Selena to host 2011 MTV EMA

Selena to Host 2011 MTV EMA

Selena Gomez has been confirmed as the host of the 2011 MTV EMAs.

Acting as host for the main show, Gomez will be overseeing all the onstage antics, performances, winners and unforgettable moments of the evening.

Selena will also be helping out on the digital front, juggling several duties to engage with EMA fans all over the world, from checking Twitter to sharing behind-the-scenes gossip .

Speaking of her new role, the 19-year old star stated: “I’m so excited to be the host of the ‘2011 MTV EMA’ – it’s a dream come true!” Gomez added: “This is such a huge event that always recognises the biggest stars in music from across the globe, so it’s a real honour to be MC at this year’s show.”



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  1. Hi, Selena,
    This is from one of your biggest fans in Minnesnowta, and I was wondering as a Minnesotan if you posted on a fellow Minnesotan’s blog, Owl City’s, in response to the Dear Taylor post. Please respond. You are my favorite teen Celebrity. I love you!!

  2. Now I’m not watching the show u r going to ruin it I’m gunna call the manager and tell them that they r gunna loose ratings cause of u

  3. hey selena why date a ugly fag who sings horrible (Bieber) and instead just date a real man like me because seriously your way to hot for bieber and please tell Justin that i hope he dies in a horrible plane crash

    • You big mouthed idiot selena can date who she wants and she doesnt have to listen to people like you Justin isnt that bad and by the way i can just tell you right now that never ever in her life will she date you!!!!!!!

    • Okay there is just SOMETHING WRONG with that ????????? dude! He should know that Justin Beiber sings good ( im just not a huge fan) And Selena can date anyone she wants to date! It’s a free country!

    • omg u did not say that u little frog now stop being mean to jb and selena

  4. That and no offense or anything but you shouldn’t have a kid with him have a kid with me because i dont want to just use you for publicity because when he is a lot more famous he is just going to dump you but if i was dating a hotty like you i wouldn’t break up with you ever

  5. Hey Selena,
    I am a massive fan i am so glad that you are following your dream
    i am following you now so thank you for the amazing music u make
    keep going im going to send u a fan letter so please readit you dont even
    need to reply.

    One of your biggest fans

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  7. OMG Selena that is soooooo cool you are such an awesome person and you tottaly deserve to be the MC at this years show

  8. Awesome piano cover of selena song

  9. Selena last night i was on my phone in bed with my head phones on watching web chats till 2 in the morning thats how much i adore you u r my idol i have just had my hair cut like you used to have in layers i just think what you do is amazing!

    From paula

    ps please send me an email i will send you a fan mail with my number on it and my email address

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  15. Selena Gomez is the BEST right??????

  16. Does Selena have anything to do with the Fashion Fantasy Game? I heard she does. Anyway, that’s a cool game.

  17. what is the game about ???

  18. love u selena!!!!! u look great and skinny lol!!!

  19. hope u win this year!

  20. I just want to say good luck I might be a little late but like I said GOOD LUCK :)

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