Hey Guys, a lot of you have been asking me if I still go on www.freewebs.com/chatwithselena. The answer is a little. Although I barely get on it, I still get on it a little bit. But, most of the time, it’s a poser. So I’m sorry about that. But I will post something on this site or on www.selenagomez-demilovato.webs.com if I’m going to be on it/I’m on it. Thank you for asking me this though! :)

God Bless,



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  1. you are the best selena

  2. yo omg i have ur msn selena

  3. omg selena can i please have ur msn please i will do anything 4 u

  4. hey Selena how are you doing?
    from Zach

  5. Hey Selena. :) I sent an email to you yesterday. Still waiting for a reply. In it im asking since you rarely go on freewebs, then where can I go to chat with you like that live video chat you did 2 years ago? More deats. are in my email. :) Oh and by the way,
    I love YOU like a love song. :) <3
    Love you and your music ALWAYS,

  6. hi selena
    you are the best star i ever seen i wish i have your email .love u and ur song i wish i can meet u .u are the best can i have a message from u . YOU ROCK

  7. hi selena how are you i wish i have your phone number you rock and your song wish i can meet you

  8. hi selena i love u and i just want to say my friend said you can not sing. but you wont do that right selena . you rocl please rely

  9. célestine verleyen said:

    hi selena come you to belguim

  10. hi selena come you to malaysia

  11. hey selena

  12. selena will you ever perform in london ontario

  13. Ayafanselena said:

    Hey selena happy birthday for(22 july) my brother too have her Anniversary 22july and I’ll begs for callin me or add me in ur email mine is aya.fans@hotmail.fr my phone is 0673104251 pleaz calllll me i lové u selena

  14. Selena no offence but I hate you sorry!



  17. hi selena im you bigest fan can you fone me plise

  18. HI

  19. i luv your smile but can you respond

  20. Hi selena can I have your phone number plz and how are my name is Caleigh

  21. viktoria said:

    az sam viktoria ot targoviste az mnogote te haresvam iizkam da doidess prinas pissimi na v.grancharska@abv.bg pratimi pokana stetiya priema

  22. I LOVE SELENA GOMEZ shes the BEST..i use to watch her on disney

  23. Rhiannon
    hey selena me and my friend mallee love you, my number is 364-2176 please call,
    i’m 9 yrs old.

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