Stop Bullying: Speak Up!

Stop Bullying: Speak Up

Bullying isn’t cool – it hurts kids and can have a lasting and damaging effect on their lives. I signed the Stop Bullying: Speak Up pledge to be a positive role model, to treat people the way I want to be treated, and to create a culture that makes bullying uncool. Please join the movement that help stop bullying


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  1. I really wish i could join but i dont have a facebook and im no allowed one so i will do it all just wont be on the pledge!

  2. Alaina DiNardi said:

    From Alaina: Bullying is unfair and I really want to stop it! I don’t have facebook because I am only 8 years old! My mom is helping me.

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  4. i know right a lot of ppl kill themseleves i almost did but i felt stupid

  5. Hi Selena i got bullied before its terrible isn’t it! but have u ever felt liked that!!!!! lots of people do but don’t do anything about it!!!!!!! :(

    God Bless, ellie

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  7. said:

    plz register

  8. Brittany said:

    Hi Selena I was bullied all my life it was hard for me but I held my head up high

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