Chatted 5 Times

Hey Everyone– I’ve already chatted 5 times. There were so many people there, so thank you for being there! I might chat 2-3 more times. Love you all!



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  1. Please can You tell us when the next time would be? Please.

  2. Tapsy Sharma said:

    Please can You tell us when and where the next time would be? Please…..

  3. lv u selena gomez…
    if i chat u once…. i will be faint the next moment !!!!!!!!

  4. where do i go 4 the chat thing and when is the next one, plz im a huge fan and id love 2 speak 2 u…

  5. When?

  6. Plz tell when ur next on!

  7. thank u selena u are the greatest i hope u can get to me soon im ur biggest biggest fan u inspire me alot im also a singer but i live in a small city u might of heard of it but im not going to say what it is dont want to give out to much information

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