Selena – Hospital

Last night, Selena fainted after being on the Jay Leno Show. She was complaining of nausea and a severe headache. She’s in the hospital. She wasn’t in good condition and she still probably isn’t; She cancelled her Monte Carlo promotion that was tonight.

Please keep Selena in your thoughts and prayers. We are all hoping she is alright. We will update everyone as soon as we know all the details.


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  1. cool leave a comment on my blog please it is called liams blog go on it please :D

  2. OMG!!!!! I feel so bad! I am like her biggest fan, I have pics everywhere, and I listen to all her songs, and I go to her blog 24/7

  3. Some One said:

    Selena, I hope you are doing all right! SUPPORT SELENA!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nicholas said:

    I hope she is all right I am her number one fan I heard all songs.

  5. I hope selena gets better as soon as posible

  6. brianna berry said:

    Www I hope she gets better and I over that movie

  7. Claudia said:

    aww Selena I can’t believe that happened hope she gets better soon

  8. taylorswift said:

    Selena, my dearest friend…I hope you are doing alright. :)

  9. I hep u don’t get better and u better get away from Justin bieber everybody knows u r just using him he dosnt even like u because your ugly btw get a life

  10. poor selena :( OMG i’m gonna cry hope she gets better

  11. :[ i feel so sad now

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  13. so sorry for that how you know?!

  14. ok i know im typing a year after this happened … but i tottaly agree with linsey .. mrs. ??????? better just forget about justin and leave selena alone…!

  15. Genesis middleton said:

    Selena, I hope you get 100% better. I busted into tears when I read this and I kept you in my prayers. I just love you so much and I cant stand when you get hurt. You like my idol. I really really really hope you get better. And I will still be kepping you in my prayers. Get well soon and god bless you.

  16. Genesis middleton said:

    Selena, hope you get 100% better soon. When I read this I busted into tears. Your like my role model. I cant stand when your hurt. I will always keep you in my prayers. I really really really hope you get better soon. I will always pray for you. Get well soon and god bless you.

  17. I feel so sorry is she okay please please tell me as soon as possible

  18. Hi selena, i askmyou tho you retired of music is true, you are my idol, i love you very very mouch, please you don’t go eway. U don’t riting in ingil very good but i can.
    Please you don’t go eway, you are my idol. Please answer my chau sele

  19. take care!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls talk to meeeeeeeee

  20. Take care selena. By the way i an a huge fan of urs i once dream that u came to singapore n u gave me n my frien your autograph.i wish that was true but it was a dream.i am a singaporean.i miss u

  21. I will die if selena doesnt get well.

  22. Yashaswini Sharma said:

    I luv Selena I’m lk hr bggst fn she’s so awesm I hpe shev s alright nw

  23. I hope you okay

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