her I appreciate that message very much and that i appreciate everything she said. Also tell her she’s amazing and that I love her!

  247. Hi just won’t you to know your not alone u are doing grate creep it up very proud of you sel

  248. Creep it up was for holloween lol

  249. Dear Selena.

    I don’t have a big hope that you reply. It’s just a try ;-)
    You’re a busy lady I guess.

    So to my concern.
    In your song “Cologne” you’re singing “….but your Cologne”
    I really searched alot of sites on the internet but I wasn’t able to find any answer.
    What do you mean with that sentence? What’s the background of these lyrics?

    Sincerly from Cologne (Germany)

  250. kimberley deveau said:

    Hi selena im a huge fan of yours. You probably get that alot. I always wanted to meet you and get your autograph but I cant seem to catch a break. You r the most sweetest kind beautiful soul person. I love listening to your music. It inspired me alot to think I can do anything. If I got lucky enough to actually meet you and get your autograph I would be the happiest girl on earth. I was hoping to get a vip pass to meet you in boston ma for the jingle ball concert but I cant make it. I kjow this is a shot in the dark but if I send you a letter in your fan mail with my phone number would you ever respond? Beleive me sweety I know u get lots of mail like everyday from fans. So I know it would take a while for you to respond. But I hope I do get to hear from you soon. Love your biggest fan Kimberley

  251. Can you send my daughter a gift for her sweet 16 birthday bash. I would ask you to come but I know I don’t have the money to pay to get you her.

  252. I don’t know if I’m on the right page ?
    But I wanted to say is , your the most amazing beautiful women I’ve ever seen .
    I hope or sooner or idk I can be able to reach u or see u around in Minnesota .

  253. babu badhal said:

    I love you so much Selena. . . . . .i love voice . .. . all songs . .. . . .

  254. babu badhal said:

    I love you so much Selena. . . . . .i love voice . .. . all songs . .. . . . please contact me I’m from India your big fan my contact (+918824643577;babu bad half

  255. babu badhal said:

    I love you so much Selena.

  256. Hi Selena my is Nick and I’m a huge fan. Recently though my cousins father passed away she is 9yrs old. She absolutely adores you. If there is any way you could contact he on Instagram or me. My Instagram is iamnotnickarmstrong please contact me through dm if you read this. She would love for you to tag her in a photo or something. 😀❤️

  257. Hi Selena it’s me again please look at my ig if you have the chance because this little girl really loves you and she would pass out if I showed her that you said hi. Please look at my ig. This little girls father passed away from suicide and she is going through really tough times. Please

  258. Hey Selena,

    If your ever down under lets get a coffee! Haha


  259. Scott dillard said:

    My ten year old daughter loves your show wizards of waverly place and your music. She looks up to you. I’m also glad you have stayed true to your self and keep things appropriate with everything g you have done. If ever you come to Boise Idaho for a concert I know my daughter Dakota would love to meet you.

  260. Hi Selena my name is Rosa and I wanted to talk yo you personally. I saw that you are going through an illness named Lupus and I wanted to let you know of my experience of having Lupus as well. This isn’t somthing I would joke around with and I just wanted to let you know that I know what you’re going through because I’ve been dealing with this illness for 14 years now. I wish to meet you one day to talk about Lupus with you and maybe understand it a little better. I’ve been through soo much with this illness that I know I’ve become a stronger person and I know you’ll become one as well.Much love to you Selena God Bless You always.

  261. Hello, we are here from centennial public school. We are doing a project on why girls limit themselves. And we would like to have contact with you so we can get some professional advice.

    Jessica and shalyn

  262. Omg love you so such your just totally Amazing person your so Beautiful and have Lovely eyes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  263. Selena your gorgeous, I know you got guys for days trying to get with you, they want the money and fame from it but I don’t I love your personality even if you wernt a singer I’d still love you:)

  264. armin khaksari said:

    would you please email me ?
    I wanna tell you something

  265. How can I date u


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  267. i had a realy very very bad seizure in 2012 i was shakeing and i had to get rushed to the hospital i had to stay there for 20 days

  268. luv u selena

  269. Dear Selena Gomez. i really love the way you sing your songs

    i know this message may NEVER reach you
    but as a fan .. i would love to help you.

    i have written a song (lyrics)
    and i wanna share it with you.

    would you accept it ? would you sing it ..please reply and i’ll post the song :) ..hope you reply :(

  270. Selena my daughter turning 6 next week yor coming to london ontario can u help me meet u and get tickets for her…she absolutely loves u

  271. Donald Robinson said:

    Selena when r u coming to Glasgow and would u like to go for something to eat with me 😊

  272. Hi Selena my name is Donald and i think ur amazing x

  273. Hi Selena.

    I hope you are ok. You are an Angel from another world and It breaks my heart reading all this bs about smoking and weight gaining. Don’t pay atention to all that. I hope you are healthy and satisfied with how things are going. Don’t let the media and people around You take advantage and let you self say no when you feel like you need your space to just lay around and just process your thougts.

    Feels strange writing this to You. Never done This before as i never used so much time on having idols or things like that, but i see good in you.

  274. Iyana Grier said:

    Hi, I was just wondering can you you come to Georgia or if you don’t won’t too, it is fine. I just wanted to ask you can we both celebrate our birthday next year since we have the same birthday. Please repsond if you have time and im such a Huge Fan.😊😊😊
    You are kind, sweet, and the best Singer, I really want to meet you, since you been on Disney Channel.✌✌

  275. Gaberika Moya said:

    You would totally Look beautifull with light Blue jeans and primary colored shirt 😎 and sunglasses you pretty

    ~Gaberika Moya~ believe~n~trust~

  276. Where did you get your contacts? I love you so much btw! You’re so gorgeous too.💜

  277. Are you and Harry Styles still friends?

  278. jasmine field said:

    Hi my name is jasmine and my cousin is a huge fan he is six years old and I was wondering if for his birthday if u could surprise him and if u could I would need a way to contact u lol


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  280. Hey seen on social media you were kinda looking around for a new bf and are single? I’m not gunna lie I don’t follow you on everything possible but I do think your extremely beautiful and for what it’s worth figured I’d give it a shot lol. .Im from long island ny and I’m 29..i dont have twitter or snap chat just fb and instagram.. I’ll dm u a pic of me and title it my email address.. .I no this blog thing probably doesn’t even go right to you but what do I have to loose.

  281. Eleora graceffa said:

    Hey Selena
    Your a really big inspiration and I have always watched you on wizards of waverly place as soon as it was aired! I loved and still love to watch it! I pray your life keeps getting better and your still guided by God! 😚😄😊😉

  282. Selena I’m so glad u broke up with JB. I really want to meet you. I Had cancer but now I’m fine. Please can we meet.?

  283. Selena I’m so glad u broke up with JB. I really want to meet you. I Had cancer but now I’m fine. Please can we meet.?

  284. Hi Selena my name is Nicole and I am a huge fan. I have been a fan ever since day 1. I’m still kind of young but your a huge inspiration. After you latest album Revial came out, I instantly wanted to be like you. The reason I’m writing this to you is because I want to sing. But I need a starting point and of course a song first. I was wondering if you could help me write a song? I totally understand if you can’t. I know it’s a lot im asking. But if you can that would be great! 😊
    Thanks you so much for your time in reading this!! Love you 😘😘

  285. Hi Selena how u x

  286. Isabella vogel said:

    I love your kindness and your voice you the worlds best women in the world not to say this in a bad way can I have your number I also really really want to are the best singer in the world.

  287. Oh my god. I’ve been trying so hard to find out how to talk to you and this may be it! So Lena, you’re such an inspiration to me and I admire your music. I’m probably one of your biggest fans because no one can take the title of: “#1 Selena Gomez fan” because there are so many #1’s… Just know that I’m one of them. I have all of your albums on my computer. But due to space, only Revival on my phone. Now, I’m a guy, so I can’t exatcly have a Selena Gomez room. Well, I asked my parents and my mom said no… Lol but you are my role model (when it comes to music). I mean really, I use Pantene just because you do 😂 it’s great though! You have such a stunning personality and you’re very special. Please tour to South Africa… So many fans here! Keep writing and singing, you’re really good at it. I love you

    Love, Cameron

  288. Please give me your phone number or your real facebook account

  289. Dear Selena,
    I don’t know if you are the real deal on here or not, but if you are then I think it’s very important that you read this and get this. I’ll probably get a lot of hate and/or crap for posting this, but I don’t care because you NEED to read this. It’s important.

    I don’t know what your goal is with your “sexy” music video with you naked in a shower, trying to look all hot and irresistible, and whatnot. If your goal is to create lust problems for men, congratulations, you’ve succeeded. If your goal is to have those lust problems lead to relationship issues, congratulations, you’ve succeeded. I’m not trying to be rude or anything. I just think you need to rethink how you do your music videos and such. I’m not going to lie, I don’t really listen to your music, so I don’t know everything you sing about, but I have seen a music video or two. I like your music. You have a beautiful voice, but your music videos aren’t as impressive. I just wanted you to let you know that because with the music video that I watched could cause serious problems between a couple.

    I hope you read this and care/think about what I have said.

    Forgive me if I’ve offended you in any way.


  290. alya mujib said:

    Hi selina. Im alya. I just wanted to say that u are a huge inspiration to me and definitely my role model. I know everything there is to know about you and watched every movie you have ever stared in. I hope one day to grow up to be exactly like you. Even though that’s impossible since you are an amazing and a very special unique person. I have always wanted to meet you but I live in south Africa soo that’s impossible saddley. I just wanted to say I completely admire you and the person you are .

    Love you lots

  291. alya mujib said:

    Hi selina. Im alya. I just wanted to say that u are a huge inspiration to me and definitely my role model. I know everything there is to know about you and watched every movie you have ever stared in. I hope one day to grow up to be exactly like you. Even though that’s impossible since you are an amazing and a very special unique person. I have always wanted to meet you but I live in south Africa soo that’s impossible saddley. I just wanted to say I completely admire you and the person you are .

    Love you lots
    P.S I would realy love to have your real number and trust me I will treasure it

  292. Hey beautiful! My name is will aka williano! I am a hip-hop/R&B artist. My group DFR just opened up for the migoes here in Columbia South Carolina. Im working on a new song that I think you would perfectly fit you! How much would it be for a feature? Please contact me! Im a silly, fun, outgoing tall light skin Guy and you will have a blast with me lol hope to hear from you! :)

  293. Dear Selena,

    I am Sandra from Skopje,Macedonia and i am 15 years old..I am body shamed cause i am short i am 5ft 0inches and everyone says to me that i am really short..I do not feel comfortable in my body cause i am short.I am dreaming about becoming a model but it is impossible and that makes me really sad.You are my inspiration and that is why i am texting you.Also you are living my dream,cause you are one of Taylor Swift’s best friends ( you are in her ,, squad” ) and i am dreaming about it..My aim in my life is to get a scholarship to someone of the Universities in America so i can study there..i am trying my best at school to get a scholarship..When i will study in America i guess i will find a job so i can have some money and part of the money i will save to live in Beverly Hills so that i can meet someone celeb i guess..i like to be friend with a celebrity and now i wish it could be you..cause i like you and you are my inspiration…you are fighting for the ,,body shamers” and that really helps me!Now i see the Fashion world like there is no place for short girls.. even they can be sexy and beautiful on their way.Please sent me back it will really mean to me and i will fell special if you have and advice for me or just we become friends and together will fight against those who say bad things about everyone who is not perfect who has fat and is short or ugly..

