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Hi Everyone– I was just wondering if y’all wanted me to add a chat room to my blog, so that I can chat with you guys. Please leave me a quick comment. Based on the comments I’ll put a chat room in my blog/I won’t put a chat room on my blog.


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  1. Yea Selena get a chat room!!!! I would love to get a chance to talk to you so please put one on…thx :)

  2. Cupcakes/ Anonymous said:

    I would say yes, because that would be really cool, and I bet every one of your fans, including me, would love that! :)

    • yea she’s my idol too selenagomez-fan!!!!?? by the way have you ever gone to one of her concerts….i wish i would have a chance to meet her at one of her concerts :)

  3. YES!! I would love that! But please make it so people cant steal your username because on your website too many people pose as you its just too sad!

  4. maria fatima said:

    yes selena gomez. you should put a chatbox in it.

  5. Hey selena i would really like you to open up a chat room..i kinda have a crush on you..but dont get me wrong..hope youll have a chat room.,

  6. that would be awesome but the major flaw to that would be that everyone will be trying to get with you and asking u a lot of questions and eventually it might get on your nerves.

  7. You must put chat on your blog.

  8. I think you should. While you do reply to some of my emails, I would love to talk to you directly. oh yeah, before I forget, you are the most amazing person I know, honestly. Just hours after the Haiti disaster, you had a video up, asking people for support. I love what you do.


  9. Cupcakes/ Anonymous said:

    I agree with bwolffy. You are very swwt and kind. Im glad you’re among those people who care

  10. Cupcakes/ Anonymous said:

    *sweet (for swwt)

  11. YES! A chatroom would be great!

  12. A million times yes! I would love to chat with you!.

  13. Yes, it will be great.(: Love ya loads!<33

  14. Yes i think you should have a chat room so that all of your fans can chat with you!!

  15. Yesss it wud be ausome btw love natrally video and the album listen to it every night hehe love u xx

  16. PLease put one! On your other website there are too many posers…. :(

  17. blina98 said:

    Hey i love selena and pleas write me back becouse i have you in msn!

  18. Yes that would be cool!

  19. selena gomez i am so impressed with your effort along with the years you are in the beggining process of sucess.i am certain you will be the new roll model of the year

  20. hey selena i luv you very much i am the biggest fan in the whole world… hey selly i want to share some personal veiws to u… bcoz you are my ideal person… you know i am also good in singing but i couldnt find anyway to reach what i worth.. i want to meet you as in your stage plz reply me plz plz plz

  21. hi. My name is Aubrey Quintanilla.

  22. Catilyn said:

    Selena gowez

  23. hey selena i love to talk to you one day but you are my dream girlfriend i love you so much i love your songs and your movies would you like to go on a date with me please im down sydrome

  24. I love Selena and I wish that I can meet her and hug and please put a chat room I will love to chat with you

  25. I love u Selena and I wish that I can be in a movie with you your my favorite fan so is Zendaya Coleman but please get a chat room.

  26. hey Selena

  27. bobbie-lee fitzsimons said:

    hey selena gomez

  28. Clifford said:

    Selena Gomez sexist woman in the world by far

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