Answering spree

I was thinking that later today, I could do an answering spree of some sort today!

If you want a possible answer, comment on this post.

If you want me to answer you and you want a guaranteed answer, either message me on selenagomezLIVE on or through my ask on freshtexasswag Tumblr :)

So if you have any questions, comments or most importantly you need advice, message me and I’ll try my best to respond asap! please try to message me through that or Tumblr but if you have to comment on this post you can (just remember that means I might not answer!)

Also please only send something once. You can message me as many times as you’d like! But please have every message be different. And dont send hate or anything inappropriate- it’s completely unnecessary.

Peace! 😘 Love y’all

– xo Selena


Comments on: "Answering spree" (7)

  1. I want sex with you
    I wanna marry you

  2. Hello, Selena ❤,

    Thank you for your time ❤. I do not expect a reply nor do I need anything in return for my kindness to you ❤. All I could ask for is for you to live more moments that give you a very happy and loved life ❤. Do not allow others to bring down the passion that you have in what you love to do ❤. You’re the most amazing person you can be in being yourself. I couldn’t ask you to be anything else but who you truly are which I admire dearly ❤. I’m not the best with questions, so I’m not exactly sure what questions to send you. For being 21, I’m glad I don’t do anything my age generation does (not that they all do these things, I’m not judgmental just an assumption society makes), I do not drink, I do not smoke, I do not do drugs, nor have I had sex because I’m waiting for someone special. Though these decisions put me in an awkward and lonely situation, I know I will find God’s match someday optimistically ❤. God will also lead me to the right people to be surrounded with ❤. God guides every step that I take in this journey ❤. It’s always important to be different in your own unique expression ❤. I think you express your own unique expression passionately ❤. Thank you for your time again ❤, I do not expect your reply nor do I need anything in return for my kind thoughts for you being beautifully you ❤.

    Sincerely ❤, God Bless You Love ❤, XO❤❤
    John Claudio

  3. Margot Smets said:

    Do you want to come to Belgium? 🇧🇪 We really miss you!


    Btw: Hope your are feeling better!

  4. Always stay true to yourself.
    Wish you all the best.

  5. Cornelius Ryan said:

    Where do I get an application?

  6. Chesney Amber Adonis said:

    Hey selena
    I don’t know how often you read this email but I have tried to contact you like everywhere.I am just in awe how perfect you are.Your amazing selena.I am glad that you take time to take care of yourself, you were in my prayers everyday. Selena I just love you, your music keeps me going when I feel like I can’t and I just think you should never change. I am hoping and praying that you come to Cape Town ,South Africa please. I have so much more to say but I cant put it in words.Just know I love you, your amazing and please whenever you feel like you did never hesitate to take time off we want you to keep making your music and inspiring.Thank you selena for being my role model and being amazing at it.You inspire the world and I am grateful for you.
    Happy and blessed holidays💗to you and your family.

  7. Hey Selena my name is Manny and I’ve tried every source to contact you sorry if Im being tedious. I am a huge fan and would love for you to check out my YouTube channel when you have time. My YouTube is omh Garcia. I also did a cover video to the heart wants what it wants, its called omh 4 Selena Gomez. Hope you enjoy. I really enjoyed your heart warming speach at the AMAs it was absolutely touching and inspirational. I really wish I can see you one day. Stay well and safe and always take care of your health. I love you always and forever.



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