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Remember I’m now an RP :) Selena used to run this account, at least I believe it was her, but now it’s just an rp.


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  1. I wish you had a birthday sale because my birthday is on the 8th of March and I tried to get my parents to let me go but they wouldn’t . 😭😭😭😭😭😥😥😥😥😥😥

  2. hiii!! selena i love you! i am your fan!! will come you azerbaijan???

  3. ACHILLIES said:

    Church, chaplain, type of playbook format not screenplay format, fantasy movie ideas,

    (ACHILLIES, ATHENA, ALEXIES, ALBA, BOUNCE are talking to the school board about the little guys being slavery driven with school work today. They have just flown in on their quads yes flying quads. The Raptors they just flew in on are to show the little guys “a thing or two about a thing or two.” When they get to the board there is a room full of students wanting the board to do away with their homework assignments. They want the schools to be taught like “Adult School.”)

    (Music ACHILLIES walks in with a radio to play Avril Lavignes “Here’s To Never Growing Up.”)
    ACHILLIES you guys are the board of schools that are responsible for the little guys class parties, homework, class work, projects work oh just the work. We get we might not be the best choice for speaking for the little guys being how in the family we have “Rangers Apprentice” and “Assassins Creed” as our casted characters for future movies in the Heavens sort-a-speak. We are just here to pass the idea to the schools and then to the little guys that it is okay to get fat and not do homework.

    ATHENA little guys should not do any homework or any types of school work along with tests. We get work when we grows up we want to go to the Naval Academy to be a Marines Jetfighter Pilot so we get work. Little guys do not know that they should not have to do any type of work in, out of class or take tests. Tests do not measure what you know. What you know is what you can say not what you can answer on a test. The nerds that get good grades on tests might not know for example how to date for the smaller guys how to be around girls. Maybe the little guys are fat because they do too much nerdy homework.

    ALEXIES classes should be easy, learning should be done easy enough for people to understand and learn. Teachers are busy with a type of confusion, talking over little guys heads or so. Little guys sometimes do not pick up on what is being taught. Maybe teachers need a few classes on how to be around the girls.

    ALBA “when you’re too cool for skool” they say you do not want to go to dates or dances with the ugly girls. Anyways boyz do not realize that on some planets boyz get home from skool and do not have to talk to their sister or girls the whole time while their out of skool playing video games. School is too much for everybody. Teachers are being taught to tell students to cheat and school looks to be the ugly girl present day. In class all the students should have to do is kick back and listen but the skeptics say they should work. We think they should work for a living sucking down sodas and playing on the jungle gyms or so.

    BOUNCE little dudes need to be allowed to play. Right now the little guys have 0 time to play outside with other little dudes or so. The little dudes have been attacked by the bads and the bads have them in “time out” from playing video games and such. Skeptics are telling the schools students need work but students need “time outs” sometimes too. Yo critics, skeptics the little dudes need time to party.

    ACHILLIES schools are run by people saying little guys need more class work, class time, classes. Would a good person be there saying all these things to increase the workloads. Would a good person do any of these things to the school systems. These people have little claim to school but the boards are letting them increase class work and such. The bads are saying dudes are getting smarter but they are just as dumb as they ever were. Had to say it that way for you all to “feel me.” Now while you’re “feeling me” all students should have less class time to go out and play and to not be slaves of school sort-a speak.

    “Heavens Raiders, Heavens Black Knights, Heavens White Knights, Heavens Green Berets”

    # 1 in high school # 1 fighter # 1 genius # 1 comedian

    Achillies Zenith Howe Anonymous
    Geniuses Social Scientist Psychiatrist
    Psychologist Film Military Scientist
    Anthropologist Movies Sarcasm


      Church, chaplain, playbook type format not screenplay format, fantasy movie ideas,

      (ACHILLIES, ATHENA, ALEXIES, ALBA, BRI are at a meeting talking to each other out loud and to Heavens politicians. They are showing a type of rebel flow to the politicians so they know Heaven does not run THE KING OF HEAVEN, HRF Family and the Heavens Raiders. They are talking about boring health care trying to rob everybody as they lye weak in hospital beds not able to defend themselves or able to control the slobber of their wallets and moneys. They parked their flying Lamborghinis out front.)

      ACHILLIES Bounce decided to stay in her space cabin today. We guess Bounce does not like to be full dress Armani in politics so she ditched the school. All these politicians are dressed in suits, ties maybe we should have brought our Vans. Okay you guys are in politics, have passed Obama Care but what about the medical systems scalping everybodys pay checks and what needs to be over viewed. We like hearing about Obama Care at each talk show but we need to face real issues like KP Messy Larry would say philosophy.

      ATHENA we are at a Heavens political meeting talking about politics and all we can think about is Belly and Hanna joking about who out ranks who in rank, fighting and genius. Yes we guess that is more important then a bunch of goofballs with power talking about power. The medical industry reports read that the insurance companies are flying money enough to feed the world but like big oil these guys are not billionaires. Poetic justice needs to be mixed with administration justice to bust everything into chill out on taking everybodys money mode. The money is there but these guys do not have the linguini or the Lamborghinis. These guys are killing peoples budgets, preying on sickness thinking their sick at it.

      ALEXIES yes Belly and Hanna would have like this politics meeting. They would have been able to do a speech on who out ranks who in rank, fighting and genius while being politically correct about health care having an itchy wallet. Health care has developed an itchy pocket book that has reached into everybody from civilian to law enforcement all the way to the Whitehouses but you guys still have not shut down their economy. Economies come, go health care needs to health care the world and buy me diamonds on Fridays.

      ALBA diamonds are nice maybe we will give up royalty diamonds for healthcare diamonds. We are Heavens Royal Family with no bogus ties to Heaven. We do not have to help a soul but the medical system has become the ugly girl at the party. Another ugly girl at the party is the bads that can be noticed blogging at celebrities in the same authority manner throughout politics, news, TV, undercover work sort-a-speak.

      BRI. HILARY-D-ALEXIES is the # 3 fighter, the # 3 genius in worlds with an “S.” Even with pink flip-flops she can light up the medical systems with her billionaire mind setting medical employees to 9-5, 40 hours work weeks with little monthly pay checks for messing with her. Another billionaire mind is the # 5 fighter, # 5 genius in worlds with an “S” ALBA. Dude ALBA holds the titles with only family ranked and can also set the medical industry strait with a few puffs of air. We do not know our brother plays # 1 fighter in the worlds with an “S.” It kind-a comes out with us saying in the arenas, such come for our titles bro.

      ACHILLIES all these systems would have gone untouched if we did not realize it. The medical systems thought they were doctors and nobody could see the crimes they were doing at that level. “What’s up Doc” THE KING OF HEAVEN doesn’t get played. HOWe don’t play that. Yes we believe in freedom of speech even blogs should be completely open to speak. It is police work. You know how they are really feeling. Some goods do not realize that if we let them say everything we can sometimes shutdown the naughtys.

      “Heavens Raiders, Heavens Black Knights, Heavens White Knights, Heavens Green Berets”

      Bros, Broetts # 1 in high school # 1 fighter # 1 genius # 1 comedian in worlds with an “S.”

      Achillies Zenith Howe Anonymous
      Geniuses Social Scientist Psychiatrist
      Psychologist Film Military Scientist
      Anthropologist Movies Sarcasm

  4. Hey Sel thanks but i want u to talk to Daniel Sykes for me

  5. I want sex with you Selena
    Email me please

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