Busy Week

Busy busy week coming up…

Sunday, February 7- Fly to San Antonio for the Rodeo Show at AT&T Center.

Wednesday, February10- Fly to Phoenix for KZZP Johnjay and Rich Morning Show.

Thursday, February 11- Fly to New York for Good Morning America Performance and then an evening show at the Gramercy.

Friday, February 12- The Today Show, then to the radio stations z100, WXRK, and Sirius XM, then Jimmy Fallon in the evening.

Saturday, February 13- Fly to Boston to do radio stations WXKS and WPRO.

Sunday, February 14- Fly to Philadelphia to do radio stations WIQQ and then the Philly Show at Tower Theater.

Tuesday, February 16- Fly to my hometown, Dallas to hang out with Kidd Kraddick morning show and Billy the Kidd on Kiss FM  in Dallas. I hope to see you guys at the stops and I will keep you updated through out the week.

Thank you to all of you for supporting this album and thank you to all the radio stations that are playing “Naturally.”


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