    We all deserve special place somewhere,

    With love,

  294. Hi Selena I’m a big fan and I would rely like to get to know u better can u plzz message me back

  295. Zaid M Ismail said:

    Hello I don’t want to waste or spend nor take any time from you within the life you live. But as far as a connection to get what I know I need to get to feel a new me as far as not becoming diffrent or changing or becoming something other than who I am because I got everything I need in my life but am in rout as always towards a alternate rout towards the life/test that I am here for to live and beat/overcome and meet and or exceed the needs of the level of expertise/talent and to show as far as my self and God goes that is I could care less what people think of me… But so with all the above being said. Would you like to accept my approach and give me the chance “connection” to not let me get known or seen or heard or paid but just get understood as far as media goes….headphones are on my ears when I wake up and never have I ever slept n woke up knowing the song that is going to be playing in my ear and as far as today Friday 12-11-2015 it happens to be you….you have been the “chosen” one for me to present my outstanding approach to do nothing but take me where I wanna get to go as far as like yea I can do it…but you need some type of umm yea he’s good now we have to find him a producer and to be honest…I am me…I know electronics n have had if not all and owned but got used to most music instruments at this point I feel like wasting someone’s time to produce my talent wouldent only be a step back n a low self esteem type of flow which I am I where near…as far as type genre of music goes, there really isn’t a genre in my mind or train of thought as far as music goes…this shit is hot dude is the feedback I get out of every and please have no doubt in me or what I say because that has nothing but negative energy towards not me but to your self weather of karma or I shoulda believed him type energy which I personally don’t like to experience because that makes me look like a un intelligent person to the man up above us.

  296. my teeth are yellow realy yellow i cant fix them i love you i had a very very bad seizure in 2012 it got so bad that i had to get rushed to to the hospital i stayed for 20 days your sweet

  297. How much older of a guy would you date? With all due respect.

  298. Selena,
    There is a young girl fighting cancer in my home town. Her father rights a blog everyday on how she is feeling. You are her favorite singer/actress. You have a show coming up Wednesday in Illinois that she has tickets to, but due to not feeling well and her low blood counts she is unable to attend because in a big arena there is a greater chance for infection. I don’t know if there’s anything you can do for her since she is unable to attend. I know whatever you are able to do she will greatly appreciate it! Thanks k you so much for your time.

  299. Kadijah Morrison said:

    Hi, Selena, if this is really you. I hope so because I want you to know that there is an ad in the Metro paper using your song lyrics. The ad promotes plastic surgery and on the very top of the ad it says…I just wanna look good for you, good for you, uh-huh. Just wanted you and your lawyers to know.

  300. Im a big fan of yours. Im also a Christian and a gospel song writer. I recently saw a picture of you with Td jakes. He I an awesome pastor. I want see if you would want to sing one of my songs with me as a duet. Please e-mail me @, if you are interested

  301. Shane Nichols said:

    Hey Selena I am doing a Lupus Awareness ride and event in May (most likely the 7th) of 2016 and I was really hoping you would put some thought into making an appearance at this event. I myself have lupus and was diagnosed at the age 13, I’m 20 now and have had stage 4 kidney failure and struggle with the everyday symptoms of lupus. I don’t have money to pay for you to show up but I was just hoping you’d make an appearance since you to suffer from this disease as well and I would like to help make more awareness it saddens me how many people have no idea what lupus is but so many people suffer from it. All money raised will go towards lupus and it will be held in TN, thanks again hope to hear back from you!

  302. Hi Selena, How are you?
    I heard you were looking for older men.
    I would like to meet and take you out?
    I think you are very beautiful and I will treat you right.
    I hope you have a merry Christmas and Happy new year.

  303. Crystal Kincaid said:

    Hello Selena,
    I am a mother of 5 beautiful children. Two boys ages 12 and 8, and three girls ages 7, 5, and 3. They are my world and I love them so much. This is about my 7 year old daughter. At age 3 she came up to me and told me when she “is old like me she wants to marry a girl”. That was the first time she came out. She is now 7 and still says she is gay. My husband, myself and all of my children completely love and accept that and are VERY proud of her for being true to herself and we will always support her. For 3 years now she has called you her “girlfriend”. She adores you. Every wall surround her bed has pictures of you. 2 years ago you were in Louisville Kentucky and I took her to see you. Before you got on stage when you were setting up to play she stood up in the chair and yelled “bring my pretty girlfriend out!” It was adorable!! Unfortunately there are some mean kids in her school that pick on her for being open about being gay. She knows that her family has her back and she is not to be shamed for being true to herself. She always says “as long as my family and Selena Gomez loves me for who I am I am okay!” She really badly wants to meet you. And I know this is a long shot, but it would mean so much to her if she could meet you, get a letter from you or something. She is such a beautiful girl and deserves to know that people other than her family love her exactly the way she is. I hope that you get a chance to read this. You mean so much to my daughter. Her name is Phoenix by the way. And she is amazing!
    Thank you so much,
    Proud mommy
    Crystal Kincaid

  304. Fo you have the desease Lupus. If so can. Talk at our event next September 2016.

  305. Hi Selena,
    I wish you good Christmas and New Year to you and your whole family, I sent you a message on “atrailofhope” I hope you will want to read it when you have time because it is very important for me, thank you in advance.
    Love, Oli

  306. wynta pipkin said:

    hi selena….im not gonna say im you biggest fan cos im.sure thers another who is . but i was just looking for someone to talk to….i know you likely to busy :( being famous and amazing and all…..if you could reply would mean so much to me…thanks selena

  307. Savana frazier said:

    I am a big fan and my biggest wish is to meet u or get a phone call from u ……..can u call me plz at 7273784544

  308. Why did u write revival?And what does it mean to u?

  309. i wanna have sex with you your sexy

  310. Hey Selena!
    How are you?
    Just wanted to let you know that you are an amazing person and you should keep on being awesome. You’re so beautiful, an incredible singer, and great actress as well. Love you, keep being yourself.

  311. Josiah Garcia said:

    Hey Selena,

    Just wanted to say I think your Awesome and Amazing and I just love Your personality your really down to earth and I just wanted to let you know that, and also I love all your songs and all your movies.

    Josiah Garcia ;)

  312. Josiah Garcia said:

    Also do you speak spanish? Just wanted to know.

    Josiah Garcia

  313. Josiah Garcia said:

    Again your super Awesome.

    :) ;)

    Josiah Garcia

  314. Hi Selena. Your the best famous person ever. I love you. I really want to meet you. I’ve never wanted to meet anyone this much in my life. Please reply. Thx love you. Stay awesome😀

  315. Email me at please. Love you. hope you decide to. I’d love to talk via email. Please do so

  316. Jessica Perez said:

    Hi Selena my name is Jessica and one of my dreams is to meet you and get your autograph but I don’t get to because I have a disability and bills are high and I always get down on my self for having a disability and get very sad but sometimes when I listen to your music It helps me and it makes me feel better I really hope that one day I’ll get your autograph or meet you in person

  317. Haydon cardinal said:

    Hey selena I’m a huge fan and you are very beautiful I would really like to take you on a date some day I’m from Canada also so I’m not sure if you would be able to have time to make your way to go on one date would be awesome anyway would be awesome to get an email back from you

    • Haydon cardinal said:

      And my name is haydon I’m the one who commented that said I wanted to take you on a date were almost the same age I’m 21

  318. Well its hard to contact someone when, my phone went in the river. (Seriously I was fishing and I got a bite, end of story)

  319. Selena you are absolutely gorgeous. You are perfect. I’m going to meet you one day and hopefully we could talk. Just a hug from you would be perfect. I’m trying to get tickets to see you in D.C.

  320. Grace Blume said:

    Dear selena,
    My name is grace blume and I am 10 years old and I truly am your biggest fan. I love you sooooooo much and if I could meet you and hangout with you it would make me the happiest girl in the world.


  321. Hey Selena I was wondering if you could come and sing who says to one of my friends because she is thinking of commiting sucide because of a boy if you can please call 541-778-4202 for more information

  322. Hello I am Bahar , a 19 years old girl who believe that even the smallest act of kindness can make a lasting change. I’m messaging you hoping that you read this. I am going to South Africa this summer trying to do my part to help improve some peoples lives. Though this is only possible for me if I can fundraise. Please take a look at my link and if you can donate or share. Anything will help :) thanks. And I should say I love you because you have an awsome personality, and you are gorgeous.

  323. Can I have one of your dresses for my prom! It would be my dream! My dream is for your stylist to do my make up and wear one of your dresses! Your so perfect I love you so much!!

  324. Allen Allison said:

    I’m contacting you today to see if you were interested in being a business investor I would really like to start my own welding company but don’t have the capital at this time I work 50+ hours a week and barely make ends meet so this is why I am contacting you to see if you are interested in being and investor please let me know yes or no my contact info is either via Facebook or my phone number is 775-750-8728 if you contact me we can talk about the terms and conditions of the investors return thanks for your time I hope you have a great day

  325. Hey Selena,
    My name is Jess I love your music and I love u as a person. I had a question for you! Well my boyfriend is also a really big fan of yours and I was wondering if you would personally wish him a happy birthday with a video message. His birthday is on Valentine’s Day. It would make his birthday a really special one.

  326. Dawood(david) said:

    Hi,selena i am very big fan of u…i dont have words to say u because i am weak in english ….but u r the beautiful girl in the world i like u…..

  327. Josiah Garcia said:


    Just wondering if you got my messages if so please let me know.

    Josiah Garcia :) :) :)

  328. Hello Selena,

    I recently heard that you shared that you are dealing with Lupus. I think it’s great that you shared your story since your followers and fans can send you love and support. It must be tough to deal with, and my intention in this message is to leave you with knowledge that may help you, if you are open to it. I feel I would be doing a disservice if I kept quiet.

    What I’m about to tell you is unconventional and can be regarded by many as “new age.” Eastern medicine (Chinese medicine and traditional kundalini yoga) can support this.

    I figure you are a very emotional and sensitive person. You feel things quite deeply in your heart and it has been in quite a lot of pain. Why I bring this up is because my intuition tells me your energy center on top of your heart area (heart chakra) is off balance…affecting your thymus gland (underneath the chakra) which greatly affects your immune system. I’ve seen patterns of other sensitive emotional people have similar autoimmune issues…including myself, however I’ve been doing a lot of recovery work through different healing modalities to rebalance my energy centers and immune system and for me it was quite helpful. I am almost all better now.

    If you’ve never heard of this kind of information before, I can understand it can sound much. However, what do you have to lose if you try them? Who knows…maybe after you heal the imbalances in your heart/body, the symptoms manifested in Lupus may change but I’m not making any claims here. This information does not substitute any medical protocol that you are following. I’m just sharing this, as a complementary approach to your self-care regimen, if you are open and choose to do them.

