Hacked Accounts

I warned y’all not to get too excited about this next post lol. It’s on the shorter side- especially compared to the last post- and its not very exciting… But anyways, I’m not sure if y’all know or not but I had a few accounts that were hacked.

Ask.fm: SelGomez
Emails: sel.fanmail@yahoo.com and selenagomez.fan@live.com

It’s been a few years and I don’t ever remember coming out and just saying this. I’ve talked about not having access to them but I don’t think I’ve ever said they were hacked and I’m not sure why I haven’t but that’s beside the point! The point is: they’re hacked.

So I wanted to tell you guys that if you get an email from one of those two accounts or that Ask.fm account comes back online unless I post that I have access to any of those accounts through here or on my Tumblr, it’s not me! It’s the hacker. I don’t believe they’ve done anything with those accounts in the past year or two but if you thought it was me, it wasn’t ): I’m sorry this happened.

Because they were hacked, I can’t get back in. I’ve tried every answer to the security questions and every password I’ve used and it’s no use- I just can’t get back in.

If any of you know the hacker or if you are the hacker, please send me a comment on here to let me know how to contact you. (Or send the contact info through Tumblr and I won’t post it- whether it be how to contact you to talk with you about how I can get the accounts back or if it’s the password).

Thank You for taking the time to read this. I love y’all, happy holidays and God bless! xo Sel


Comments on: "Hacked Accounts" (3)

  1. Saira Waheed said:

    Thank you for letting us know Selena. I hope you get your accounts back 😘😘

  2. julian Tyrell said:

    My apologies Selena I didn’t understand,but my name’s Julian Lester and I’m a talented person like you. I want to draw you something special for your careers if you want. Love you ❤

    Sent from my Windows Phone

  3. Hey Selena its (OMH Garcia) Manny Garcia, it sucks that your accounts have been hacked. I hope you find a resolution. It was really nice to hear from you keep striving and feeling better sweety I love you always and forever god bless you.



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