I have decided that I should use (only one account) and Tumblr. But which one should I use predominantly?

I’ve been using @selenagomezLIVE on, but I think I’ll use @DearSelGomez again :) and my Tumblr is Freshtexasswag.

So I will be using @DearSelGomez on and Freshtexasswag on Tumblr but I wanna hear from y’all. Which one should I use more?

Love y’all! ✌️️❤ xo


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  1. julian Lester said:

    Hi Selena Gomez my name is Julian Lester I’M a talented person like you,I just want you to know that I give anything to impress you how good I am and love ❤ you because I have a crush on you,one day I’ll meet you and draw you something special for your careers I’m an artist who can draw,please email me back it’s “,or my number 216-502-7216,bless you Selena,one day I’ll meet you,AMEN

  2. Hi Selena Gomez I did saw my email sent to me yeah I do accounts for contact to you cell phone number

  3. Oli28923 said:

    It is nice to hear from you, so if I understand correctly it is on “DearSelGomez.Ask fm” and not on “selenagomezLive” that we can contact you, because I have both accounts on my computer and I Am slightly lost. Love

  4. clifford nevels said:

    selena i no its a long shot but do you think you will ever do a concert in the you.

  5. hey Selena i’m Manny from NY. i think you should use tumblr. you did reply to me on that account so its useful.

  6. Abre George Howe said:

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  7. Somebody said:

    Are you receiving messages right now? I understand if your not. I just finished writing something that was inspired by 13 Reasons Why. Writing it really helped me. My normal anxious self wouldn’t imagine me ever doing that. I’d thought I would reach out to you and see if you recieving messages like that.


  8. Abre George Howe said:

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    Abre “George Howe” Oneill Anonymous.

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