    You can see a traditional Chinese medicine doctor to get acupucture (but go to a highly recommended one) – to get your glands and chi energy flowing in your body (when harmony and flow is restored, “ease” takes place of “dis-ease”)

    Nutrition- green juicing (asparagus, watercres, spinach) is super good for immune system. Bone broth is also super good for immune system. There are stories of people with cancer who have done this and the cancer cells are gone after some months.

    There is myofascial chest massage and breath work – sometimes emotional or psychological trauma is stored in our tissues in our bodies causing illness.

    There is emotion code and body code (developed by dr. Bradley nelson), which is an energy healing modality that can remove trapped emotions from your body. It is possible too much trapped emotions in the body can cause illness.

    And I don’t know much about your emotional history but again just putting it out there – forgiveness therapy has been featured on CBC news as helpful as a complementary therapy for cancer. Many metaphysical reasons for cancers or autoimmune issues are about having too much resentment or a lack of forgiveness in yourself.

    Lastly, a kundalini detox or one for glandular balance could help.

    There’s a bunch of other stuff but I feel these are most helpful for you.

    Disease, disorder or syndrome or any chronic problem ….is in my knowing, a state of disharmony or imbalances found in the mind, body and spirit.

    Our culture has forgotten that the power and miracles to most of our problems are found inside of ourselves. We have our own “inner pharmacy” but sometimes we just need to remove the blockages to it.

    If you have any further questions, please email me. You are talented and beautiful inside and out. Love the songs on your new album.

    All the best Selena,


  329. I agree Selena I think it is great that u shared your story with your fans because u should not have to go through this alone and we your fans love you and support u and we want you to get better!!! ❤️U Selena and I will see u at Mohegan sun in May :)

  330. I would want you to keep going with you’re amazing voice and show people who you are and what you can do!! The song that I like is ” I just want to look go for ya”, it let’s me know you have a big heart and I’d love to talk to you in person!! You are more than a celebrity to me, so I won’t freak out if I see you!!😊😊

  331. haydon cardinal said:

    Hello my name is haydon Cardinal and im from edmonton alberta canada and I’m a huge fan you are very beautiful and would like to take you on a date and I’m going to go watch your concert when you come to Edmonton I would like to get back stage passes to meet you in person I know it won’t happen but would be a dream come true to meet you and give you the biggest hug I can give you selena from yours truly your fan haydon

  332. That is so sweet she will love that when she reads it.

  333. Haydon cardinal said:

    You really think so jw I hope she will like it

  334. Would u ever date anyone that’s not famus an it be a secret

  335. Oriana Marsh said:

    Hi Selena, I would love to see you one day in concert would you ever come to the SSE arena in Belfast Northern Ireland I would be soooo excited if you did. Hope you have a lovely day, Oriana Marsh xx

  336. Andrea Juarez said:

    Hi there I read most comments they sent you and you should be treated like a normal person not a stranger I don’t really understand how it works maybe is because I’am 12 oh yah I forget to tell you I love to sing and the way you sing how can shoot that I have sweet voice I hope is not too much trouble bye

  337. Maya LaChef said:

    Hi Selena,
    I’m Maya. I love to dance, sing, and have fun. You have been my favorite singer since I was little. I feel like as I’ve grown your music has grown with it into what it is today. Did I mention that I’m 12? I would really love for you to call me so I can show you what I can do. I’d love to sing for anyone, but my voice is a bit sore presently. I forgot to say that you are an amazing DJ. By the way my email is This is an off-shore account o I might not reply right away. I would also like permission to post covers of some of my favorite songs by you on my youtube channel: Princess Stella. My sister hasn’t edited my first vdeo yet so the channels not up yet but will be up soon, hopefully. I know that your super busy, but I hope you can find time to reply to my message. I also hop that I will hear from you on my email. Your AMAZING
    – Maya LaChef

  338. Hi Selena.
    I have a question I understand if it’s too personal you do not have to answer but 4 years ago we had a family reunion and I met one of my uncle’s and his name is Shorty Gomez and I was told her was your grand father. So I’m just wondering if this is true or not please answer my question it would really clear my mind of the question. Your a wonderful person and I just like knowing about my family!! Keep up the good work and congratulations on your career!!!

  339. Erik Alexander said:

    Hi Selena, My name is Erik and I was wondering if you would have time to do an interview for a project I’m shooting. I’m a photographer and indie film maker in Los Angeles. It would be awesome if we got you aboard, please contact back if you’re available.

  340. call me at 6016065182

  341. Brianna Mcsween said:

    Hello, my name is Brianna Mcsween and I from the Virgin Island. I am 14 years old . I love your music and movies. I don’t know how to express my exact thoughts on text. You seem like a great person from what I heard and I will love to meet you one day. You expired me to follow my dreams. I am just happy to send the things that I wanted to say for years until we meet soon in person.

  342. TARUN SHARMA said:

    Hello selena i m a huge fan of yours i dont even want to meet you but want to work with your team . It will be day dreaming for me if I get a positive reply from you. Thanks dear

  343. Hii Selena I am a very big fan of yours. My name is Rupali and I also want to become a singer. I have my group name jewel 4 and it’s our dream to come to los Angeles . But we can’t afford it. So how can we start our band. Can you make any suggestions. And I love you so much. You r my role model.can I come with contact with you please…………………

  344. Sandeep Shrestha said:

    Hey selena !!
    I want to collab a song with you and im ready to pay whatever price you say.
    Eagerly hopping for your response

  345. Hey sel
    I just want to say if you are the real SELENA, you are amazing and I love you more than anyone else in this intire universe. I love you sooooooooooooo much.
    I would do anything to meet you.

  346. Hej Selena, volim te soo mnogo, tvoja pjesma su vrh! Nisam dobar u engleskom, ali pokušat ću, nadam se, tako da je vaš? Me understend. Im Nataša Babić, žive u Hrvatskoj, u maloj viliage s husbant, doughter Nina koja je imala 3 godine, ja alsso uživo s husbants 2 brat, majka i otac, a mi smo ljuti zbog toga jer nemamo vremena za obitelj zbog njih , Oni su tako meen i ja dont imati želji. Nemamo novca da kupi kuću. Im 22 godina, ja dont imati posao, moji housbant radi, ali to je mali novac. Molim Vas, dajte mi neki savjet ili nešto, moj život je komplicirano, ja stvarno volim svoj husbant ali njegovi roditelji ljuti me, a ja stvarno ne sviđa ostaviti husbant zbog njih. Molim neki savjet :( to znači riječ mi puno, Love You Selena – <3

  347. Anthony Kasiewicz said:

    Would u date a middle class man

  348. Steven harbour said:

    Hi selena I love ur music

  349. i cant speak well my teeth are yellow i had a bad seizuze in 2012 and it got so bad i had to get rushed to the hospital i had to stay for 20 days i love you your sweet like honey

  350. Hi selena i really want to meet u but i live in Dayton so i can’t and i really love ur music and my name is kara.

  351. Hi Miss Gomez, my name is Cameryn and I sure would love to meet you. I’m sure a lot of people say they are your biggest fan, but they are sadly mistaken because I AM! I am12 years old and my Grandmother let me use her phone and found this site for me to try again to contact you. She helped me to write 2 letters to you and one came back. I’m not sure you received the other one or not. Could you call me soon or come to Beaumont so we could meet? I would have the biggest smile on my face and my heart will be so full with happiness 😍💜💃🏾💞. My Grandmother number is 409.499.0691 and I have and two pets. My dog name is Taz! I know all most of your songs, a lot of your lines on Wizards of Waverly Place on the Disney Channel. I will be waiting on that important phone call.

  352. Hi Selena my name is Cameryn and I’m 12yrs old I’m a big fan of your music I wish I could meet u hopfully u visit me in beamount tx
    My grandmother’s phone number is 409 499 0691 😇😇

  353. Hi Selena can you rape me like that guy did in your porno thank you?

  354. Hey it so nice to talk to you I’m mckinzy speegle

  355. Jay swiatek said:

    Hi my question for you is did you take methotrexate? My wife is on it and she has good & bad days with it. It is expensive though plus all the blood work & dr visits

  356. Selena nowadays whenver i hear this name just get crazy and this is nothing but my love to u selena i am shivam from india and i want to say you just onething that for my love for u has no limits ur biggest fan loveeee u sooooo much dear 😘💓💓💓💓

  357. Helo Selena, I lowe you so much,
    can you send me your e-mail :

  358. What I don’t is why people treat Selena Gomez so crazy special she is a normal human she has a talent that made her alout of money and hot but idk

  359. jenny larevoy said:

    I’m in a fifth grade exhibition. And my topic is music and pop stars. I thought that it would be a great idea to ask you some questions! It would be great if you could answer these questions:
    – What strategies do you use when you write you music
    – What obstacles do you face while creating it?
    – What do you get out of creating and performing it?
    – How do you use your music to help others?

    From your friend/fan,
    Jenny L.

  360. Lisa Edwsrds said:

    Hi, I am asking this when my son doesn’t know. His date for the prom just put him in the friend zone. He acts fine but I know he was disappointed. I know this is so far out there put I was wondering if you would be his date for the prom on April 30th? He is a cutie but somewhat shy when it comes to girls. He Doesn’t like the drama. This girl lead him on just to go to the prom.
    He thinks you are beautiful and have high morals.
    I feel crazy doing this behind his back but he is such a great guy I would like for him to have s great experience.
    If dreams do come true my number is 706 844-2578. I lknow you are busy most every day and if you can’t. You can email me at Thank you so much. God bless I all you do.

  361. I just want to start with I think you are a very talented person with all of your work you do. I’m writing you in hopes you will see this. I’ve been dating my girlfriend for a little over 2 years now and she is a big fan. I plan on marrying her hopefully in 2 to 4 years from now. I was wondering when that time does come if you would make an appearance or sing a song as a surprise. It would mean the world to her. I understand you are a busy person and that’s is why I’m asking in advance. If this is something you could do I have a few ideas of how to surprise her on that’s day. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

  362. Caitlin Beckham said:

    Hey Selena Gomez you are so awesome and amazing

  363. Hey Selena well this is a letter for you I am a Proud individual Hispanic man. well I am pretty important some how I need to make a private conversation to you personally. It will have and impact or our future. Thanks inform me back please.

    Sincerely; Oscar G. Frank

  364. Hi selena Gomez I am a huge fan of urs I love so much it my idol I always want to meet u and I don’t knw if u could make it for my sweet sixteen birthday I will love u. Halley

  365. Who do u want to have second with?

  366. Christopher said:

    Hey Selene pos soy 100 percent Mexican lol something similar to Luis Coronel Pero Heyy would like to meet you to talk to you about buisness I’m 21 but in good shape and just really inspired by what I can do in your next music video it’s a long shot but doesn’t hurt to try….Arriva Aguascalientes 😉

  367. Shelanna Collins said:

    Hi selena gomez im a big fan to you. I am 13 years old. I always wanted to see you but I never see you n also I was trying to get in contact with you but is either it didnt work or u didnt reply.But I jus wanna say I love you n also all your songs♡♡ hope u get this n reply.and can u sen me something that I can get in contact with you please…….thank you

  368. Hey selean Gomez this is mckinzy speegle

  369. If this is really you.. Guess I’d have to say people that don’t respond or wait do… On fb of course not u.. Get some real ppl… Take months to answer wow… But then again we always find out who fake and real..

