Next Chat Time

Hi Everyone, my next chat time (located here, on this blog) will be tomorrow, Thursday from 5:00 PM to about 5:30 PM. I hope I see you guys there, I love you all! :)

God Bless, Selena


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  1. Hi Selena! YAY! What time like for PST? Is thsat actually PST? Please oh please visit and also become a member on! I would really really love that!

  2. 98reikikre@tip.rtErik96 said:


    Im so sorry, but I dont have time to chat today at 5 PM. ):
    But I hope we can at the next chat time talk! (:

    God Bless, Erik

  3. 98reikikre@tip.rtErik96 said:

    Ok, thanks Selena.. :-)

  4. By the way everyone, it’s central time( Thanks for all your support!!

    God Bless, Sel

    • selkelohwow said:

      Yay!!!I’m soo excited!!!!I CAN’T WAIT


    • i just wanted to say that i am your number one fan selena i love your music you are such an inspiration to me idiquote you are exstremely talented.i wish you the best wishes through out your music career god bless you selena gomez

    • I think your the most beautiful person in the world! I’m your biggest fan! i have posters of you all around my room! i love your songs, tv show, and you. you rock and seem like a really nice and fun person to hang out with! when’s your next chat time i would like to get to know what kind of person you are!
      from your biggest fan

  5. awwwww its only gonna be a half hour :(

  6. Hi selena,again.Please very very very much,take my id:MIHAYY_FULGER.I love YOU very very very much.I went crazy searching for your ID.Please very much,take my id.:MIHAYY_FULGER.

  7. I am from romania:Please take my id:MIHAYY_FULGER.I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH.kiss YOU.You are an angel for me.
    I write you always, but please answer me or take my id.:MIHAYY_FULGER.

  8. when are you going on tour i want to come and see you i like in WA.

  9. gabriela said:

    do u still answer the questions at
    gabriela xoxox

  10. Hi Selena , Ellie here just wanted u to no that ur the best person ever. Cause u give people good advice and i just wanted u to txt back plzzz!!!!!!, Well only if u want its ok if ur busy i won’t mind!!!!!!! I LUV YA!!!!!!! i give u ***** five stars out of five cause thats how much i like ya!!!! plz try and reply if u can!!!!! and i will owe u one KK, kiss kiss!

    god bless , Ellie H*

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