I now have the Tumblr, WordPress and apps on my phone! If I get too many notifications, I get too stressed or I start getting hate or it becomes too much for any reason, I’ll turn off my notifications or delete one or more of the apps off my phone.

Right now, it’s not too bad so I’m keeping them! And because I have the apps it means that it’ll be much easier for me to respond (which really just means on because on here and Tumblr- except for private messaging on my Tumblr- it’s only easy to post, answering is kind of annoying). So if I get on more thats why!

But I just wanted to hear from y’all. I started using @selenagomezlive again on but that’s always been for answering sprees that I announce beforehand. Should I go onto one of the other accounts (@julyrose, @classyconverse or @dearselgomez) instead of using that one? And if you think so which account would you like me to get on? I’m leaving this up to y’all because these accounts are for You guys!

Also does anyone know who hacked my accounts? Sorry I’m bringing this up again and being so ‘pressed’ about it (that’s what people say right? Lol) but I’m genuinely curious and wanna get down to the bottom of this. And whether you or someone you know did it, I won’t be mad so you can tell me. :) God bless! xo Sel


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  1. I loove u Selena! I am a huge fan from Lansing michigan. I just wanna say how much I love you and how much a appreciate you. I am a pentecostal Christian,and a prayer intercessor. I am also a singer. can you maybe listen to this and tell me what u think?

    thx. Thanks for being you Selena <3 u!!!!!

    -Abby xoxo


    Hi Selena, @selenagomezlive is very good, anyway, I would follow you on any account, but it is true that it will be easier with a single account or two, either to contact you as you can answer . Love, Oli

  3. just made a song in your honor ahah is there a way to make you listen to it? :D

  4. Divya lakshmi said:

    I love u Selena. U r my idol. U r the best and kindest person. I saw u at your concert in Malaysia. I suffered to get ur u xoxo

  5. If I told you who hacked your accounts what are you goinnotlike? Its not like your coming to Minnesota, to kill em with kindness.

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