  370. Saher ghnaim said:

    Hey selena my uncle have a local company that is making shampoos,creams.. so i am can contact you plz to if you want to send you to try and maybe to work together in the future i am from nazareth and the company in jerusalem can you plz contact me or your manager plz i will realy be happy :)
    And thanks

  371. Selena will you marry me beautiful angel I’ll treat you like a queen. I don’t want your money just your heart and I mean that I love you gorgeous. My name is kevin

  372. Keaton Johnson said:

    I’m sooo in love with you I wanna kick Beiber’s ass after the way he treated you.

  373. Selena can u talk to me in Instagram when ur free
    My username is williamjohn962

  374. Hi Selena,i saw your message in my inbox,but i can’t reach out to you they.please e-mail me direct at so that we can talk in private am really interested.or u could also contact me with +233579280518 .from JOHN ETIM.i love u

  375. I knew I wouldn’t hear from you Selena :(

  376. I am trying to raise money to start my business. But I need help promoting. I thought you might have some ideas

  377. Wont you gonna reply my mail ? #Selena
    Hopping for your answers.

  378. Very speechless but I envy you and hope to make it there someday for people judge me in the area I’m located at because I have the love and power no one seems to understand I have a talent that can never seem to be addressed because people in my area wish too much and shatter my dreams! Its all about the money until you start to lose it all!
    I have been down that road before going to awesome events, sexy clubs and nonsense hotel parties riding around in a limo with Michael kors purses and what not. But no one here gets the point! Its supposed to be about the art not fame. Like I said maybe one day!

  379. Nehemiah Ray said:

    Hey Selena I’m Nehemiah most people call me Nemo, I’m 23 and live in Oklahoma. I was wondering if you would like to have breakfast sometime? I can cook if you don’t want to go out in public, and if you need to bring your body guards I would love to cook for them too! If you would like to just shoot me an email and we can hash out the details. Would love to hear back if not I understand your a busy woman! =)

  380. Hey Selena! how you doing? I know you are probably busy but I would love to get to know you and have a conversation. Feel like you are real down to earth and just a real person so it be pretty cool. I don’t want to talk to u just cuz ur famous. i really don’t care about that honestly don’t lol hmu if u wanna talk :)

  381. Hi I love you seleana I I’ve in weiser so I was wondering if you can

  382. Add me on snapchat

  383. Alyssa castillo said:

    Hey selena im Alyssa im 13 years old and you are my favroite singer and an idol > idol not because of your style and singing but because your caring and ur personality also i am on my path of becomeing famous hopefully i can meet u im trying so hard because i fant afford to see u =( but i love you and can you give me advice on how to start my career?

  384. Hi SELENA GÓMEZ I am a the first huge fan. If we dont have something incommon i will always respect you and do anything to make you happy if i can i always wanted to leer you may GOD BLESS keep up the big talent that nobody can afford

  385. Tejaswini Shukla said:

    Selena I am ur biggest fan from India..I love u so much..and I love ur voice..your songs are just awesommmeeee..and since I too love singing..whenever I try singing some English songs I listen to ur voice and practice with some English accent..u r very sweet..with such a sweet smile..I wish I could meet u..I wanted to talk to u on phone..wanted to hear ur voice live.. Is it possible ever? Please do let me know..I wish u always keep on succeeding in life and have that pretty smile on ur face olwys :)

  386. Selena Gómez I want you to know my name is Alex Madarang and i your biggest number one fan your are very creative person that’s what’s makes you talent person I love your music

  387. karen Gonzalez said:

    hi selena my name is karen. me and my little sister love hearing your music. Your music inspires me to be a hardworking person nd never give up. I wish I could go to a concert of yours. my sister birthday is march 29. she wants to go to a concert of yours someday. thank u

  388. Can i see you face to face

  389. Jasmine Akinocho said:

    Hey Selena am Jasmine, May God bless you! I love you so much and I really want to meet you one day and I am going to fight for it and that will be my dream come true. Thank you for being you. I hope you see this.

  390. U have the world……but m also there for you……. …Rob.

  391. You are special person to me i love you so much im a huge fan!!!Keep up thevgood work and i love singing as well i look up to u and your music inspires me to write music. Even though im only a teen i believe i can make it and so can u.Again i love u so much and ur special to me!!!im to shy to sing infront of people,got any advice.
    Pls respond asap

  392. I love you selena

  393. Hey I am a fan that would love to take you out for a night on the town. I’ve had a crush on you since I first saw you on TV. I am 24 soon to be 25 and would like to treat you like the women you deserve to be treated like. More or less like a best friend that wants to be the your man and the person who treats you like a queen.

  394. Kadin Barthe said:

    All I have to say is thank you. You helped me. A 15 year old boy for as long as I can remember just by being you

  395. I want to be with u please please please please

  396. Hi I’m a big fan I was wondering when are you coming to uk. It would be an honour if you replied

  397. Brandi Meyer said:

    Hi girl! My name is Brandi you and I have the same birthday my birthday is July 22, 1992. I would love to meet my “twin” Lol! So can you please take one day or of your busy schedule to meet me that would be great I live in Rockland Idaho.

  398. fan of salena said:

    salena i m your very big fan and i love your songs very much you are awesome and please just reply to my account please ( please please.

  399. Hi Miss Gomez, this is Trinity. I just saw a post about you leading Christian worship for first time? I am 15 years old and suffer from an autoimmune disease, crest sclaroderma. I am also handicapped. You can follow my blog for inspiration for new songs at:trinity’ I trust God is going to use us to spread His word about Jesus. I think your voice is a God-given gift that you should be using. I hope we can be friends despite a big age difference.

  400. hi selena love you your my crush

  401. Danielle Volker said:

    Hi Selena

    I just watched your interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where you spoke about having Lupus. I recently underwent chemo treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis, also an autoimmune disease, and made the decision to challenge what doctors deem a lifelong disease with a holistic approach. I successfully reversed my RA in six weeks through diet, nutritional supplements, yoga etc. If you’re interested in learning more, have a look at my post below which is a little more informative.

  402. What would it take for a normal working class lad to take you out on date? Something more than the things revolved around money and just a good night? Matt Steade x

  403. Get in a new movie on Disney plz

  404. hi, i will try hard not to be mean any more

  405. cecilia carrasco said:

    Hi id love to discuss a Bussiness oppurtunity in grand prairie Dallas. In opening an upscale bar together.4696582773

  406. Alex Rocha said:

    Hey Selena I am a HUGE fan and i am not sure if you know about any military traditions but I am a Marine currently stationed at Camp Pendleton California. And every year my unit has a “Military Ball” where all the marines bring their wife’s or dates and everyone gets dressed super fancy and it’s really a good time. Anyway , I know it’s a long shot but I was wondering if you would be my date to this years ball.

  407. Yana Mellina said:

    Hi selena, if you be anyone other than what you are now…who would it be?

  408. Hi Selena Gomez
    I am your biggest fan in the entire world
    I am from Pakistan. Please don’t take it to seriously I am just 11 years old
    I just wanted to ask you something
    Why did you stop making wizards of Waverley place
    I loved that show
    I just saw it last week
    Please please make more
    I love that show but you more
    And do take the same characters

  409. Hi Selena,

    My name is Varoon ever since I first saw you in Wizards of Waverly Place, I think only the Great Gatsby does justice in describing you: you are the embodiment of hope and perseverance and you are quite undoubtedly one of the most perfect looking human beings in the planet. Please read the email I have sent you, not much in my life is really that incredible, I am an aspiring stand up comedian and my life has been around bringing joy to others and I feel the email I sent has the potential to provide that for you.

  410. Hello Selena. Being a lupus warrior too, I Appreciate and understand your efforts and progress. I live in Cape Town, South Africa. There are very limited support groups for patients (adults and children) living with lupus in Cape Town. Being a pediatrician and working in the pediatric rheumatology clinic, I also children with lupus. I was hoping to embark on ventures to create awareness and support in the month of May. If you’re interested in helping me with advice or ideas kindly reply.

  411. Dear Selena,
    I am doing a project about courage. A very close person to me was the longest living Wegener’s disease patient to be recorded. Wegener’s disease is the sister disease to Lupus. We had to pick 3 people who showed us modern courage that all fit under the same category. The category I picked was fighting rare diseases in honor of my friend passing. You were one of the 3 people that I want to present to show courage. I was wondering if you could tell me some struggles you have had and some things you’ve done to over come them? Or anything you have done for this disease but I wanted it straight from you and not edited by the press in anyway. If you would respond as soon as possible that would really help!
    Thank you for your time,

  412. Hi can you reply to my messages.

  413. Dear Selena,
    I am doing a project about courage. A very close person to me was the longest living Wegener’s disease patient to be recorded. Wegener’s disease is the sister disease to Lupus. We had to pick 3 people who showed us modern courage that all fit under the same category. The category I picked was fighting rare diseases in honor of my friend passing. You were one of the 3 people that I want to present to show courage. I was wondering if you could tell me some struggles you have had and some things you’ve done to over come them? Or anything you have done for this disease but I wanted it straight from you and not edited by the press in anyway. If you would respond as soon as possible that would really help!
    Thank you for your time,

  414. Hi my daughter has been diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia and has been going back and forth to the Stollery Childrens Hospital for the last six months for treatment. She is attending your Edmonton concert on May 16, 2016 seated in Section 122. It would be her wish come true to meet you in person. 😌

  415. Alex rocha said:

    Hey Selena my name is Alex Rocha. I am a HUGE fan and i am not sure if you know about any military traditions but I am a Marine currently stationed at Camp Pendleton California. And every year my unit has a “Military Ball” where all the marines bring their wife’s or dates and everyone gets dressed super fancy and it’s really a good time. Anyway , I know it’s a long shot but I was wondering if you would be my date to this years ball..

  416. DarkNet Andrius said:

    Hellou. :) I just want to ask you something. I don’t knowe if i chat with you in facebook or fake. But if so, where are you gone? If i was chatting with fake than maybe we can chat somewhere? Thx for your time and answers.

  417. Hi Selena. I emailed you last time but from my Dad’s page by mistake. i am a tennage Nigerian blogger. it would be an honour to interview you on my blog. my email is Your response would mean a lot. thank you.

  418. Trevor Lee said:

    Hi Selena, I know this is a long shot to get in contact with you. I wrote you a letter and i got returned to me. This is not for me it is for my brother Bradon who can not write this himself.
    He is your biggest fan and would me the world to him if you could somehow let us know where to send a letter or how to get a hold of you.

  419. Diamond said:

    Hey Selena are you and Justin Bieber ever get back together?

  420. Gustavo Sanchez said:

    Hi Selena I don’t know if yoy get to read this I am a fan of yoy and your probably to famous to help me out but there’s this girl I like but she doesn’t notice me. I haven’t felt like this for any girl in over 4 years. I was wanting your help because it’s my last year of school and I don’t think I’ll be seeing her anymore.

  421. Simona Finková said:

    Hi selena
    When you has a concert in prag i have b-day :-) So please can you take picture with me my name is Simona Fink and please

  422. Joeperdo said:

    Hi selena tarek is a big fan of yours when are you cumming to lebanon so he can go to your concert ? I’m a big fan of yours too

  423. Is it true that you are considering Sanford Florida as you new home? If so, come visit UCF, & if your interested get introduced to the area by yours truly.

