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Hi, This is my one and only official blog. I’ll be using it to update some things and I hope you guys come and check it out every so often!

God Bless,



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  1. hi Selena. Congratulations on the new blog! And Happy New Year. Wish you and your family all the best! :)
    Have a great day!

  2. Hey, I’m Benny from your and Demi’s (selenagomez-demilavato) site, And i was wondering if you are still going to be using that one as well?

  3. Hey Selena you are amazing and you rock!!! I love everything you do
    your biggest fan,
    Emily :)

  4. I love you Selena Gomez!!! Your are amazing and talented and amazing oh wait i already said that..sorry….haha well your awesome and a great role model you can sing beautifully and you can act, ive always wanted to be an actress but Im not sure thats going to happen =( I will always support you and help uou live your dream I love seeing you act as alex and Catrer! And I bought you album Kiss&Tell as soon as it came out I love the song I wont apologize!!! =) I hope your reading this you mean so much and Tell Demi too, I love her too shes amazing!!
    I hope your living your dream,

  5. Heyy selena its awesome that u have a blog now for ppl that don’t have facebook,myspace or twitter!! Speaking of twitter would u follow me? My name on there is Kinder_14!! Thanks!


  6. Hi Selena,
    I’m going to check this blog out as much as I can.


    PS. I’m a huge fan! :D

  7. Hi selena i think ur awesome i am goin to ur concert but please prank me on disney prank star

  8. hi selena, me and my bffl love you sooo much. you are our role model. plz follow my blog. i want to be an actress just like you. xxx

  9. Selena Gomez do you love Justin Bieber still? Because I think you too still love each other no matter what right? And I am a big fan of you and Justin Bieber and I love your music.😀😬😎😎💐💐🌙🌞🍴Do you guys spend some time with each other. Ask you Justin Bieber if you too can go to dinner

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