Chat Box: Real or Fake?

Hi Everyone-  Just to let you know, if at the top of my chat box, it says “Selenagomez is not online leave a message,” then that means I’m not online. I understand there are some posers. When someone poses, though, no one else is going to get the message. It just goes right to my inbox where I can respond to fans. So, if you do pose as me, I can see who’s posing as me…

I really hope you guys don’t pose as me!

God Bless,



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  1. hi hows it gng my princess
    are things gng ur way
    are ppl treating u ryt bcoz if not i can make them lol

  2. hey remember me?

  3. Can you email me selena?

  4. hey selena,i love the wizards of waverly place that show is one of my favs :)
    plz tell me if you are continuing the sires after the movie my tvs out so if a commercial aird about it i didn’t see it

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