  424. selena fan said:

    hello selena when are you going to realese your next album.i m your big fan and pls reply

  425. I will be working ur concert in Seattle Washington my wife love u to death how could I go by getting ur autograph

  426. Hi Selena My name is Kany I am a young business entrepreneur with a brand new cool hangout called Me To U which is going to change the world.
    I am currently living in London. I want to create an app which offers discounts as well as locations to users , plus live streaming video. I am ambitious , motivated and highly fucused .I will do all the work , I am only asking for £50,000 and for this I will offer you 20% equity but we can discuss the equity. I really hope you get back to me so we can discuss more about the Me To U app. I hope you are having a great time.

  427. Hello Selena!
    Im 36 Old polish lady and I have lupus too.I was diagnosed with this disease in 2013.I had chemotherapy, brain inflammation so I stoped breathing and I almost died. I was uncounscions for 10 months. Thats scary but True. We both know what kind of disease is it. Its life long but how we say in Poland. What is not kill you, makes you stronger. Keep calm and do your job.I love your songs.

  428. selena fan said:

    selena i luv u so much i m u r big fan i just want to meet you but i know its impossible so may be i can get a reply from u through blog or atleast email i m an indian girl.bye bye selena

  429. Tyler Keenan said:

    Hey Selena Gomez my name is Tyler Keenan I have a friend her name is keli Johnson who had gotten tickets to see you in ottawa with her sister and her sisters daughter and now they can’t make it from collingwood . so my question is can you please make this girls birthday wish come true ? it would make me very happy

  430. Good afternoon Selena Gomez. I’m writing on behalf of my 10 yr old daughter who dreams of meeting you. We have tickets to see you June 4th in Washington DC. I’m a single mom who was diagnosed with lupus when I had Morgan at the age of 40. Her birthday is June 20th, and on top of her seeing you in concert, I would also love for the other part of her birthday wish which is to someday meet you to be fulfilled. I know this may not happen but as a mom it’s my job to try. You are one of her role models, and you having lupus makes her love you even more. She says you’re strong like her mom. I’m praying that God will work this miracle out somehow someway. I hope you’re taking care of yourself, and I’m looking forward to seeing you on June 4th. Blessings to you.

  431. Chris Miller said:

    why are you afraid of being single forever?

  432. Pallavika :) said:

    Hi Selena. I Am Your Biggest fan😭 I Love You So Muchhhh…..😘😘😘 You Inspire Me Everyday. Thankyou! ❤🌸

  433. Hi selena, pls I want to use ur photos as my main character in my novel titled “shadows alive”. Pls should I go ahead?

  434. Hi Selena!
    We are going to your concert May 22nd in Ottawa, me and my daughters are so excited, we are a big fan of yours. It’s my daughter’s 11th birthday (Marie-Anne) and you have been her idol since she was 6. (And she kinda looks like you!) I was wondering if you can surprise her and wish her a happy birthday at the concert! She would be ecstatic she loves you so much!! Thank you sooo much and we love you!! 😘

  435. Hi can we were friends please.

  436. Carleen reynolds said:

    Hi my name is Carleen. I’m the aunt if a beautiful 9 yr old girl names Olivia . She was diagnosed this month with lupus and had been having s very hard time adjusting to mess and just being overwhelmed. She is s huge fan and her dad bought her and a couple friend tickets to your Montreal show. She is super excited !!! I was hoping that she could be suprised with a netting with you! Please if this is in any way possible email me:) I would be forever grateful and this would be a lifetime experience for her! Thank you in advance for your even reading this
    Sincerely Carleen

  437. Selena, i’m Tobias Anderson
    I’m 17 years old and my girlfriend is one of your biggest fans, she met you once two years ago
    For Valentine’s Day I bought her tickets for your concert on June 11,2016 at Miami in the American Airlines Arena but I bought them with my money so they’re not that good, they’re at the highest section of the Arena

    I’m writing to you to see if there’s any chance my girlfriend could get the chance to see you, she’s crazy about you she loves you, you’re her number one idol and I really love her and I want to make her feel like the happiest girl in the entire world

  438. DEEPAK BHALSE said:

    Hello selenaa i am deepak from india,
    i am a huge fan of you i listen evary song of you you are the best from your side, iam also follow you in insta, i know you whan i am 18 and we are same age its coinsident, by the way best of luck, i also wanted to meet you dear but i know you are not thankyou.

  439. Hey selena……m a vry big big big fan…….+ crazy tooo……..i love your work ….and i love you ……..its vry big thing that you even reply in this comment……as it immposible to meet you or even see you in this generation…..i love you …… want to be your boyfriend in nxt generation forever……take care…..and best wishes for your future work……love you muaha….ROBIN CHAUHAN (himachal pradesh) india

  440. Hey selena……m a vry big big big fan…….+ crazy tooo……..i love your work ….and i love you ……..its vry big thing that you even reply in this comment……as it immposible to meet you or even see you in this generation…..i love you …… want to be your boyfriend in nxt generation forever……take care…..and best wishes for your future work……love you muaha….ROBIN

  441. Gabrielle said:

    Thank you. Thank you for being true to yourself and helping others, like when you visited foster children waiting for their forever homes. You are a miracle and unique gift to this world and you help so many people and charities. And travel all over the world. I’ve always known you were famous, but you are also just a young woman growing up and still learning about life. I’ve gone through some hard times and even hit rock bottom, but Selena, you are truly an inspiration and have help me realize that sometimes life is a pretty rocky road, but when you get to the ocean, life was just teaching you some strategies and lessons to get you to your beautiful ocean. Thank you Selena. I am a big fan, but I also don’t go all crazy like majority of fans do (I know they’re excited, but you’re a person and need your space). I do wish you could visit New Hampshire, but you have a bunch of exciting adventures to go on with your tours and family and down time. I want to work with children, but I hope to be a foster carer one day and the children I would take care of would stay with me until they found their forever home. I would love to start helping children as soon as I can. I’m only 18yrs old going to be 19 on July 29th, but can’t wait for a happy ending and sadness when they leave me to go to their forever homes. If you ever have a free moment after reading this “book” I just wrote for you, you can email me at

  442. Gabrielle said:

    Thank you for your time.

  443. Hey Selena,
    I have never been a big fan until I saw interviews and videos of you. I saw how you speak and how you treat your fans. Although you’re one of the biggest celebs, you’re not arrogant and you treat people with love and kindness. I wish you can come to Israel. I know what you see on media isn’t showing Israel the best way but I can assure you it’s nothing like that at all. So please consider coming here. You can even talk to other big singers that came here or even google it, you’ll like it.
    May god bless you dear!

    Love you,

  444. Hi Selena.. I’m sure you get crazy requests all the time. Anyway it’s my daughters 13th birthday and we will be at your concert June 2nd in Newark. We will be in suite 132. Nothing would make her happier then to meet you in person. If you could spare alittle time before your show would be great. Getting there an hour early just in case🙏🙏🙏. Thank you.

  445. OK so heres the deal, I LOVE U SOOOOOOO MUCH SEL AND UK wat My dad suprised me for the Revival concert at Chicago , where I live and i started crying becuase you are the bestest of them all:) I love you alot sel, uk your personality, the way you treat us selenators:)) I wish you can notice me, just once *Starts sobbing* *turns on the radio* *hears cant keep my hands to myself* *Screams and then starts jamming to all of sels songs* love you to the moon and back
    ~Love 1 out of a gizzilion selenators
    Rahael :)) (Im 13 years old by the way)
    1 more thing

    • (•_•)
      <) )╯ When you're ready
      / \
      ( •_•)
      Come and get it
      / \
      ~( )~ NA NA NA NA
      / \

      I didnt create this BUT I LOVE U SO MUCH BBY :)))
      Bye ~ Rahael

  446. Hi sel , k my name is Rahael and Im 1 of your fellow selenators:) R u gonna suprise some fans at the Chicago concert for Revival? cause Im going there! EEEEEEk sorry:) I love you K? bye.

  447. Hey Selena!

    Alright so this is probably all gonna be something you’ve heard a million different times from a million different people but I wanted to at least throw my name out there and see if I ever hear from you.. my name is Ben. I’m currently deployed in Afghanistan, been away for about 4 months now. I was recently in a relationship that ended about a year ago so I know the pain you must of went through when your relationship ended as well. I’ve always been a fan of you and I’m crazy to think you’d ever go for an average person like myself. You always see celebrities dating other celebrities and the regular people like myself are just down here being fans, which is totally fine. Tonight I was on a guard shift and I got to reading a GQ article on you and couldn’t help but feel drawn to try to get in contact with you some way. The way you talked about how you feel about being famous and everything showed me a side of you I didn’t even know of. Irregardless, I know you’re out there having a fun time doing whatever you want and enjoying your life, but I wanted to at least give it a shot to get into contact with you. You could be with anyone, and talk to anyone you wanted. I guess I just wanted to give it a shot and see if it would ever be me. Id love to be able to come back from over here and be able to take you out on a nice date. Might not be in a pent house or crazy nice ass restaurant, but none the less I’d love to get a shot with you. I think I’d surprise ya.. none the less, I hope you’re having a good day back in the states. Its night time here so that means the sun is rising on your side of the world. Maybe you’ll wake up and be able to read this message.. who knows.

    With love,


  448. Hey I would love to chat to you some time I also noticed your touring Brisbane in Australia that is awesome:-)
    Hope to hear from you soon take care.

  449. Chase means said:

    Hi Selena. My wife and I are huge fans and we are going to your Dallas concert on June 18th. Very recently she just got pregnant and we were wondering what the cost would be if we wanted a photo opportunity while you were here to announce our baby. If you could please get back to us we would really appreciate it. Thanks, chase

  450. Ron wood said:

    I am so disappointed with Selena. Does she understand as parents the bathrooms should be men for men women for women. N.C has about 16,000 registered sex offenders and an estmated 16,000 more not registered. Would you want a child or teen to go into a bathroom and a sex offender be permitted by law to go in with her. Please help protect our children. Go to the bathroom where you were born to go. I can’t believe we are choosing this over our children. This is so foolish. Wake up America.

  451. I’m a big fan of ur I love ur music and love ur movie u r in I was making a power rangers gang I was wondering if you want to join it I need a pink ranger

  452. Hey, I am Gonna Release A “New Version Of GOOD FOR YOU” Song… in a male version… with my Video…. hope you will like it…

  453. Hey I am Gonna Release “A new version of GOOD FOR YOU” Song in a male version…

    I will put the link…

    hope you will like it….

  454. Hi selena I’m sorry to bother you my name is dustin Davis I’m trying to contact you and see if this is a scam or not I’m 21 years old and from Kentucky grew up on a farm and would like to hear from you thanks…

  455. Hey Selena I am Gonna Release “A new version of GOOD FOR YOU” Song in a male version… (Edited your song only)

    With a new video of mine….

    I just loved your song….

    So I thought to make it in a male version

    I will put the youtube link…

    hope you will like it…

  456. Avaneesh said:

    Selena Will u ever come to India. Please tell Coz millions of Selenators in India are waiting for you and I’m the biggest one.

