Next Chat Time: April?

Hey Everyone! I was just thinking about it the other day and I realized I haven’t set up a chat time recently on my blog. I thought about it some more later that day and I was trying to find a time when I could make time to chat with you guys. So I thought that maybe I could do it sometime in April. I’m not exactly sure when I can do it in April, so I might log on a few times in April for an hour or so. I also might post another blog entry when I know more.

God Bless,



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  1. arielled said:

    yay! i always miss it! do u still go on ?

  2. Sweet! I can’t wait..

  3. Joshua Larsen said:

    Do it on the weekend when we don’t have school. Better on a sunday because I have a football game on Saturdays.

  4. hi go on msn plz ur awsome

  5. samiksha said:

    hi there im samiksha and im one of your bigggest fans ever.if i could meet u or just hear a hello of u personalyy to me that would be like im on the 9th cloud.please selena can u please mail me and write your email or a way through whch i can chat with u on this sorry to say im an indian.but being an indian i am still the biggest fan of SELENA GOMEZ.please can u mae a fan call back number for india.i promise we indians are not rude just try and see aleast.if u do this i would be very thankful to u.and would u break your biggest fan’s heart.if u do so then u are very rude infact.

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