So this is going to be a long explanation, but y’all really deserve to know this. So please, please, please read all of this. It will help you understand so much! And I do understand if you feel shock/anger/sadness/whatever else you feel. No matter what you feel, it is completely valid, and don’t let anyone tell you any different. ❤

Now, let’s get into this:

These accounts used to be owned by someone who claimed to be Selena, back in 2008-2011 or 2012 or so. I’m not sure if they were actually Selena or not, but I believed them back then and I still think that they were Selena.

Anyway, at one point, they just stopped. They didn’t delete everything; they just stopped using their accounts.

Then one day out of the blue, I got a message from an anon on The anon asked me if I wanted Taylor or Demi’s account (the Taylor and Demi that were affiliated with this Selena) and I said yes. I got the password to @tswift as well as both of Demi’s accounts, @dlove and @dlovato. I then made an answer later addressing that anon and asking for @selenagomezlive and/or @julyrose. They asked why I wanted those accounts and then said that they didn’t have very many questions on them, not even 100. @Selgomez had already been given to someone else, so the anon offered me @dearselgomez because it had the second most questions. I ended up getting all of them, except for @selgomez.

It was a lot of accounts, though, so I ended up giving @tswift to someone on tumblr who had shown interest in the account and then they ended up posing as Taylor on it. Not even saying they were an RP or anon anywhere, not even hidden (unless they hid it super well) and then they later denied even having the account. I can’t prove that because they had been the one to message me and I messaged them back so those messages went back into their inbox. And even if I did have them in my inbox, I deleted that tumblr account, so now I don’t have access to being able to prove that (and I honestly don’t even remember who it was).

@Selgomez was given to this girl that I had been following on tumblr and we talked and we became friends (I won’t be saying her name or any of her personal accounts out of respect to her). Eventually I didn’t want the @dlove or @dlovato accounts anymore, so I gave them to her. Unfortunately, she forgot the passwords.

As for @selgomez, I don’t remember exactly what happened. But one time I was messaging with my friend who had that account and she said it was hacked. The person who hacked it had this instagram account that had thousands of followers and so my friend made a trade with that person. They would get the account and she would get the instagram. A little while later, my friend wanted to switch back, she preferred to have the So the person said okay and my friend gave that person the instagram account back. But that person didn’t end up trading with her again. Instead, they changed the password to the account and the instagram and my friend was left with neither of those.

So here’s a break down of the accounts.

Hacked: – selgomez
Email –
Email –

Unused: – tswift (suspended) – dlove (forgotten password) – dlovato (forgotten password)
Email – (forgotten password)

*Accounts My Friend Uses: – vivamore92 – seixgomez
WordPress – officialselgomez
Email –
Email –

*Accounts I Have Access To: – dearselgomez – classyconverse – julyrose – selenagomezlive – callmesellyg – selenamarie
Tumblr – freshtexasswag
Wordpress – officialselgomez

(The reason the “Accounts My Friend Uses” and “Accounts I Have Access To” are worded differently is because I don’t know if my friend has access to any of the accounts that I do. I just know the ones that she has used. I do know the accounts that I have access to though, so that’s why I worded the latter one that way. And also there is another Facebook account that I have access to that is attached to the email. But I don’t use it, I don’t know who has actually used it, and I don’t know the url or even the username. I believe that there are also some twitter accounts linked to at least one of those emails, if not all of them, and same with twitter accounts, and for sure emails, that were linked to these accounts that were supposedly Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, and there was even a Disney Stars email, and maybe there were even twitters connected to those emails. And then on top of that there are some webs website accounts, for Selena and Demi, as well as a wordpress for Demi, that I have tried logging into; it wasn’t to use them, though, it was just to see if they all had the same password they came with, which they did. And I’ve only ever accessed one twitter account, but I don’t remember the username, I don’t believe I posted anything, and I just accessed it because I was curious why I was getting emails from twitter on -that is, until I lost the password. But the reason I have access to all of those accounts, and maybe there are even more accounts that I could get access to and I just don’t know about them, is because there were so many accounts that were connected to each other and they all shared the same password. That means that it was either one person, or maybe even two or more people, who was/were posing as all of these celebrities from the very beginning or that the anon that came to me on had changed all of the passwords to be the same one. Or maybe that anon was the, or at least one of the, posers. I truly have no idea, but I do really hope that the accounts were real. I believed in them for years.)

So now I am a role play account. I may not make it obvious, but I am one. And that’s why I say that giving advice is the most important thing for me to do, because I want to help people, and it is more important than role playing. That is also why I made the page titled “RP Account” and linked it a few places on this blog -although I should have made it so much more obvious. And that is, again, why on @dearselgomez, I always have either “RP” (which stands for “role play”), “role play,” or “role player” in the description. (I also have another account which some people might be able to link to these accounts, but the account has always had a name other than Selena/Selena Gomez and/or it has had “anon”/“role play”/“role player”/“RP”/a variation of that in the description.) And I’m not sure about my friend, but I have never outright said that I am Selena. I haven’t really corrected anyone (although if you look far enough through @dearselgomez, you will be able to see me talking in double parentheses and “breaking character”), but I also have never said, “I am Selena Gomez and you’re watching Disney Channel.”

So I want to apologize to anyone and everyone that I and/or my friend have hurt. I’m sorry that we led y’all on. Nobody deserves that. I of all people should know that; I have believed posers numerous times. We should have made it much more obvious than we ever did. I hope that y’all will be able to forgive us and if you don’t, I completely understand. But please, feel free to send me your frustrations with me, ask for clarification on anything, continue to ask me questions as I will now be an anon/role player for real (I think at least, but maybe that won’t happen, I don’t know), and/or still ask for advice. I still want to help people and I hope that I can redeem myself. I still love and care for you guys, and I am sure that Selena loves and cares for y’all too! (I am not her and I don’t personally know her, but from what I have seen from her, she is a very caring and loving person.)

So to sum it up: NONE of these accounts are real. At one point, many of them may have been, but they are not real anymore. I sincerely apologize and I hope you can forgive me, but I completely understand if you cannot. 


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  1. Sheyenne RobinsonSheyenne said:


  2. Oli28923 said:

    Very complicated all this, but it will not prevent me from following and loving everything you do and the person you are

  3. Hi Selena I love your songs so much

  4. Hi Selena Gomez apologize so sorry for I said to you trying be nicer please do you want be your boyfriend Michael mccune and cell phone number

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