  457. Bethzaida. Cotto said:

    Hi I’m a mom who want give my daughter an surprise for her sweet 15 birthday just we need selena send a video for her saying happy birthday

  458. Parris Jefferson said:

    Hi. My name is Parris. I want to be a singer, actress, and fashion designer. Im telling you this because i dont want to grow up and do something that i hate. I want to grow up and do something that i love. I am 14 and i still have a lot of choices to make to become what i have always dreamed of. I would love for you to help me you Selena because you are hardworking, charismatic, and you work hard for what you get. That’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to work hard to reach my dreams and never quit.

  459. hi Selena……….I luv u nd i no u luv me more as ur other fans ……i wish u nd justin bieber be 2gathr ….u look so cute🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻

  460. plzzz reply …

  461. Hi Selena I just need ur help…. I have been a dancer for more than half my life, but these days I have been getting a lot of performances and I am afraid that I am going to mess up. Before I would live to be on stage, but now all I think about is messing up because my partner is better than me. I see u perform and u r so confident. Ur compassion shows the minute u step on stage. How do u do it? I just want some help… I want to enjoy dancing not be afraid. I would love if u gave me any advice because u seem like a professional. Please help me.

  462. Gina Fehr said:

    Hi selena my names Gina Marie Fehr I just wanted to reach out to you because I truly love your music your an inspiration to me and just so talented. You are a walking angel i been through a lot in my life and your music just makes me feel so good like I have a reason to live I’m a single mother I have a beautiful 3 year old daughter her name is Desiree I lost my mom when I was 2 years old and I lost my dad from lung cancer when I was 17 ever since I have been on my own I just always been a spiritual person with your music it helped me get through rough times in my relationships the battles and your lyrics make me stay strong to not need a man but keep him on his toes with me love him for who he is when I see beauty and connection I follow it wherever the wind takes me lately I feel like something brings me closer to you I saw you in concert in newark nj live in the Pitt and I was so excited to just feel your engery its must feel amazing to be up there and feel life through music on a stage I can only imagine that sensation! I love to dance and always dreamed of being a dancer and do choreography in your videos and be a part of your team that woukd be my dream i woukd wkrk so hard for you to just live for that life style and help. Please if your can just consider I will push myself and do what ever it takes. I really ave nothing to lose I’m 24 and jjstvwamt to live my dream. If you read this again my names Gina Fehr I’m from Philadelphia Pennsylvania and I’m ready to work hard for a position to dance on your team!!

  463. I love you selena gomez
    Please come to croatia
    You’re the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P. S. Can i get your number ? :P :’D
    Just kidding i mean it would be great
    Love youuuu ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  464. Selena you have been my Favorite singer since ever!!!!
    I LOVE your music, and you are so beautiful too!!
    Can you email me, or respond to this when you can?????

  465. I’m looking forward to your response!!!!

  466. Totroxx official said:

    New Version of GOOD FOR YOU SONG
    2016 Must Watch

  467. totroxx_official said:


  468. prashant khurana said:

    HeLo Selena my name i$ p®@sh@nt kHu®ana …….and I. M interested u because u. R. VerY bEautifUl….and I. M. Interested your voice..I. M not. Your. Fan…I. M. Fan of your beautiful eyes……and your voice…..and your hair…..etc…om namh shiwaye….that not understand this word

  469. Zee Ali said:

    Hi selena mam 😇I m die hard fan of you 😁and wana taka a snap with u selen soon.ur simply Amazing 😇and I wana say something 😬love you lots 😘😘😘😘😘😬

  470. Hello Selena. I am a fan in the sense that I like my daughter thinks of you as a role model. On Saturday her father deployed for the 6th time. This one is especially hard since he will get missing her senior year of high school. The last couple days haven’t been the most fun at our house. It usually takes a couple days to pick ourselves up and get on with life with her dad in our thoughts and prayers. I was hoping if there is anyway she can meet you this week while you are in Austin for your concert. I have been pricing tickets. I know this will make her so happy. Thanks for any help.

  471. totroxx_official said:


    Watch it Share it Support it…

  472. Sarah Szekeres said:


    Hello! My name is Sarah and I have a brother named Josh. Josh has Down Syndrome. He is the most loving, generous, energetic, outgoing, and adorable person I know. He is very special to me. We live in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. The reason for my email is to ask you for a favor. Josh’s birthday is June 24th. He will be turning 17. Coincidentally, Selena will be playing in Chicago on June 25th, the day after his birthday! For a birthday surprise, my husband, Mike, and I and our family will be taking him to the concert. Josh has loved Selena ever since he saw Wizards of Waverly Place. He has memorized every episode. He also knows all of the lyrics to Selena’s songs. Josh writes plays and Selena is in every one. He even sometimes pretends that his last name is Gomez. When I recently got married, Josh and I had a special brother/ sister dance at my wedding. I allowed Josh to pick the song and he picked Selena’s song “Who Says”. I think this song describes him perfectly. When ever Josh and I ride in the car, we blast Selena’s songs. His dream is to meet her one day. I truly believe he is her number one fan! The problem is that I just found out that Selena will be playing in Chicago and I have checked several websites and the meet and greet passes are sold out. Is there any way to meet her after or before the concert? I cannot tell you how much it would mean to Josh and our family if he could meet Selena.

    Thank you for looking into this possibility.

    I also emailed this request and included some pictures of Josh and a video of him and I dancing at my wedding.

    Sarah Lawson and Family

  473. So I would love to wear your Halter Flowing Ruched Grey Evening Dress on my debut ugh 😩😩😩 .

  474. Hey Selena

    Shot in the dark but maybe I could take you out for a coffee next time you’re in Australia. You’re a stunner haha.

    I own a few 24/7 gyms in Australia and would have your songs cranking in there daily lol

  475. Hi Selena Gomez, your an amazing singer! Your like the only famous singer that isn’t a diva or stuck up. Your kind and sweet💕

  476. Hi Selena this is Maddie. I just went to your concert in Seattle. I was gonna meet you but then there’s girls pushed me down and they hurt me😢 I’ve always wanted to meet you💘💖 love you

    -M A D D I E

  477. Hi Selena I’m going to your show tonight in Chicago and CAN’T WAIT words cannot express how much of a fan I am I have been you fan since forever I’m 12 years old now and probably watched wizards of waverly place on repeat thousands of times it’s my dream to meet you and I started to sing because of you!! I hope you see this love you!!!! My question is do you think I can meet you one day?!

  478. Nick Smith said:

    Hi Selena how are you. Do you want to get to know each other and maybe date

  479. Selena you are the best singer ever I really love you are the best I really hope to see you I love you so much please come to Egypt please I really love you very much I can’t stay one day without singing or lestning to your songs love yo very much 😘😍😻💋💋

  480. Hannah Samways said:

    Hello I am a huge fan of you Selena Gomez. I went to go see your concert saturday night. It was amazing!! One of the best concerts I’ve ever been too. You are my idol and role model. I would like to meet you one day. Is it possible for me to meet you or you come and see me depending on your schedule?
    Hannah Samways

  481. I need your help it’s stupid but funny it all started of who u would marrie,kill,hook up on Facebook. My friend loves u a lot and he says u his wife and I say shes not my mother…etc it’s been a few days none stop can u do me the favor and saying im the step mother. Thank u

  482. harsh vardhan said:

    Hey selena i was invete uh in india im owner of school how much price uh want to come

  483. harsh vardhan said:

    Madam selena im owner of the school in india we are invite uh as a guest in are school

  484. Crystal Barron said:

    Hi Selena,
    My name is Crystal and i have a 15 yr old daughter how looks up to you, you are her role model. She really wanted a quince but we couldnt afford it so we are planning a Sweet 16 on Oct 8,2016 in Rosenberg Tx. Do you think you could go out of your way to make my daughter dream come true and make an appearance and wish her a happy birthday? Thank you Selena from the bottom of my heart.

  485. Brittany said:

    Hey everyone, I started a fundraising campaign for ‘Help support curing cancer’. Please tap to donate- Hello my name is Brittany…. My friend and I have started a gofundme for ourselves… If you press the link you can see that we have started this to raise money for cancer… And to be able to cure it… We need help on finding a way to get the word out so that we can get donations… I don’t know why but it’s really hard to why donations…. It would mean the world if you replied or even donated…. Heck it would mean the world if you even pressed the link… I wanted to also say that I love you so much… You are a truly amazing person…!! Thank you so much!!

  486. Hi..selena. I’m ur big fan..i have startedc singing ever since i have heard all ur songs. i really wish to meet u someday bt i knw its impossible coz i live in india nd its way too far. bt keep progressing in life. i lv ur singiing soo much. ur movie another cindrella story is one of the bst movie hv seen. hope u will rply. :)

  487. Sonet Adhikary said:

    Hi Selena,I’m your biggest fan of the world..I know if I can see any angel,she wouldn’t as pretty as u..I know u are so busy…but I wish u will reply me because I know u have soft mind like a flower….I know It is not possile to talk with u for me because I’m a simple boy,not a idle like u,but I love u so much…..Love u like a love song!!!!…

  488. hiii….selena,
    this is ansh from india your all fans told you every thing……but i just only know that you are the queen of incredible voice…..and you are my ideal…..when i’m in school i learnt that…….
    selena is-
    as beautiful as queen of angels
    cutie pie
    honey bunch
    cuppy cake
    and most important that she is a true and self confident lady who has a high self-respect and dedication for her work… keep up…i pray for u….bye and love you

  489. Hey Selena Gomez I am a huge fan and I think
    Your great !!!!

    Do you have a boyfriend?

  490. will clifton said:

    I am 15 and I hope to see you one day. I listen to your songs everyday.Just keep singing Selena! I love you

  491. my name is Kyle Johnston and I am single and I am 23 year old . I am an Eagle Scout do you want to date me can we exchange phone number

  492. Hey Selena I was wondering how could someone start working for you to get a step into the music world??

  493. Hi Selena it’s Kirra i am going to your concert on Saturday cant wait to see you.

  494. David Baker said:

    Am hoping this actually gets to selena gomez. I’m 24 and in the military, currently stationed in California. I don’t know the status of selena, don’t really follow celebrities. Was wondering if she would like to go on a date with me. Give it a shot, something like that. I deploy in April. Just a simple man trying to give it a shot. Thank you

  495. Matthew Bennett said:

    Dear Selena what do you represent when you sing and secondly I Dont really fit in at school and am usually excluded to play and usually get really upset but when I hear you I can Connect to your music so my question is do you connect To your own music
    If u read this I deeply thank you for reading

  496. Ms. Gomez,
    I have always wanted to meet you, I live in the US but not in a very big city. My dream is to become an actress and a singer just like you. But I don’t know where to start. What should I do?


