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Hey guys,

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted. This blog used to be in tact for official announcements but because I have facebook and twitter to do that now, I’ve decided to just use this to talk to some of you guys and turn this into a personal blog.

What do you guys think of that? I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Sorry about that. Been a bit busy lol.
xoxo Sel


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  1. Selena I miss u more it great please call me:(
    Love u sel😘

  2. doggylover said:


  3. Waite so whats your real Facebook account?…

  4. Moni_xoxo said:

    Hey selena wat is ur snapchat username? Pls reply! 💖 U

  5. Madison Brigance said:

    Hey sel my name is Madison brigance I live in Missouri but I’m 11 I love u so much my biggest dream beside to become a singer actress and dance is to meat u.u really inspire me and I just want u to know I’m with u no matter what u do and I hope u will reply I’m your biggest fan:):):):):):)

  6. Madison Brigance said:

    Sorry to bother u I just now found this blog I hope u r still awake

  7. Alexandra said:

    Hi Selena I just found this website. My name is Alexandra Saldana and I live in pleasanton , California . I am 12 years old and love you so much Selena and hope to meet you one day. Your awesome no matter what

  8. Hi selena this is alexis coral pence(14) I live in texas too, around the austin area, I just wanted to say that im very happy and delited that u are who u are and nobody should denie that at this world of chaos and hatred only a handfull of people can shine a light when all is dark and u lead the way. U are so kind and gentle I even think ur an angel in disguise! But anyway texas loves u very much and always follow ur heart because if u decide anything anyone who belives in kindness will follow u and back u up and im proud to say ill be one of them.oh and I also was raised watching the wizard of Oz too! We love u! Thank you….

  9. P.s. selena I know u get this question alot and I know ur busy and all , but could u send me a pic of ur self?? I know I could just go on the internet , but u see, its just not the same and all because it would make me smile especially now, u see my parents are splitting up for good and its hard bc I have to choose one to live with. But anyway if u cant its alright , I know an important and special person like u has busy work well, thank you anyways. Alexis c pence

  10. Hi Selena, that was really sweet, your so nice and real. Me and my friends here in Philippines really loves you. You’re so amazing :) xoxo

  11. Christian bang said:

    Hi selena i am only 13 years old and i really love you and what is your phone number.

  12. selena contact me with regards to your future

  13. Hey! I know this is so wierd and so annoying but please listen.
    I have a youtube channel, i post covers and more. And now you think i want to fish for subscribers but no, i dont care about how many subs i have. It´s about me coming out there to the world singing. I´m so nervous when it comes to singing in front of people, but thats the only thing i want to do and singing is the only thing i´m good at, and im working on my nervs. I´m getting there, but i need your help, so would you guys who reed this just go to my channel and listen to my songs and give it thumbs up if you like them and maybe share them. It helps me so much and it means the world to me. Thank you so much in advance!! Love. (I will be forever greatful to all of you who share my videos)

  14. Teddy Green said:

    Hey selena you are pretty

  15. sel u the best u do not sing about that bad stuff. My mom said u a good singer and that u a good influence. So Thx allot.i da best

  16. THOUGHT CATALOG 2015 said:

    Reblogged this on Thought catalog 2015 and commented:
    i regret the day i met Georgina

  17. julian lester said:

    Hi Selena this is Julian, I’m still moving forward to show off my talents hoping to impress you how good I am,I can still draw you wildlife pictures if you want,a job well done in your career,one day I’ll meet and show you how very gentlemen and good singing of R&B,so that you’ll love me,thank you,Amen

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