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So this is going to be a long explanation, but y’all really deserve to know this. So please, please, please read all of this. It will help you understand so much! And I do understand if you feel shock/anger/sadness/whatever else you feel. No matter what you feel, it is completely valid, and don’t let anyone tell you any different. ❤

Now, let’s get into this:



I have decided that I should use (only one account) and Tumblr. But which one should I use predominantly?

I’ve been using @selenagomezLIVE on, but I think I’ll use @DearSelGomez again :) and my Tumblr is Freshtexasswag.

So I will be using @DearSelGomez on and Freshtexasswag on Tumblr but I wanna hear from y’all. Which one should I use more?

Love y’all! ✌️️❤ xo


I now have the Tumblr, WordPress and apps on my phone! If I get too many notifications, I get too stressed or I start getting hate or it becomes too much for any reason, I’ll turn off my notifications or delete one or more of the apps off my phone.

Right now, it’s not too bad so I’m keeping them! And because I have the apps it means that it’ll be much easier for me to respond (which really just means on because on here and Tumblr- except for private messaging on my Tumblr- it’s only easy to post, answering is kind of annoying). So if I get on more thats why!

But I just wanted to hear from y’all. I started using @selenagomezlive again on but that’s always been for answering sprees that I announce beforehand. Should I go onto one of the other accounts (@julyrose, @classyconverse or @dearselgomez) instead of using that one? And if you think so which account would you like me to get on? I’m leaving this up to y’all because these accounts are for You guys!

Also does anyone know who hacked my accounts? Sorry I’m bringing this up again and being so ‘pressed’ about it (that’s what people say right? Lol) but I’m genuinely curious and wanna get down to the bottom of this. And whether you or someone you know did it, I won’t be mad so you can tell me. :) God bless! xo Sel

Answering spree

I was thinking that later today, I could do an answering spree of some sort today!

If you want a possible answer, comment on this post.

If you want me to answer you and you want a guaranteed answer, either message me on selenagomezLIVE on or through my ask on freshtexasswag Tumblr :)

So if you have any questions, comments or most importantly you need advice, message me and I’ll try my best to respond asap! please try to message me through that or Tumblr but if you have to comment on this post you can (just remember that means I might not answer!)

Also please only send something once. You can message me as many times as you’d like! But please have every message be different. And dont send hate or anything inappropriate- it’s completely unnecessary.

Peace! 😘 Love y’all

– xo Selena

Hacked Accounts

I warned y’all not to get too excited about this next post lol. It’s on the shorter side- especially compared to the last post- and its not very exciting… But anyways, I’m not sure if y’all know or not but I had a few accounts that were hacked. SelGomez
Emails: and

It’s been a few years and I don’t ever remember coming out and just saying this. I’ve talked about not having access to them but I don’t think I’ve ever said they were hacked and I’m not sure why I haven’t but that’s beside the point! The point is: they’re hacked.

So I wanted to tell you guys that if you get an email from one of those two accounts or that account comes back online unless I post that I have access to any of those accounts through here or on my Tumblr, it’s not me! It’s the hacker. I don’t believe they’ve done anything with those accounts in the past year or two but if you thought it was me, it wasn’t ): I’m sorry this happened.

Because they were hacked, I can’t get back in. I’ve tried every answer to the security questions and every password I’ve used and it’s no use- I just can’t get back in.

If any of you know the hacker or if you are the hacker, please send me a comment on here to let me know how to contact you. (Or send the contact info through Tumblr and I won’t post it- whether it be how to contact you to talk with you about how I can get the accounts back or if it’s the password).

Thank You for taking the time to read this. I love y’all, happy holidays and God bless! xo Sel

December 14, 2016 Update

Hey y’all, I just wanted to give you an update on a few things. :)

First of all I wanna ask, how are you?? I haven’t been on here in over a year and I miss y’all very much.