    Dear Selena,
    I am so sorry, I won’t be able to meet you during your revival tour in Kuala Lumpur,I just want to share with you some lyrics to a song call Popular, I am yearning to share it with you. My question is would you please sing this song and how do I send you the lyrics. I hope I can always be your songwriter, and send you the songs online,but I am so sorry I will NEVER be able to meet you.
    Kind regards,
    FELICIA ANN SAMUEL (your biggest fan since your acting in Barney and friends)

  498. Dear Selena,
    My name is Paulina and I’m twelve years old.I’m from Poland and I hope you will visit us some day.Suffers from rheumatism and Turner syndrome.I am huge fan of yours (if you can say so because, as I have said suffers from Turner’s syndrome, and every evening I have to get an injection to grow).My dream is to see you live but, unfortunately, my mother does not agree to live abroad and my parents got divorced when I was small I have no other option but I suspect that if I managed to get tickets to your concert for instance in Frankfurt is my ewentualie mom or my dad agreed to go with me but unfortunately I myself do not have enough money to be able to buy tickets so I can only wait for the next tour and believe that you come to Poland.I would like you to thank for that time when I’m in the hospital and for the thousandth time take my blood I just had that then listen to your music and all at once becomes more beautiful, and I have to you have only one request, do not go changing because you’re wonderful.I hope you read this and write back to me and I hope to see you soon live!
    Love You,

  499. Hey Selena. May I ask, if some one would ask you if you could go to there matric farewell would you do it ?

  500. Abby Banks said:

    Hi selena im abby. Ive always wanted to meet! you have been my idol since i was 7 i love your songs and just everything. You are so so beautiful!!!! Please reply back!

  501. cowboy davis said:

    U are so beautiful. And i bet u have great personality. Like to meet you on day. From tulsa ok.

  502. Hi selena gomez hope u ok and just want to say thank u for your songs there are the best listen to them all the time and don’t listen to the fake people u are doing vary well but just stay true with yourself and love yourself and thing will go into place any chance if I can have your Facebook page please thanks u for everything

  503. Michelle McCahan said:

    My oldest grandson, Michael has cerebral palsy and is a huge fan. You would make him very happy and score points for this Grandma if I could get a signed photo for him

  504. Hey Selena💋💋i am your huge fan. You are my role model.i want to meet u😘

  505. Micheal A. Peterson said:

    selena i was watching ur video with james corden u r amazing would love to actually meet u before i leave for the army august 22

    (5753135355)contact me lol

    • Micheal A. Peterson said:


      u r amazing btw doing this cause i hear u r single would love to get to know ya lol

  506. Jason Louviere said:

    Selena golmez you are truly a beautiful person! If love to meet you and take you on a date. That would make my day. Hope you are enjoying your summer.

  507. Thank you for staying above the fray. At 32 I’m an old man to you. And to be honest I’m a rock/metal guy but I read the news probably too much. We are tearing ourselves apart. Its good to see a young women use her head/ her fame/ and power with dignity and responsibility. You are a good role model. Stay out of this keep it classy people are going to need somebody like that when we are done hurting each other.

  508. Hi. I have a song for you. Where I can send it?

  509. Samantha Blagg said:

    Hey, I read some of those hate comments onctwitter, and that’s total bullcrap, why so much drama, I get what you were saying and I don’t get why everyone is caught up into the drama and not the real world, and their own lives, I hope none of those tweets bothered you, you are too awesome to be told that stuff, instead of Listening to what you said, they listened to what you didn’t say….that’s weird lol. Love you and hope you are doing okay.

  510. idiege precious omang said:

    Selena pls I want u to do me a favour I fan ryt from de day I heard ur song but I didn’t knw hw to reach u and I love dis ur music somuch LUV WILL REMEMBER. So I want to use dis meduim to ask for ur help. Pls and pls if u have any job for me my name is Idiege precious omang from nigeria

  511. Hey Selena 😍I’m 15 years old girl wajiha. I love you and your songs. Your songs always keeps me positive. I love the way you dress. Selena, I have a tiny question for you that how you manage to look beautiful all the time? Xoxo

  512. Rajan Fofandi said:

    Hi, Selena. Need a Serious Advice about writing A Song. I have Written a Few, But I Don’t think it will Work out for me. So can u Give me some Advice that can Improve my skills.. ? By the way I Love ur Songs.. That Inspires me…

  513. rahul pawar said:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SELENA…i am selenator from INDIA Luv you a lot you are my first love when i saw you ….one day i wll meet you god bless you ….party hard love youy selena ….FAN from INDIA <3

  514. Aishaan Datt said:

    Happy birthday “The Selena Gomez” may God bless you……..have fun and enjoy your day……
    Selenator love from India…

  515. Happy bday

  516. Natasha Bartle said:

    Dear Selena,
    I have an exceptionally unwell child she has between 5-49 seizures every day, I am trying to raise awareness & funding; so that she can get treatment in Prague & Germany as CHRONIC LYME DISEASE is not recognised in Australia.
    I was hoping that you might be able to post her pages, & tag her in it. You have an amazing presence that your word would be able to reach thousands more people than I ever could. WE NEED 8000 PEOPLE TO DONATE $10 so she can get well, ideally if every person can donate $10 & post & share, we will be able to reach this target.
    I am desperate, I don’t want my daughter to die, can you please help me in posting the pages?
    With kind regards
    Natasha Bartle

    Cell: 0400 167 191
    T.v Interview link:
    Facebook: Zara’s fight against Chronic Lyme Disease.



  517. julian t lester said:

    Hello Selena,this is Julian Lester, I admired how good you are by your talents,I’m a talented person too,I’m gonna show the world,audience and you to Impress you how good I am,one day I will,one day I’ll meet you Selena,lots of love

  518. Hi, Selena it’s so nice to finally talk to you. Ive been a big fan of yours since the first time i heard you sing And act. You are truly my role model And i would love to meet you someday. Thank you for reading reply soon. Love.

    @mylovinggomez ~Rahael


    AND HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY (even if I wished you like a trillion times on INsta)

    BYE BOO😍

  520. Hey Selena. I am totally addicted of your voice. i listen everyday your songs. as a fan i want to know that is there any of your favourite singer that you addicted with? and i love you so much. you are my dream girl :)

  521. Ii am from bangkok and i was at your concert ,could i jus please get a photo with her before she leaves, i love her please please

  522. Hi Selena. Gregory here. Listening to your music right now. I want to meet you. Neo

  523. Dharma Midgley said:

    SELENA!!!! You are my everything! Every year I post a happy birthday collage for you! I hope you see this! I’ve always wanted to meet you but I live in Dubai! :( I wish I can see you soon. Love you. I will always be with you through everything!!!

  524. Jada marie cook said:

    Hi Selena I am a huge fan I watch all your movies I have your perfume and I have several posters I listen to your songs every day and cry because I know I will never meet you I hope that one day you could come and you could contact me and I can meet you my number is 334-498-7420 please answer back it would mean so much to me 😍😘💙👑💍

  525. Nadine Ragnes said:

    Hi Selena! My names Nadine, my best friend Connors birthday is coming up and he is definitely your biggest fan.. I want to give him a present he’ll remember forever.. Do you think you could either snapchat, text, or FaceTime me for his birthday? I know he’d never forget it!💘My snap is nrag20 and my number is 720-525-9572!! Thanks so so so much, it would mean the absolute world to me if I could do this for him. :) ~ Fans from Colorado

  526. sharon philips said:

    selena you are just fantastic, amazing. your acting, singing is just brilliant. you can beat anyone. im a very huge fan of Jelena.

  527. Caitlin Beckham said:

    I love you Selena Gomez and you are so amazing singer.

  528. Hi Selena, my name is Skylar X. Payne I live in basically in the boonies of Lambsburg, VA and I have been watching you on TV for years until we couldn’t afford to pay for it anymore but I still remember u and once I graduate I want to be a professional actor/singer kinda like u and hopefully maybe end up seeing u cause I’ve always thought that u’r one of the most beautiful women alive and I hope I don’t offend u or do anything like that to u in any way and that’s all I really have to say….

  529. littleovrthnkr said:

    I’m not sure if this is something heartening but I just wanna say that I hope you’re doing as great as any day and I wish you good luck on every shows you perform :) I’ve always listened to your songs (mostly Kill ’em With Kindness, Same Ol’ Love, and Who Says) and they really brightened my droopy days with positive colors. Frankly, I’ve never went to any of your shows since I’m really far from where you always are but I’m always glad to be a part of your supportment for your brilliance! Plus, if you’re reading this, I’ll be really happy to know if this brightened your day like how you did! Stay fabulous Selena! I ❤ you :)

  530. littleovrthnkr said:

    Our birthday is the same btw :D

  531. Hey selena I live your music! I think that a year without rain is my favorite album, and following that kiss and tell. It’s always been my dream to meet you or to go to your concerts ,
    Your autograph and come home happy. I’ve also always wanted to talk you even on the phone so I could hear your beautiful voice. By the way my name’s Zaila(it’s an African name!)

  532. Sorry for all those grammar mistakes. :D

  533. And the name is supposed to be Zaila

  534. Erin knapp said:

    Hey selena my name is Erin, I’m a hug fan I love u. You r an amazing person and an amazing role model to everyone. R u going to be in any more TV shows or movies? And I would LOVE to meet u someday in person that would be a dream come true. plz Tell ur best friend demi hi and I love u guys both to much I hope u guys never break up from being best friends and I wish I could see u 2 in more shows or movies u both r amazing actor and singer .

  535. Tristan Peterson said:

    Hello Selena.

    In regards to some statements you made in Australian Vogue Magazine. Most writers tend to be the quiet, nerdy type who get nervous when it comes to asking a woman out; you could be the hottest starlet or the meekest of girls, they rarely surmount the barrier and take the leap. I speak from personal experience.
    With that said, though I would call myself nerdy, low-key and practically hopeless with the opposite sex, nothing is gained by bemoaning the fact. As such, though I imagine you get a number of guys saying this, if you find yourself back in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia it would be my pleasure to take you to dinner. I’m not even kidding; nothing ventured, nothing gained and, in the absolute least, you’d have a story to tell. As for me, nobody would believe I went to dinner with Selena Gomez.

    Anyway, love your work and adored you in Springbreakers.

    Best regards,

  536. Hey SELENA I was wondering if we could be friends and I love how u sang on stage in Brisbane I was there plz keep in contact if u would like my number I’ll happy to give and I wanna be like u a singer and Actor plz help me achieve it plz.

    Ur amazing

  537. idiege precious omang said:

    Pls hi. I am precious omang idiege pls I love ur music I am a fan of urs I love ur musics so much and I love u too. I just wish we can met let me tell u some tinx pls repy me

  538. Ariela simbana said:

    Dear Selena,
    I am one of your biggest fans and have loved you ever since I was little. You inspire me each day and I wish that one day I can finally meet u. Your songs are amazing and you are so pretty. I have even recently went to your concert the day before my birthday as a present I was so very close to you and have to say that was the best day of my life . I love you so much, your fan Ariela Simbana.

  539. Selena You are the best girl that i have seen on YouTube, I realy would You like to meet Some day, I am living to far to meet you i know You wil come to Amsterdam bud i can never come to your concert no money and to far. I hope i wil see You one day in real Life..
    Xx me

  540. My name is Nadezda, I am 19 years old girl dreaming about becoming a doctor. MY big dream is to be a well-known oncologist worldwide. Studies at medical university are kind of expensive for my family: my parents are divorced and I live with my grandparents, but they are young and funny! I am from small country in Europe named Lithuania, I am dreaming about studies at Belarus State Medical University in my native language. I have never asked people for money and it is difficult to do it(honestly). I need 10.000 euros to start my studies here. This amount of money will be for tuition for 2 years and for dormitory for 2 years. Left money will be spent for studies equipment such as white coat, stethoscope and a lot of extra literature. I am hopeless dreamer and I believe that one day my dream will come true!! If you can help me, i will be happy.. I know that you are not stupid and crazy to give your money for stranger, but I will show you all of the bills and everything. My dream is not to learn history of medicine, but to make that history..
    Nadezda Volkova
    Klaipeda, Lithuania
    LT097300010145228197 it is my bank account, if you can help me, i will be so happy.

