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“Spring Breakers” released everywhere last night, yesterday. It is rated R, so if you are 17 and want to see it, I really encourage you to see it. It’s different, but it is a good movie. It may look predictable, but it has some unexpected twists and turns. If you are not old enough to see it, don’t worry, I do have new music and new projects coming out for my younger audiences. :)


I’m sure many of you have heard “Rule the World.” If not, click the following link to listen to it: Rule The World

Just to be clear, “Rule The World” will not be on my next album. A hacker leaked it and I have decided not to put it on the album.


My next upcoming single, titled “Come & Get It” will be released digitally April 9, so look out for that! :)

And also, for my fourth album, I will be touring in the United States, but I will also be going on a my very first World Tour! We are still figuring out the dates and what countries i will be going to, but i am very excited.

On a side note: I know i haven’t logged into this account in a while. I’ve been very busy. So for further references, if I don’t update this often, check my Tumblr: hopefilledheart.tumblr.com :) Also, you may email me here: atrailofhope@gmail.com

I will try to update this as often as i can, even if it’s just a quick hi to you guys. i apologize for never being on. i love you all. xoxo


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  1. Selena everything you do is fantastic you are such a great actor and singer rule the world is a great song and I’m sure spring breakers is a great movie I’m only 11 so I can’t go see it. I hope you can come to Sydney, Australia for your world tour cause that’s where I live and I would love to see you perform 😄

  2. hi selena um i am 11 and cant wait to see spring breakers my dad will let me watch it lol but um i think u did good acting there in that movie lol

  3. Hi, I’m a fan of Selena. I’d like to express my thought and think out loud here. But in my opinion I feel as if Selena’s acting was THAT good but I felt as if that movie (Spring Breakers) took out a side of her that made her mature. Plus the way she faked cried…. That takes some serious acting, hopefully one day I could be like her plus they way to she told Lorde!! #FullRespect #Selenators #SelenaGomez #Lorde

  4. cant tell you my name!!:) said:

    hey selena sorry I cant tell u my name lol but I am 12 almost 13 yrs old, I am a fan of urs, and you are my role modle. I think u are very pretty and talented and I hope to become famous like u!!:)no seriously I wont to become famous!

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