Second of all, I am so sorry that none of my songs off my new album have come out yet! I wanted to have at least one song come out before 2017 but because I had to cancel the rest of my Revival Tour to take care of myself, I hadn’t really had any access to the outside world. It killed me not being able to talk to y’all ): but it was a necessary evil. I have so much more clarity and feel so much better than originally. That being said I will have a single come out next year, and I’m hoping my new album too!! I can’t give very much info on it right now, but as soon as I can, I will! But I do have some things I can share:

  1. I worked with Ross Golan for my song Pose and he worked on Same Old Love, Cologne and Survivors. and he also worked on Ariana Grande’s song Dangerous Woman.
  2. I have some songs that I can’t guarantee will be on the album but I can guarantee that they are registered under my name:
    • This Is Real (Jax Jones ft. me)
    • For What It’s Worth
    • Beautifully Disturbed
    • KNWADS
    • Pose (here’s a 16 second teaser)
    • Brand New Boyfriend (I’m a co-writer on this one)
    • Get Stupid
    • Kinda Crazy
    • Down Under
    • Feel Me (the studio version isn’t released yet but here’s an edited/fan studio version that’s actually pretty good!)
    • Broken Promises
  3. One of my songs has the lyrics: “I can’t disguise myself, I’ve built these walls so high”
  4. Also the reason I’ve called the album #SG2 is because it’s my 2nd album with Interscope Records. Most people know that but I’ve seen some confused people so I wanted to explain it for anyone who may not know! :)

Third of all, again I am so sorry for not being on in such a long time. But I haven’t forgotten about y’all or any of these personal accounts! Life has just been very hectic and I’ve been learning to take care of myself because my health (mental and physical) are more important than anything. And the healthier I am, the more I can do for you guys, my fans. And I want you to know that too- your health is VERY important.

Fourth of all, this year has been a wonderful year for me as an artist. I have grown so much. I have started writing more of my own songs, I’ve been working on my album, I was on tour for my most personal album, I was nominated for numerous awards and won a few of them, and I got to give my speech and wear that red dress that made me feel like a princess! The only downside of my artistry this year was having to cancel my tour. It was an amazing tour. It was very emotional, personal and fun- and I got to tour with amazing people and meet so many wonderful fans. But please remember, I only did what was best for me and for you. If I didn’t take that much needed break I wouldn’t have been able to give you my all with every performance I did and it may not have been worth it for you anyway. So again I am so sorry but it was necessary and I know that I can, and will, come back bigger and better next year!

And fifth of all I made a new Tumblr and I have a question for y’all! (This was honestly what this post was originally going to be about but I went on a tangent and decided to add a few more things lol). My new Tumblr is freshtexasswag because a few years back that was my url and I remembered it and wanted to make a new one to answer your questions, which is kinda what this question from me to you guys is about. Is it even worth it to do a Tumblr or should I get back on
In the past I’ve had the accounts: JulyRose, selenagomezLIVE, DearSelGomez, and ClassyConverse :) and I have access to all those accounts so I might try to start getting on one (or numerous) again. But which one would y’all rather me use? is specifically used for asking questions but you have to have an account to ask them (but you can still be anonymous when asking questions) but on Tumblr y’all can ask questions without having to make an account and if you do make one, it now has a messaging system so that you can message me personally and no one else has to know what you’re saying to me if it’s personal (please, no personal info though, such as your phone number or address, it’s still dangerous for if my account gets hacked). So which would y’all prefer? And if you want me to get back on, which account would you want me to get back on? :)

So that’s it for my main update today (I’m saying ‘thats it’ as though I barely wrote anything lol😂). I’m going to be making another post and posting it probably tonight, but maybe tomorrow, but don’t get too excited for it.

Happy holidays and God bless. Love y’all!! xo Sel

Just a quick safety warning & thank you!

Hello all –

Based briefly on the title, I’m sure you can all guess what this will be about. Whether you are posting a comment here on my blog or on any of my other more public sites, please be sure you don’t leave any personal information such as your address or phone number. Though you may not be aware of the dangers you are bringing to yourself, I just want all of you to be as safe as possible!

Also, I would like to bring to light that I’ve seen some people trying to pass as me and reply to some of you all. Please note that even though I don’t make blog posts as often as I used to, I do log on from time to time. I do try to reply to you all when I have the time, but it’s not very often. If you are unsure of whether I am the person you are talking to, here’s a quick way to know. My profile when I’m commenting looks a little something like this:


My post is the second one, with my full name and a picture, usually something recent such as a music video or something to promote what I’m currently working on. Also, my name will ALWAYS redirect to my blog –

And lastly, I just wanted to thank you all for the continued support. “Good For You” is doing so much better than I anticipated and I cannot thank you all enough. You are all a blessing to me everyday and I thank God for what you all do for me still. Thank you thank you thank you a million times. You are all beautiful people and I owe all my success to you.

Much love,