  541. julian Lester said:

    Hello Selena,my name is Julian and you did an excellent job on making history,I’m a talented person like you so I can impress you if you like, I’m an artist who can draw and I’ll draw you something special,if you want, one day I’ll meet you and show off some of my talents,Amen

  542. may i ask something to you

  543. Batsaikhan said:

    Hi Selena. I’m Batsaikhan. nice to meet you . We are connected from Mongolian. And we are your big fan group. If you contuct me. we will many interesting things show you. we want this. my email : your response will be looking forward .

  544. Hi Selena,
    Me n my daughter are coming to you concert in Manchester 3rd November. My daughter Macy is the hugest fan of yours and she would absolutely love to meet you. My son Harrison is autistic and Macy is a young Carer obviously I look after him but Macy helps me so much and it’s very hard she feels ot so much because I have to give him so much attention but this is a way of having time for just me and her and me giving her a bit back. I was wondering if there’s anyway she could meet you?? It would make her soooo happy. She listens to our music everyday and has watched you in every film/tv show you’ve ever made!! Biggest fan is an understatement to say the least she idolises you😊 If there’s anyway you could help please let me know xx

  545. Thi Selena you awesome Keep yup the good work if you get this text me on Instagram it’s champ607 thanks an plz follow me Selena

  546. Hi my name is Ashleigh Wilkins and I know you don’t know me but you will I’m going to be a singer songwriter actress and musician I play guitar piano and drums I was just wondering if you had any advice for me or tips for me to reach my goal and for my dream to be as successful as yours

  547. U r doing very good

  548. Selena I love you so much I wish I could Be like you u re my role model and I believe u and Justin can get back togeda but just pray I love u I love you I love I love I can’t stop saying it

  549. Michaela Correia said:

    Hi Selena my name is Michaela Correia and I am 14 years old I live in Cranston Rhode Island and I love you so much your music is the best your my role model when I’m feeling down all I have to do is listen to your music and I’ll feel better you are so spiring I have been with you every step of the way and it’s had been such a great ride I have one goal and it’s to meet you or for you to right back my life is very hard right now my parents are getting a divorce and we don’t have a lot of money but if I saw you it would make my world I love you Selena Gomez and always have.

  550. Marvin gene morris said:

    I’m US.Diplomat marvin morris I hope you feel better I have been in the US.Foreign Service For A long time but get well you can chat me up sometime you :)

  551. Richard kieth Parkinson said:

    This is Richard kieth Parkinson from Bryan txi left u words of encouragement on that face book book don’t know if its yours keep ur head up I’ll pray for u keep up the god work :)

  552. Richard kieth Parkinson said:

    Hey this Richard kieth Parkinson keep your head up and keep up the good work I’ll pray for u

  553. Greg Striffler said:

    I have an autoimmune disease and also deal with major depression and panic attacks. It’s brought me to the most lonely chapter in my life but everything gets better. I hope you find what you’re looking for mentally during your break.

  554. David and Jenna Towns said:

    Hey Selena,
    I’m 26 and my wife is 25. She is a huge fan of you and we love how you live your faith in the midst of Hollywood. My wife and I are looking to move overseas to be missionaries and I was just wondering if you’d be up to helping support us monthly. I know it’s a long shot, but I figured I’d ask anyways. Well thanks for your music and how you live!

  555. Hey Selena, you may or may not see this message, however, heard the news about you taking some time off from music which is a good thing but always remember that now matter what you go through you’re still beautiful on the inside and out, and always keep God first no matter the situation.

  556. fellxagyei said:


  557. trevor winner said:

    Selena Gomez
    925-3613 area code 937

    this is my phone number text me

    I have no idea what to say but I’m going to go eat breakfast it would have been better if someone else were here and I didn’t have to eat egg breakfast with salsa by my lonesome, I know that.

  558. Selena I have been in love with you since wizards of waverly place.. And I have always wanted to tell you in person but I am unable too. But i should just let you know that your beautiful and I love you.

  559. Hey Selena I want to meet you and I want to tell u if u can come to my cousins 15 On sept 24 in Arlington tx

  560. Selena I’m a big fan I’m 21 with a disability… I always nice to everyone… Your one of my favorite people every time I get sad or upset I listen to your music it makes me feel good… I wish I get get a singed picture of you your amazing… I love you
    Love amber

  561. Hi Selena I am your huge fan I love you and I wish you all best you are my most favorite celebrity you are so pretty and kind person.I wish we can be friends I am from Croatia and if you wish to contact me sometimes you can call me or send massage on this number +385913624465

  562. Beatriz Lopes said:

    Hi Selena. I recently heard of your battle with lupus. My father had lupus for 17 years and we were able to cure him. Please email me or call me at 561-939-9465.

  563. I’m making a power rangers gang I was wondering if you want to join it I need a pink ranger and yellow ranger

  564. I will love to chat with u gorgeous I’m a huge fan of yours and so much more i want to ask u

  565. Jacob Cohen said:

    Selena I am your number 1 fan. I love you so much and I would do anything to meet you in person. How can I do that? What is the easiest way to meet you without going to a tour and if I live in New Jersey? And if i can’t meet you, how can I at least talk to you?

  566. Selena, will you ever date a no name? Someone that is driven, ambitious, genuine, and is willing to show you what a great relationship can be? I am not after the things other people are after and frankly I don’t care about money, fame, or fortune. I care about the things most people can’t get, love, passion and honesty. I would love to talk with you and maybe you can lead a bit from me.

  567. Hii Selena am a big fan of u omg.

  568. Hi dear Selena ! I love you so much and I’m a huge fan . you love me ? please answare to my Qoestion ! :) XO

  569. Hi selena I am situated at Kandy in Sri Lanka,my name is Hasi, I want you to kiss you.My contact number is-0766808355,Because I am avery small,I love you sister.I know you are siging.But you have lot of mony,You can come to Sri Lanka and come to Kandy,I can wait heair and you call me my phone numbre.

  570. Aishaan Datt said:

    Hii Selena here is your one of your massive Indian Fan….i heard that you are sick. I got upset just for a second but then i thought you are The Selena Gomez and this is just like a cold….get well soon selena…the world is waiting for you …….and all the spotlights tool…….💕💕💕❤️

  571. cornelius ryan said:

    Selena it makes me sad hearing about ur troubles. It’s ironic I’m a schizophrenic and you are one of the characters or freinds in my mind. Your might be oblivious to this but you help my mind process information. Your part of a counsel of women who regulate and propel my thinking. I feel like you’re family.

    Serena despite fame and fortune u are in an incredibly tough situation not because of Berber, weed or beer.

    The problem is u are one of the most talented and beautiful woman in the world. No matter where you go people are staring at u because u are dangerously beautiful. There is no other thing in the world that is more important or in any facet of life than a beautiful woman. Being you is a challenge. 50 years ago woman couldn’t do what u can. You woman become weaponized when u work ur magic.

    Women and men are going to envy u, be jealous of u, and want to be u. Us fans follow u because ur up beat, down to earth, relateable and positive. Never forget how many smiles you have put.on peoples faces.

    Do not ever think you are not connected to your music. Creativity can accelerate in ur mind if u defeat the negative in ur head. Build a psychological military and go to war. Send in 100,000 troops and kill them. Kill them with kindness or else send in the Calvary. You always will win because your a natural born leader. Become the commander and chief.

    Your music inspires me in important ways. I never get to talk to woman. I’m 31, live at home and broke. But my intellect is priceless. I get lonely so hearing your voice and music life me up to a level few if any will reach. As I rise so does my creative artistic mental state. I may never meet u but u are permanently part of my.mind and I love you.

    Women like you are weapons. Wives and girlfriends have to witness the love of their life drop their draw in envy of u. You have power. Those who disrespect you will lose because they Never be you. I promise I’m plugged into some crazy shut and I need u. Whether in reality not.

    If we don’t make mistakes then we don’t progress as people or as a society. If everything was perfect then there would be no work to do.

    Your whole life has Ben on a stage. I had a moment one night where I cried for unfortunate a long time. You had to become an adult at a young age. Don’t forget the vigor and confidence you in ur youth. I promise the world needs you. Maybe skip a night of partying and t hang.out with me. I have an abundant number of subjects we could discuss. I believe in an eclectic world. In order to build a masterpiece we have to take components from all subjects philosophies to make dope tracks. Let’s be honest every artist so vs the same song. Wait until they get a load of me.

    Don’t worry about the panic attacs. It gets u closer to God. It’s a lashing to beat u into changing some component of ur thinking. I’ve had panicked attacks that were hrrifying, it it adjusted my thinking in a time of need.

    Stay strong. Higher powers about to take over. We’ll take these asholes on a coaster ride they’ll never forget.

    I hope this makes sense. I’m writing in a Jack in the box parking lot.

    Your friend,


  572. Richard kieth Parkinson said:

    Hey Selena appreciate u

  573. Penny PETERSEN said:

    My name Penny Petersenot I am 68 years old and I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus at age 16. I was very sick at it took 2 years to be diagnosed correctly. My hope is that you can in some way make people aware of what Systemic Lupus is and that it takes only ANA blood test to help diagnose it. I was in medical field and recommended to two people to get ANA test and both were positive. My hope is you can make more people aware of the signs of lupus and how to get tested for it.

  574. Alexis velarde said:

    Hey Selena you are very beautiful and you need to stop being with ugly guys and be with me lol please I will be the best boyfriend ever and I love your laugh and smile and how your eyes get you have a soft sweet heart I love and you are beautiful and ❤️ I would love to hang out plus be your boy friend but of course you go for rich famous guys 😞 Hope I will get a chance I will treat you perfect

  575. nothing like big big comments juts want to say
    Hi, there.. :)
    take care always seley :)

  576. Angel Laurente said:

    What would a US army infantry soldier have to do to go on a date with you? I’ll pay.

  577. Angel Laurente said:

    What would a US army infantry soldier have to do to go on a date with you

  578. yosel Garcia said:

    Selena gomez contact me plz om yosel Garcia and om a gokart driver and om a youtuber so I have two videos only

  579. Hi selena gomez my name is yosel Garcia and om a gokart driver and om a youtuber so I have two videos only contact me

  580. Hey Selena,

    My name is Bryce Cox. I was wondering if you wanted to go to homecoming with me in my small town. I have loved you for a long time and it would make me so happy if you would go. It is this weekend. (Sept. 30)

  581. Hey Selina how’s you I’m Sabir and I want to became a Muslim because you are cute and your voice is best if you wanna become Muslim you friend request on facebook

  582. Caitlin ward said:

    Hi Selena I am your Bigest fan and I would really like your new number to speak to you!!!!#Love you so much! #

  583. Said bensaid said:

    Hello selena , i love you you are my best singer please answer me .